Clarissa Eliza Dundas
Daughter of: James Brown Johnston Dundas
and: Mary Susanna Hardy
born: Wednesday 21 March 1855
died: 1944
clarissa and hugh
Clarissa and her grandson Hugh
  x September 1879 William George Davy
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Clara Beatrice Risdon Davy born 1880 
2. John Evelyn Davy born 1889 

Clive Lawrence Dundas
Son of: James Brown Johnston Dundas
and: Alberta May Boyle
died: 2012 Australia
clive and lisle
Clive Dundas (on the right) with his brother Lisle Dundas.
  x 1941 Phyllis Bradshaw Ridings
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Scott James Dundas
2. Jane Dundas  

Constance Lily Dundas
Daughter of: Laurence George Dundas
and: Jane Anna Maria Grimston
born: 2nd January 1870 in Co. Wexford, Ireland
died: 13/7/1969 in Ipswich
  x 1891 Henry Charles Quin
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Whilemina Florence Dundas Quin  
2. Sheelagh Norah Dundas Quin 
3. Louisa Constance Quin  

Eliza Ann Dundas
Daughter of: Laurence Dundas
and: Ellen Greene
born: 1794 in Middleton. Co. Cork
died: 27/3/1863 (The Leicester Chronicle, 4/4/1863)
Eliza Ann Dundas
  1st, Captain Ryder
  2ndly, 1812 at Bath, the Rev. George Calvert, Vicar at Beeby, Leicestershire who died 22/10/1865. (Leicester Journal 27/10/1865)
  The marriage of Eliza Ann Dundas and the Rev. George Calvert did not produce issue. However, Caroline George Colburn, the eldest daughter of Eliza's sister, Ellen and her husband John Colburn lived with the Calverts, and on the death of the Rev. George Calvert, the majority of his estate was left to Caroline Colburn.


Rev. George Calvert.
Caroline Colburn.
All 3 portraits by kind permission of the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery

Ellen Laurence Dundas
Daughter of: Laurence Dundas
and: Ellen Greene
born: 1796 in Janemount, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
died: 28/1/1879 in Cheltenham, England
  x  14/12/1817 in Dublin, John Colburn who was a solicitor and died in 1840 in Co. Cork, Ireland. (Surname was sometimes spelt Colbourne)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. William Colburn, married 1848 in Cork, Catherine Halburd and died 1851 leaving issue:
  a. Ellen Laurence Colburn, born 7th Oct 1850 in Cork, Ireland, married 1872 in Cork, Doctor William Conner, born 1845, son of Capt. Richard Conner. He practised for many years at Dunsford, Devon and Manningtree, Essex before returning to Cork in 1890.
    william conner
2. Caroline George Colburn born 1820 in Dublin. Married George Calvert Higgins of Bedford 18/4/1844 at St. Marylebone Church, Middx. George Calvert Higgins died in 1883. Caroline had been brought up by her maternal aunt Eliza Ann Dundas afterwards Calvert. Caroline died  1/8/1867 at Castle Close, Bedford leaving issue:
  a. Frances Colburn Higgins born 1845 Bedford
  b. George Colburn Higgins born 1846 Bedford. Officer Royal Navy. Married 1896 in London Elizabeth Pengelly Rogers nee Ford (died 2/11/1918) and died 22/11/1918 in Margate, Kent.
  c. Lawrence Read Colburn Higgins born 1849 Bedford died 7th May 1930 in Somerset. Unmarried
  d. Edith Mary Colburn Higgins born 1852 died 5/9/1905 in Bedford. Unmarried
  e. Cecil Charles Norman Colburn Higgins born 1856 Bedford died 9th April 1941in London. Unmarried
3. Ellen Sarah Colburn born 1829 married 1855 Henry Piers staff surgeon Royal Navy (died 30/11/1901) and died 25/12/1926 at Berrow, Burnham on Sea,  Somerset leaving issue:
  a. Henry Octavius Piers born 1856 in Plymouth, Devon. Married 1886 Lise Josephine Ferguson and died 8/2/1945 in the Isle of Wight leaving issue:
    i. Gwendoline May Piers born 19/2/1889 died 1987 in Devon
  b. Fanny Ellen Piers born 1863 in Ireland died 1942 in Somerset
  c. Caroline Mary Piers born 1865 in Devon married 1896 in Somerset Lt. Colonel James Henry Paine (killed in action 25/7/1918) and died 1924 in Somerset
4. Edward Colburn born 1832. R.N. Drowned 7/11/1862 in Japan.
5. John Colburn (Capt) born 1832 in Cork, Ireland. He married 1868 Sarah Margaret Cotton. He died March 18th 1904 in Bedfordshire. Sarah died 1882 in Bedford.

