The Greene Family of Old Abbey, Co. Limerick

John Greene
greene arms
It would appear that John Greene arrived in Ireland in about 1622 as a letter dated 1624 to the Earl of Cork from John Greene mentions him having having been in Ireland for 2 years. The letter is interesting as it states that John Greene is married to Mrs Rosier and contains a proposition from John Greene to the Earl of Cork regarding the setting up of white cloth manufacturer also known as "Wiltshire Whites" made from wool from Ireland. See "The Lismore papers of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork, volume 3"
john greene 1624

The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1904: 3rd April 1633, the Earl of Cork mentions in his diary "Richard Glynn, the Lady Edith Griffith and Edward Moreton conveyed to Sir Charles Coote and his heirs, Monasternagillagh with two plowlands and the tithes of one of them and the rectories or parsonages of Robertstown, Donmoylan, Granshawe and the island of Aghnes in the county of Limerick, which Sir Charles this day offers to sell me (the Earl of Cork) the inheritance, which is in lease to one John Green at £82. The descendants of John Greene would appear to have remained as tenants for on the 13th November 1662, Godfrey Greene obtained a lease for thirty years from the Earl of Cork".

The above property relates to Old Abbey, Co. Limerick
rent paid by john green
john green
died: 1642 Askeaton, Co. Limerick. Killed by rebels during the rebellion in Ireland. Deposition of William Earns 14/10/1642). (Although it is likely that this is the John Greene who arrived in Ireland circa 1622, it is also possible that it refers to one of his sons).
  john greene of askeaton
  ? Rosier, probably the daughter of Robert Rosier (son of Ralph Rosier of Gloucestershire and Dorset) Attorney General in Munster from 1570 - 1586
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Godfrey Greene

