Penelope Jane Dundas-Dunbar
Daughter of: Peter Dundas-Dunbar
and: Alyson June Golley
born: 21/1/1953

Peter Dundas-Dunbar
Son of: Harold Victor Dundas
and: Kathleen Joan Farrington
born: 10/4/1927 in Yorkshire
died: 1991 in London
Occupation: Film Director, formerly a Stunt Actor;  Took part in Ivanhoe, Moby Dick and Robin Hood (circa 1960 )
  peter peter
1st: x 1952 Wandsworth, London Alyson June Golley
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Penelope Jane Dundas-Dunbar
2. Catherine Laura Dundas-Dunbar
3. Daniel Dundas-Dunbar born and died 1957
2ndly: x 1960, Sidcup, Kent Sandra Peppiatt
  the following children were born of this union:
4. Dominic Dundas-Dunbar
5. Samantha Dundas-Dunbar
3rdly: x 1975, Ealing, Middlesex Audrey Munian
  the following child was born of this union:
6. Paul Dundas-Dunbar born 1976

Samantha Dundas-Dunbar
Daughter of: Peter Dundas-Dunbar
and: Sandra Peppiatt
born: 1962
  Steve Chaplin
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Alex Chaplin born 1988
2. Thomas Chaplin born 1993

Richard Stuart Elliott
Son of: Herbert Elliott
and: Kathleen
born: 3/10/1946 in Cardiff, Wales
Occupation: Captain, Merchant Navy. Operations Manager, shipping
  1st: Carolyn, no issue
  2ndly: Jill. Issue, Matthew Elliott
  3rdly: Catherine Laura Dundas-Dunbar. No issue

Ellen Eyre

Daughter of: Richard Eyre. (Rev)
and: Anne Gore, daughter of the Hon. Paul Gore. Died 21/8/1847. (Cork Examiner 25/8/1847)
died: 21/5/1851
From the Anglo Celt newspaper; "On Tuesday Mrs. Dundas, wife to Captain Dundas, agent to Lord Castlemaine, was burned to death in her dressing room, at her residence near Athlone. The unfortunate lady had by some accident, fallen into the fire, and her head was almost consumed before any of the family had become aware of the catastrophe.’
1st: x 25/4/1820 John Callanan (Freeman's Journal, 3/5/1820)
2ndly: x 6/7/1835 in Dublin, Ireland Laurence George Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Lorenzo George Dundas born 1837 in Co. Galway, Ireland 

Pauline Farnsworth
Daughter of:  
  x Christopher John Wilson
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Duncan Wilson
2. Sarah Wilson  

Kathleen Joan Farrington
Daughter of: Thomas Henry Farrington
and: Catherine Anne Whitcomb
born: 20th January 1981 in Hertfordshire
died: 1981 in Eastbourne
Occupation: Chorus girl, opera singer, wardrobe mistress
  x 1924 Wakefield, Yorkshire Harold Victor Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Kenneth Bruce Dundas-Dunbar
2. Peter Dundas-Dunbar

Rev Alfred William  Flux-Dundas
Son of:  
born: 19/12/1927 in Penarth, Glamorgan
Occupation: Clerk in Holy Orders
  x May 1899 Ellen (Helen) Mabel Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Ambrose Dundas Flux-Dundas born 1899
2. Ursula Mary Flux- Dundas born 1900 in Essex, died 1975 in Hove, Sussex
3. Barbara Maud Dundas born 1902 married Edmund William Gilbert
4. Cyril Alfred Flux-Dundas born 1905

Sir Ambrose Dundas Flux-Dundas
Son of: Alfred William Flux-Dundas
and: Ellen Mabel Dundas
born: 14/4/1899
died: 29/4/1973
Occupation: Indian Civil Service, 1922; Foreign and Political Dept, 1925; Political Agent, Tochi, 1928-1931; Dep. Commissioner, Peshawar, 1934-1936; Chief Sec. to Govt NWFP, 1937-1941; Resident in Waziristan, 1941-1943; Revenue Commr N.W. Frontier Province, 1943-1945; Sec. Defence Dept, Govt of India, 1946-1947; Agent to Governor-Gen., Baluchistan, 1947-1948; Governor, North-West Frontier Province, 1948-1949; retired, 1949. Lieut-Governor, Isle of Man, 1952-1959. Chm. Bracknell Development Corporation, 1959-1967 (Gen. Manager, 1950-1952). KStJ 1953.
sir ambrose dundas
  x 1931 Mary Forest Bracewell  daughter of Rev. Canon Bracewell
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Anstice Ann Flux-Dundas

Anstice Ann Flux-Dundas

Daughter of: Ambrose Dundas Flux-Dundas
and: Mary Forest Bracewell
born: 12/12/1933, Peshawar, India
died: 16/1/2013
  x 1957 Frank Anderson O'Nians
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Susan Mary O'Nians born 1958 married 1996 in Malaysia Jay Parandam with issue: Chitradevi Anna Parandaman and Vijayram Francis Parandaman
2. Penlelope Ann Onians born 1960 married 1982 in Cambridgeshire Bret Anders Herscher with issue: Melanie Rose Herscher and Sebastian Paul Herscher.