George Henry Dundas
Son of: William John Dundas
and: Caroline Roe
born: Monday 12 July 1847
died: August 1888
Occupation: Doctor.
  x 10/6/1875 Frances Eleanor Sarah Perkins (Belfast Newsletter, 14/6/1875)

George Albert Dundas
Son of: George Charles Dundas
and: Constance Stevenson
born: Friday 9 March 1849, Myton on Swale, Yorkshire
died: Sunday 23 October 1887 in Mian Mir in Lahore India. Buried there the following day.
Occupation: Surgeon Major. George Albert Dundas received his medical training at Guy’s Hospital in London and became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1872, being appointed Assistant Surgeon in the Indian Medical Service on 1 October that year. He was promoted to the rank of Surgeon on 1 July 1873 and Surgeon Major on 1 October 1884.
george albert and essie
George Albert and his daughter Essie
  x 1873  Essie Jemima Hutton
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Walter Leslie Dundas born 1876
2. Essie Constance Dundas born Sunday 4 January 1874 

Rev. George Charles Dundas
Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Charlotte Maria Slator
born: Tuesday 10 May 1814
died: Wednesday 18 April 1883 in Nottingham, England
Occupation: Vicar of St. Matthews, Nottingham
george charles
  x 22/9/1842 at Leominster Constance Stevenson
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Henry Laurence Dundas born Tuesday 1 August 1843 
2. Frederick George Dundas born Monday 16 June 1845 in Durham, England 
3. Charles Leslie Dundas born Monday 1 November 1847 
4. George Albert Dundas born Friday 9 March 1849
5. Sidney Dundas born 1851 
6. Margaret Adelaide Dundas born 5th October 1853

4th April, 1883. THE LATE REV. G.C. DUNDAS. The remains of the Rev. G. C. Dundas, the late vicar of St. Matthew's Church, Nottingham, were interred on Saturday afternoon in the Church Cemetery, in the presence of a large assemblage of people, and amid manifestations of respect and regret. A large congregation gathered in St. Matthew's Church at a quarter-past one o'clock, where a portion of the burial service was read. The coffin was of polished oak with brass mountings, the shield bearing the inscription, "George Charles Dundas, vicar of St. Matthew's. Died April 18th, 1883. Aged 69." It was carried from the vicarage and deposited in the chancel of the church by six of the sidesmen, namely—Messrs. Webster, Marsh, Stephenson, Kenning, Harriman, and Bearder. The service having been read by the Rev. C. Veld, the Rev. J. F. McCallan, and the Rev. M. F. Short, an imposing procession was formed and moved by way of Alfreton-road and Forest-road to the cemetery, which was thronged with persons. The first carriage contained Lieutenant Dundas, R.N., Mrs. Rider and Mrs. Minchin ; the second carriage, the Rev. Charles Dundas, the Rev. T. J. Rider, Miss Nelly Dundas, and Miss Hunt; while Mr. Laurence and Mr. Young were in another carriage. Mr. J. Lambert and Dr. Euan Smith also followed in their private carriages and nearly all the clergy of Nottingham and its immediate district were present. St, Matthew's choir sang a processional hymn from the entrance of the cemetery to the graveside, where the Rev. T. J. Rider, and the Rev, C. Veld concluded the impressive service commenced in the church. Many chaste and beautiful wreaths, mostly from members of the congregation, were deposited on the coffin. A correspondent sends us the following memoir of the deceased clergyman : —By the death of the Rev. George Dundas, vicar of St. Matthew's Church, Nottingham has lost the ministrations of its oldest incumbent. For nearly thirty years he had laboured at St. Matthew's with a faithfulness and diligence that nothing could impair.

George Laurence Dundas
Son of: Thomas Laurence Dundas
and: Margaret Christison Johnston
born: 15/9/1826
died: 1845. Lost at sea

Glenys Lee Dundas

Daughter of: Lisle Dundas
and: Hazel Winfield Barr
  1. x David George Strahle  
  the following children were born of this union:
  Graham Strahle  
  Caroline Strahle
  Stephen Strahle

Godfrey Currie Dundas
Son of: Thomas Laurence Dundas
and: Elizabeth Stewart Currie
born: Wednesday 5 May 1897 in London
died: 27 Sep 1974 in Semaphore, South Australia
1st: x1924 Emily Evelyn Struthers
  No issue
2ndly: Rene x1968
  No issue