Godfrey Greene

Son of: John Greene
and: ? Rosier
born: It has been previously suggested 1633 in Aldmonbury, Yorkshire . This is almost certainly incorrect although it has been claimed by previous researchers. However the Godfrey Greene born July 1633 in Almondbury died in August 1633 so would appear to be the wrong Godfrey Greene. It is quite likely that he was born in Ireland as his father is now know to have been in Ireland from about 1622.
  On November 13, 1662, Godfrey leased Old Abbey, near Shanagolden, Co. Limerick. On April 3, 1663 he purchased Old Abbey. He obtained a patent on July 23, 1678 of the castle, town and lands of Ballynemony, Moorestown and other lands in Co. Tipperary. He was also granted Kilmanahan Castle in Co. Waterford.
He died in 1682 possessed of £1,500 in ready money, bonds and other securities for at least £2,000, plate, gold and diamond rings, household furniture to the value of £350, three hundred oxen, one hundred dairy cows and other cows, a great number of calves and yearlings, five thousand sheep, four thousand fleeces of wool and four hundred barrels of corn of various sorts. - Sir Wm. Betham`s Abstract of his Will, 1683.
occupation: Captain, a '49 Officer.
moorstown castle
Moorestown Castle, Tipperary. Godfrey Greene acquired the castle through his marriage with Frances Cox
kilmanahan castle
Kilmanahan Castle, the home of Godfrey Greene
  history of the 49 officers
  The Herald and Genealogist Vol 2
  49 officers
  Godfrey Green a '49 officer
  The manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde showing Godfrey Greene in Tipperary in 1660
  census 1659
  Tipperary census 1659
died: 13 May 1682 at Kilmanahan Castle, Waterford, Ireland. Buried at Clonmel Tipperary. Also owned Greenville, Co. Kilkenny
  Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, Volume 1: In May, 1682, is dated the will of Godfrey Greene, Esq. of Kilmanahan, co. Waterford, in which he desires to be buried at Clonmel. He names his sons, John Greene, (to whom he left Moorestown, co. Tipperary,) Godfrey Greene, (to whom he left his signet ring,) Thomas, Rodolphus, Robert Greene and Richard Greene, and his daughters, Frances Greene, Bridget Greene, Deborah Greene and in a codicil, May 13, he names his grand-child, Mary Pennefather, his daughter Frances, and Francis-Gough. This will was proved I5 May, 1683
  From "Looking Back....." (1980) by Lady Naomi Heydon: Captain Godfrey Greeene was a '49 Officer (see adjudication in his favour, 1649 officers, Roll 1, March 22, 1666). On November 13, 1662, he leased Old Abbey, near Shanagolden, Co. Limerick. On April 3, 1663 he purchased Old Abbey. He obtained a patent on July 23, 1678 of the castle, town and lands of Ballynemony, Moorestown and other lands in Co. Tipperary. He was also granted Kilmanahan Castle in Co. Waterford. He died in 1682 possessed of £1,500 in ready money, bonds and other securities for at least £2,000, plate, gold and diamond rings, household furniture to the value of £350, three hundred oxen, one hundred dairy cows and other cows, a great number of calves and yearlings, five thousand sheep, four thousand fleeces of wool and four hundred barrels of corn of various sorts. - Sir Wm. Betham's Abstract of his Will, 1683. Moorestown Castle is 9 miles north west of Clonmel in Co. Tipperary. The castle of Kilmanahan was erected in the 13th century by the Fitzgeralds of Desmond. The Fittons of Cheshire acquired the estate in 1586. In 1608 Sir James Gough purchased it. Kilmanahan remained in the occupation of the Goughs down to the Cromwellian confiscations when Patrick Gough was dispossessed. In the next 20 years it had three owners, when in 1678 it was granted to Godfrey Greene, who had served as an officer in the Irish Army of King Charles the First. Kilmanahan lies about a quarter of a mile upstream from Knocklofty on the Suir River. It is beautifully situated on high ground overlooking the river, and in its day must have been very imposing. The Castle is now unoccupied and falling into ruin. It is not far from Clonmel, Co. Waterford.
1st x Frances Cox, (died before 1678) daughter of Robert Cox of Bruff, Co. Limerick
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Frances Greene. Married 1684 Henry Chearnley
2. John Greene of Old Abbey and Greenville, Co. Kilkenny
3. Mary Greene. Married 1671 Jonathan Pennefather, 2nd son of John Pennefather of Killcree, Co. Kilkenny. Her marriage agreement stated that her issue were to receive the Seixes land and Pennefather's lot in the Liberties of Co. Kilkenny. Her husband's will, dated August 5, 1673 confirms this. When Mary died in 1678, the entire estate went to her father, Godffrey Greene. (See Chancery Bill- Greene v. Pennefather, May 13, 1679). Issue from the marriage were 4 sons and 1 daughter.
4. Godfrey Greene of Moorestown Castle born 1657. Married 17/11/1683 Lydia Cook daugher of Phaniel Cook of Garryngubban,Tipperary and widow of Matthew Jacob. Died 1688 leaving issue:
  a. Godfrey Greene, of Moorestown, born 1686 died 1735 at Clonmel from a duel,The duel had its origins in the loss of the land of Moorstowne to the Cox family. Baron Richard Keating of Nicholastown fought with Greene and killed him. By his will, dated 19 Aug. 1735, he left Moorestown, co. Tipperary, Scart, co.Limerick, and Drumgorey, co. Waterford, to his uncle, John Greene, of Old Abbey, and his heirs. This is strange, as his will mentions his natural children, Samuel and Valentine Greene to whom he appears to only leave £20 each. Burkes landed gentry of Ireland states that he was unmarried?
  b. Frances Greene, married 14/2/1703 John Cooksey of Kilkenny and had issue.
  c. Lydia Greene, married 1st 1/1/1705 John Nicholson and 2ndly Reverend Simon Fortin and died in 1724 leaving issue.
2ndly x (name unknown, died 1681)
  the following children were born of this union:
5. Thomas Greene of Low Grange, Co. Kilkenny. Born 1662. In 1700, he became a partner with Anthony Henthorne of Capel St., Dublin, in sugar baking and distilling. By Deed dated May 27, 1704, Arthur Bush, City of Dublin, demised to him Low Grange, 1,190 acres, at 4s 6d. per acre, for 3 lives, renewable for ever. He also held a house in Thomas St., called the Golden Cross and Talbott Inn from Nicholas Comyn of Lysryan, Co. Longford, for 3 lives, renewable forever. He was Burgess of the Corporation of Gouran. He married 1st 1696, Mary Henthorne, (died 1705) daughter of Anthony Henthorne and 2ndly 1709 Susanna Nuttall, daughter of Richard Nuttall of Dublin and died 22nd December 1753 leaving issue:
  a. Godfrey Greene, a sugar baker in Dublin in partnership with his brother Anthony. Married ? Hampson and died 1756 in Dublin leaving issue;
    i Adam Greene married Bridget and died 1758 in Dublin. No issue
    ii. Hampson Greene married Anne Wylde and died before 1758
    iii Mary Greene married 1750 James Vaughan who was clerk to Godfrey Green and had issue: Godfrey Greene Vaughan
  b. Samuel Greene
  c. Anthony Greene, married Alice Coulson and died 1764 leaving a daughter Sarah Greene who married Thomas Allen
  d. Thomas Greene, married Sarah Parker and died 1760
  e. Elizabeth Greene
  f. Anne Greene
  g. Nuttall Greene of Low Grange, Co. Kilkenny, married 1738 Elizabeth Rothe daughter of Michael Rothe and died 1775 at Bath leaving issue:
    i. Letitia Greene (only daughter and heir) married 1st, 16/10/1764, William Greene of Kilmanahan Castle, co. Waterford and 2ndly 9/3/1782, John Greene, of Greenville, co. Kilkenny, and died 10/7/1813
  h. Joseph Greene, attended King's Inns, Dublin 1732, died 1772 in Dublin (Betham Genealogical Abstracts)
  I. Jane Greene married John Smith (info from will of Thomas Greene, her brother)
  j. Susanna Greene (info from her father's will)
6. Rodolphus Greene of Kilmanahan, Co. Waterford. Born 1664.
7. Robert Greene born 1666,
8. Richard Greene born 1668
9. Gilbert Greene of Ballymackey, Co. Waterford. Born 1672 at Clonmel.
10. Samuel Greene of Garryduff, Co. Tipperary.
11. Susanna Greene born 1675
12. Hannah Greene born 1677
13. Deborah Greene born 1679
14. Bridget Greene born 1681, married Walter Hickman of Kilmore, Co. Clare (A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Ireland)
3rdly x 1681 Elizabeth Gough (died 1730)
  the following children were born of this union:
15. Benjamin Greene