Ellen (Helen) Mabel Dundas
Daughter of: Lorenzo George Dundas
and: Lydia Adams
born: 1870, India
died: 20/9/1936, Bromley, Kent, England
  x May 1899 Rev. Alfred William Flux-Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Ambrose Dundas Flux-Dundas born 1899 
2. Ursula Mary Flux- Dundas born 1900 in Essex died 1975 in Hove, Sussex
3. Barbara Maud Dundas born 1902 married Edmund William Gilbert
4. Cryil Alfred Flux-Dundas born 1905

Emily Jane Dundas
Daughter of: Scott James Dundas
and: Pauline Claire Weaver

Emma Florence Dundas
Daughter of: Laurence George Dundas
and: Jane Anna Maria Grimston
born: 20/11/1857 in Ireland
  May 1941 in Reigate, Surrey, England
  1st x 1880 in Weybridge, Surrey Lionel Albert Vaillant
  No issue
  2ndly x 22/2/1887 in Kensington George Langshaw Merriman
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Florence Kathleen Dundas Merriman
2. Reginald Dundas Merriman
3. Mona Langshaw Merriman born 1889 
4. George Victor Merriman born 1895 

Essie Constance Dundas
Daughter of: George Albert Dundas
and: Essie Jemima Hutton
born: Sunday 4 January 1874
died: Thursday 18 February 1937
essie with her father
Essie with her father
  x 1900 in Fulham John Paul Irven  
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Iris Dundas Irven
2. Patricia Irven
3. Desmond Norres White Dundas Irven
4. Paul Leslie Dundas Irven

Henry Piers

Son of: Octavius Piers, Vicar of Preston near Weymouth
and: Jane Tristam
born: 1819 in Weymouth Dorset
died: 30/11/1901 in Burnham, Somerset.
Occupation: Naval surgeon
  x1854 in Bedford Ellen Sarah Colburn
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Henry Octavius Piers born 1856 in Plymouth, Devon, married 1886 Lisa Ferguson and had issue:
  a. Gwendoline Mary Piers born 19/2/1889
2. Fanny Ellen Piers born 1863 in Ireland
3. Caroline Mary Piers born 1865 in Devon England married 1896 in Somerset James Henry Paine
Henry Piers an Assistant Surgeon had volunteered along with 66 officers and men for McClure’s expedition to search for Captain Sir John Franklin and his crew.They set sail in 1850. What Piers can’t have imagined when he left Woolwich, was that he would not return to England until 1854, after spending three harsh arctic winters trapped by ice onboard the Investigator before abandoning the ship and walking with the remaining crew for fifteen days across the ice to rescue. Although the crew’s original mission to find Franklin had been unsuccessful, during the first year that they were trapped they made several explorations by sledge and on the 31st October an entry in the ships log stated that the existence of a Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean had been established.

On his return to England Piers married Ellen Colburne in Bedford and a year later continued his naval career as surgeon on various ships before retiring in 1873.

Son of: Sir Pigott William Piers, 5th Bart of Tristernagh
and: Elizabeth Smythe, daughter of John Smythe of Dublin
born: 20 Aug 1792
died: 23/2/1848
Occupation: Vicar of Preston near Weymouth
  Jane Tristam daughter of Rev Thomas Tristam (died 20/7/1871 Somerset)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Octavius Barrington Piers died 11/10/1880 at Burnham, Somerset
2. Henry Piers
3. Tom Piers
4. William Dewe Piers married 1st 14/7/1860 Harriett Soweby and 2ndly 1/11/1871 Letita Ellen Clayton
5. Eliza Jane Piers married 22/7/1841 the Rev. Hastings Hawes Harrington
6. Captain Shute Barrington Piers born 1828 married 1863 Jane Cunningham
7. Helen Clara Piers married 25/6/1850 Hastings Snow