Guy Alexander Dundas
Son of: Scott James Dundas
and: Pauline Claire Weaver

Harold Victor Dundas
Son of: Frederick George Dundas
and: Eliza Beck
born: Saturday 10 February 1877 in Nottingham, England
Occupation: Captain Royal Navy. Station superitendent at the Perak River Hydo Company Co in Malayasia.
Harold Victor Dundas in the middle of the photo at Chenderoh, Malaya
1st Sybil Alexa Yates
  the following child was born of this union:
1. Frederick Victor Leopold Dundas Friday 3 May 1901 in Devonport, England 
2ndly: x 1924 at Wakefield, Yorkshire Kathleen Joan Farrington  (bigamous marriage, added the surname Dunbar ro Dundas. Thereafter Harold used the surname of Dundas-Dunbar to hide his identity.)
  the following children were born of this union:
2. Kenneth Bruce Dundas-Dunbar
3. Peter Dundas-Dunbar

When Harold Victor Dundas married Kathleen Joan Farrington, he was still married to Sybil Alexa Yates and therefore married bigamously. He altered his name slightly to Harold Victor Dundas - Dunbar to avoid detection and moved to Malaya, where he took up the post as station superintendent at the Perak River Hydro Electric Co in Ipoh. A deed of trust was drawn up in 1924 with his first wife. Unfortunately the original has gone missing although there is still a reference to it in the solicitor’s papers. Family legend suggests that this trust was an agreement between Harold Victor and his first wife to agree to the separation although remaining married on paper, thereby leaving Harold's estate intact for his son. (Frederick Victor Leopold Dundas). When the Japanese invaded Malaya, it is believed that a false death certificate was arranged to show Harold as having died in Wales (January 1942). No doubt no one believed that Harold would escape the Japanese and it was therefore necessary to protect the estate of his first son in England. (Kathleen Joan Farrington, his 2nd wife and the 2 sons returned to England before the invasion of the Japanese).

Harold was taken a prisoner of war by the Japanese but survived his internment in Changi. Due to his supposed death in Wales, he was unable to return home, but did eventually return in 1956, very sick and died shortly afterwards. His death certificate gives his name as Harold Vincent Dunbar, which is incorrect. Harold did not not like his Christian name and was therefore known to friends and family as "Bruce".


Harold Victor Dundas in 1918 onboard HMS Grenville and his passport photograph issued in 1947 in Malaya under the name of Harold Victor Dunbar!

Captain Harold Victor Dundas, was mentioned in despatches and awarded the French Legion of Honour for his services as a Destroyer C.O. at Jutland. 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals, Coronation 1911, Spanish Order of Naval Merit.

Harold Victor Dundas entered the training ship Britannia in July 1891. He was appointed Midshipman in November 1893 and Lieutenant in December 1899, he was commended as a ‘particularly able Destroyer Officer’ and gained his first command of that ship type, H.M.S. Albatross, in October 1905. In January 1906, he was appointed Captain of the destroyer Locust, in which capacity he was awarded the Spanish Order of Naval Merit - his service record states that an application to wear the insignia was turned down by the Admiralty. He also commanded torpedo boats in this period.
He was promoted to Commander in June 1912, served as commanding officer of the destroyer Cameleon from October 1914 to November 1915 and transferred to another destroyer, the Ossory, in the latter month. As part of the 11th Flotilla, 2nd Battle Squadron, based at Invergordon, the Ossory was present at Jutland in the following year, Dundas being commended for his services as her C.O. in the action (London Gazette 15 September 1916) and awarded the French Legion of Honour in the same month. He sustained a shrapnel injury during the action at Jutland. His next command, which he held from September 1916 until March 1918, was the flotilla leader Grenville, where he faced a court martial in 1918 after a collision in the Scapa Flow where he had left a junior officer on watch. He ended the War with an appointment in the Convoy Section at President. He also served as a coast guard prior to his retirement at Great Yarmouth.

Harold Victor Dundas was placed on the Retired List at his own request, with the rank of Captain, in November 1923.

Henry Arthur Laurence Dundas
Son of: William John Dundas
and: Caroline Roe
born: Monday 22 July 1850
died: Tuesday 21 May 1889 in Winnipeg, Canada
  x 25/9/1884, Winnipeg Jessie Murray Powell