Rodolphus Greene
  Son of: Godfrey Greene
born: 1664
occupation: High Sheriff of Co. Waterford, 1717
  Settled Kilmanahan Castlle and part of Kilmacumma on his 3rd son, Rodolphus. Remainder of Kilcumma to 2nd son, Thomas. His first and second sons had displeased him with their marriages. Rodolphus Greene finally settled on his son, Michael, on his third marriage, Curraghtown, near Arriglin, and Spittleland, near Glanworth, in Co. Cork forever, and also Ardpaddin and Ballymackie, in the Co. Waterford, held under lease from Stephen Stanley for 31 years, from July 14, 1710
  x Mary Carey daughter of Michael Carey of Ballymackee, Co. Waterford.
  the following children were born of this union (see 1-5 below):
  1. Catherine Greene married 1st Andrew English and 2ndly David Herme
  2. Michael Greene of Kilnemack, Co. Waterford
  3. Thomas Greene of Clonmel, married Penelope Prendergast, daughter of Jeffrey Prendergast of Croane, Co. Tipperary.
  4. Jane Greene born 1702 married 1713, William Chadwick of Ballinard and Gurthakilleen and died 1779 leaving issue: (i) Richard Chadwick died 1771, (ii) William Chadwick, (iii) Rodolph Chadwick, (iv) Michael Chadwick, (v) Katherine Chadwick who married Vere Hunt, of Curragh, co. Limerick, vi) Grace Chadwick who married Thomas Bunbury
  5. Rodolphus Greene of Kilmanahan, married 1739 Catherine Disney, daughter of Col. William Disney of Churchtown, Co. Waterford and died 1759 leaving issue. (See a-f below):
    a. William Greene of Kilmanahan. Born 1740 married 1764, his cousin, Letitia Greene daughter of Nuttall Greene of Low Grange and died 1780 leaving issue;
      i. Nuttall Greene, of Kilmanahan Castle. Lieut Colonel, born 1769 married 1806 Charlotte Anne Parsons (died 1851) and died 1847 leaving issue:
        . William Greene born 1807 at Shanballyduff. Attended King's Inns, Dublin. Died unmarried, 1888 at Caterham Surrey England
        .. Mary Greene born 1809, died unmarried
        ... Thomas Hill Greene born 1811 at Kilmanahan Castle died 1840 at Calcutta
        .... Sarah Eliza Greene born 1812 at Kilmanahan Castle married 1848 in India, Col Nathaniel Sneyd and died 1887 leaving issue. (Crossie genealogical abstracts)
        ..... James Parsons Greene born 1813 at Kilmanahan Castle died unmarried 1850 in Dublin
        ...... Anna Greene born 1815 at Kilmanahan Castle, married Charles William Steward and died 1844
        ....... Susannah Augusta Greene born 1816 at Kilmanahan Castle, married Thomas Ringrose Atkins (d. 1849 in New Zealand)
        ........ Rodolphus Greene born 1818 at Kilmanahan Castle and died in Australia. Unmarried
        ......... Charlotte Frances Greene born 1819 at Kilmanahan Castle, married Thomas Tolney and died 1863 leaving issue. (Crossie genealogical abstracts)
        .......... Letitia Greene born 1821 at Kilmanahan Castle, died unmarried 1850. (Crossie genealogical abstracts)
        ........... Samuel Parsons Greene born 1823 at Kilmanahan Castle died in the bush at Australia of exposure sometime after 1847. Unmarried
        ............ Georgina Rebecca Greene born 1824 at Kilmanahan Castle married Alexander William Hawkins Bengal Artillery and died 1886
        ............. Emma Greene born 1827 at Kilmanahan Castle, died unmarried.
        .............. Caroline Cherry Greene born 1830 at Kilmanahan Castle, married Major General Andrew Hunter and died 1867 leaving issue. (Crossie genealogical abstracts)
      ii. George Joseph Greene born 1776, married 1st 1796, Eliza Reynolds, 2ndly 1812, Rose Nelson and died 1843 in Dublin leaving issue:
        . William Greene born 1802 in Kinsale and died 1841
        .. George Decimius Greene born 1808 and died 1845 in Dublin
        ... Letitia Clementine Greene born 1810 in Kinsale married 1841, Charles West
        .... John Nelson Greene born 1813 (from father's 2nd marriage)
    b. Mary Greene born 1749
    c. Rodolphus Greene died young
    d. Frederick Greene married Margaret O'Reilly and had issue:
      i. John Rodolphus Greene, attended Kings Inns, Dublin 1800
    e. Elizabeth Greene married 1781 John Doyle
    f. John Greene born 1756

Benjamin Greene
of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford
Son of: Godfrey Greene
and: Elizabeth Gough
born: 1682 (Posthumous)
died: 1731
  x 1709 Mary Roche, daughter of Colonel James Roche
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Roche Greene of Dungarvan married Catherine Hore and died 1741 leaving issue
  A. Benjamin Greene of Carrick, Co. Tipperray married Catherine Power and died 1771 leaving issue:
    i. James Greene
2. Godfrey Greene
3. Benjamin Greene of Tallow Co. Waterford married Lucretia Weston (d.1815) and left issue:
  A. Benjamin Greene born 1748. An attorney. Married Bridget Shea and died 1794 leaving issue:
    i. John Greene born 1778 married 1st 1818, Catherine Dwyer and 2ndly 1822 Mary Power and died 1857 leaving issue:
      x. Catherine Greene born 1828
      xx. John Greene born 1826, married Kate Power and died 1870
      xxx. Dionisium (Denis) born 1828 in Waterford
      xxxx. Benjamin Greene born 1830, married Honora Fitzgerald and died 1904 leaving issue:
        . John Greene born 1857, married 1910 Bridget and died 1937
        .. Patrick William Greene born 1859 in Waterford. Shown as Patritium Gulielmum Greene in baptism record.
        ... Edward Joseph Greene born 1862. A doctor. Died 1892 in Waterford of typhoid. Unmarried
        .... Benjamin Greene born and died 1864 in Waterford
        ..... Mary Catherine Greene born 1866 in Waterford, married Patrick Fives and died 1944 in Waterford.
          Benjamin Greene born 1868 in Waterford and died 1877
        ..... Honora Greene born 1873
      xxxxx. Edmond Joseph Greene born 1833 and died aged 24. Shot by his cousin Edmond Dwyer over a dispute of land at Ballylarkin in 1857. He lived there with his aunt Lucretia Greene and his sister Juliana Greene. (Dublin Evening Mail, 30th Nov.1857)
      xxxxxx. Denis Greene born 1835 (shown in Latin as Dionisium on the baptism register).
      xxxxxxx. William Godfrey Greene born 1838
      xxxxxxxx. Juliana Greene
    ii. Lucretia Greene born 1779
    iii. William Greene, married Margaret Carew and died 1838 in Dungarvan leaving issue: 3 daughters.
4. William Greene died unmarried 1745 in Dungarvan
5. Elizabeth Greene married Peregrine Butler
6. Mary Greene

Michael Greene
  Son of: Rodolphus Greene
and: Mary Carey
  died: 1756 Clonmel, Ireland
  Married twice without his father's consent. (Chancery Bill - Greene v. Greene, Bill January 8, 1738).
  His father, Rodolphus Greene settled on Michael, on his third marriage, Curraghtown, near Arriglin, and Spittleland, near Glanworth, in Co. Cork forever, and also Ardpaddin and Ballymackie, in the Co. Waterford, held under lease from Stephen Stanley for 31 years, from July 14, 1710.
  x Ellen Tobyn
  the following children were born of this union. (See 1-8 below):
1. John Greene married 1773 Mary Thornborough (died 1828 in Cappoquin, Ireland) and died 1801 in Dublin leaving issue:
  a. Barton Greene born 1774 in Waterford, Ireland
  b. Rodolphus Greene of Cappoquin, an attorney. Died 1807 in Clonmel
  c. John Greene born 1778, died 11th July 1858 in Cappoquin, Ireland
  d. Grace Greene married 1804 Charles Maunsell
  e. George Greene born 1786 married 1821 in Tipperary, Rebecca Elliott and died 1828 in Dublin
  f. Mary Greene born 1795 died 1830 Lismore
  g. Ellen Greene born 1797 married 1811 Thomas Poole and died 1836 in Lismore leaving issue:
    i. Thomas Walter Poole born 1814 died 1897. Landed estates database: "Thomas Walter Poole, with an address in Dublin, owned over 500 acres in county Waterford in the 1870s. In March 1860, he advertised for sale in the Landed Estates Court, over 130 acres of his estate in the barony of Decies-within-Drum, county Waterford In June 1861 he had offered for sale in the Landed Estates court, lands at Kilmanahan in the barony of Glenahiry. Family history sources suggest him to be a descendent of a member of the Poole family who married Mary Croker of Ballinanchor (Ballyanker), Lismore, in the early eighteenth century".
  x 1724 Anne Coughlan, daughter of Jeremiah Coughlan of Linmerick (died 1735 leaving bequests in his will to Francis and Rodolphus Greene)
  the following children were born of this union:
2. Francis Greene Reverend died 1768
3. Rodolphus Greene. Port surveyor of Dungarvan. Married 1771 Patience Roderick nee Clark and died 1804
  x 1738 Elinor Keane daughter of George Keane
  the following children were born of this union:
4. Michael Greene born 1739
5. Mary Greene married John White
6. John Greene, a port surveyor at Dungarvan. Married 1777 Mary Dobbyn (died 1827) and died 1811 leaving issue. (See a-e below):
  a. Helenar Greene born 1782 married John Dudgeon
  b. Maria Frances Greene born 1784 married 1799 Jacobus Hojel (born 1779 in the Hague) and had issue:
    i. James Frederick Hojel born 1799
    ii. Willem Augustus Hojel born 1800 died 1839
    iii. Maria Hojel
    iv. Jane Hojel born 1805
    v. John Hojel
    vi. Fanny Hojel born 1806
  c. Jane Harriett (Henrietta) Greene born 1786 married 1807 Thomas Welsh (died 1855) and died 1861 in London and was buried in Kensal Green cemetery leaving issue:
    i. Anne Harriett Welsh born 1818 in Dungarvin
    ii. Thomas Welsh born 1819 died 1901
    iii Frances Harriett Welsh
    iv. Olivia Harriette Welsh died Dublin 1898
    v. Harriette Welsh
    jane h greene
    Jane Greene circa 1815
    thomas and jane welsh
    Thomas Welsh and Jane Greene circa 1855
    thomas welsh
    Thomas Welsh of Woodstock House, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, born 1819
    The information and photographs on the Welsh family have kindly been provided by Thomas Spencer Eveleigh Welsh a descendant of John Greene and Mary Dobbyn
  d. John Greene died 1781
  e. Rodolphus Greene born 1791. Attended King's Inns, Dublin. An attorney. Married 1808 Elizabeth Power and died 1845 in Dungarvan, leaving issue:
    i. John Greene born 1810 in Dungarvan. Educated at Dungarvan and attented King's Inns, Dublin 1826. Died 1856
    ii. Rodolphus Greene born 1811 and died 1815 in Dungarvan ( Irish Parish Register Burials, ffolliott Collection)
    iii. William Augustus Greene born 1812,
    iv. Pierce Eustace Greene born 1813, died 1847
    v. Eliza Greene born 1815, married 1847 Charles Farran
    vi. Jane Greene
    vii. Frances Greene born 1820
    viii. Mary Greene born 1824
    ix. Emma Greene born 1825, died 1847 in Dungarvan
7. William Greene
8. Jane Greene

Michael Greene
  Son of: Michael Greene
and: Elinor Greene
born: 1739 Killnemack, Waterford, Ireland
died: 1812, Midleton. The family lived previously at Greenmount, Co. Tipperary..
  occupation: High Sherrif, Co. Waterford. Major.
  x 1755 Jane Bunbury daughter of Thomas Bunbury of Shronell and Grace Chadwick. Jane died 14/4/1817 at Midleton, Co. Cork
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Elizabeth Greene (died 1859 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland) married 1798 in Midleton, Co. Cork,, James Brown Johnston who died 1852 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, leaving issue with 6 daughters and 6 sons:

james brown johnston

  James Brown Johnston (2 daughters with future connections with the Dundas family are shown below)
  a. Clarissa Johnston born 1809 married Samuel William Hardy and left issue: Mary Susannah Hardy
  b. Margaret Christison Johnson born 1805 Maybole, married Thomas Laurence Dundas leaving issue and died 1832
2. Francis Greene
3. Grace Greene married 1778 Colonel Abraham Augustus Nickson (died 1798) and had issue:
  a. Abraham Augustus Nickson
  b. Mary Anne Nickson married 1805 Joseph Haynes
  c. Lorenzo Nickson married 9/6/1823 Eleanor Fenton
  d. Jane Nickson born 1783 in Aghold, Wicklow
4. Jane Greene married 1798 William Ormsby and died 1854 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland leaving issue:
  a. Jane Ormsby married Robert Johnston
5. John Greene
6. Rodolphus Greene
7. Thomas Greene Lt Colonel
8. Ellen Greene married Laurence Dundas
9. Michael Greene born 1762 and died 30th December 1794 in a hunting accident. A Captain in the Tipperary Militia. Married 1790 Charity Alleyn (born 1764) daughter of Samuel Alleyn of Golden, Tipperary.  She died at Carrigeen Hall, Cork in 1860. They had issue:
  a. Samuel Greene
  b. Charity Jane Greene married 1st 1824 Henry Peard and 2ndly 1853 ? O'Grady
  c. Michael Greene born 1792 and died 1813
10. William Greene born 1763. Vicar at Tullilease and curate at Midleton, Co. Cork. Died 6/7/1860 at Midleton House, Co. Cork. He married 1st 1797 Jane Bunbury who died 1799. He married 2ndly 1810 Frances Smyth and had issue:
  a. Michael Greene born 1814 at Midleton House, Midleton, Co. Cork. Attended King's Inns, Dublin. Married 1858, his cousin Jane Bunbury (d.1864) and died 1893 leaving issue:
    i. William Bunbury Greene born 1859 Midleton and died 1906
    ii Fanny Greene born 1861 Midleton, married 1882 William Litchfield Chester
  b. John William Greene born 1817 married 1861 Anne Welsh  in Woodstock near Dungarvan and died 1864
  c. Eliza Sarah Greene born 1811 at Midleton
  d. Jane Frances Greene born 1816 married Samuel Allin and died 1896 in Youghal
11. Maria Greene born 1771 married 1790 Thomas Bunbury Isaac (1760-1783) and 2ndly 1823 George Saunders Gore and died 1856
greenmount house
Greenmount House, Co. Tipperary, the home of the Green family circa 1750-1790
midleton house
Midleton House, Co. Cork, the home of the Greene family circa 1790-1870.

Ellen Greene

ellen dundas nee Greene



Daughter of: Michael Greene
and: Jane Bunbury
born: 1757 at Greenmount, Co.Tipperay, Ireland
  died: 16th October 1832 in Midleton, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, where she had gone to live with her brother the Rev. William Greene, vicar at Tullilease, Co. Cork after the death of her husband. Ellen was buried in the cemetery of St. John the Baptist, Midleton.
  x Friday 9 July 1784 in Co.Tipperary. Ireland Laurence Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Michael Henry Dundas born 1785 in Ireland 
2. Jane Honoria Dundas born 1786 in Ireland
3. Laurence Dundas born 1787 in Ireland 
4. Thomas Laurence Dundas born October 1788 at Middleton, Cork, Ireland
5. Eliza Ann Dundas born 1794 at Middleton. Co. Cork Ireland
6. Ellen Laurence Dundas born 1796 in Janemount, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 
  3 other children who died young
midleton church
Midleton church where Ellen Dundas is buried. (She is buried in a grave facing the nearest window in this photo)

Samuel Greene
Son of: Michael Greene
and: Charity Alleyn
born: 1791
died: 4th May 1876 in the Isle of Man
  x 1812 in Meath, Charity Rothwell (died 1851 in France)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. William Thomas Greene born 1831 in Blackrock Dublin. A doctor/surgeon. Married 1866 in Dublin, Elizabeth Smith and left issue:
  A. Mary Adelaide Greene born 1867 in Dublin
  B. Elizabeth Eleanor Greene born 1869 in London
  C. Herbert Sydney Greene, born 1870 in London. A doctor/surgeon. Married 1897 in Hampstead, London, Mary Croft and died 1950 in Bristol leaving issue:
    i. Patricia Elizabeth Greene born 1902 in Kensington, London, married 1922 in London, Eric Brooks
  D. Arthur Wellington Greene born 1877, married 1907 in Texas, Alma Kindervaters and died 1967 leaving issue:
    i. George Herman Greene born 1907 in Texas, USA, married Gladys Ethel Huff and died 1976 in Texas leaving issue:
      x. George Herman Greene born 1929 in Texas, married 1st Dorothy Jean Travis, 2ndly 1969, Martha Baker and died 2003 leaving issue: 1 son and two daughters
    ii. Henry Greene born 1913 in Texas, USA
  E. Charles Frederick William Greene born 1880 in London, married 1914 in Texas, Johanna Friederika Wahnschaffe and had issue: 1 daughter Charlene Greene
2. Rodolphus John Greene born 1834 in Blackrock Dublin, married 1875 in Victoria, Australia Elizabeth Davidson and died 1878 in Australia
3. Richard Samuel Greene born 1837 in Paris France died unmarried 1856 in Australia
4. Hubert Rothwell Greene born 1840 in Brittany France, a surgeon Lieutenant Colonel. Married 1867 in London, Mary Sarah Robinson (d.1923) and died 1910 in Bedfordshire leaving issue:
  a. Edward Hubert Samuel Greene, born 1868 in India and died 1944 in Brisbane, Australia
  b. Albert James Rothwell Greene, born 1871 in India, married 1899 in Devon, Maud Hobson Sheppard and died 1902 in India after suffering a fractured skull in a polo match
  c. Frederick Rodolph Rothwell Greene, born 1874 in Somerset and died 1897 in Ceylon
  d. Alleyn Charles Rothwell Greene, born 1875 in Somerset and died 1935 in Dorset
  e. Leonard Rothwell Greene, born 1877 in India
  f. Hugh Gordon Stanley Rothwell Greene, born 1882 in India, married 1910 in London, Rose Anna Theresa Lawless and died 1951 in London
  g. Harry Devenport Rothwell Greene, born 1883 in Herefordshire and died 1908 in Kent
  h. Gladys Charity Rothwell Greene, born 1886 in Egypt, married 1920 in Liverpool, William Thomas Durant Mckenzie Bradnock and died in Australia in 1959
5. Adelaide Louisa Greene born and died 1833 in Blackrock Dublin