Walter Currie
Son of: John Currie
and: Catherine Sellars
born: 27th August 1832
died: 12 Nov 1884 in Dennistoun, Lanarkshire, Scotland
  Ann Jane Bell
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Alice Currie born 6 January 1854 in Ayr, Scotland, married John McNalley 1874 in Lanarkshire. The following children were born of this union:
  a. Kate McNalley
  b. John McNalley
2. Catherine Sellars Currie born 1 April 1855 in Ayr, Scotland, married Allan Mathieson 1873 in Govan Lanarkshire. The following children were born of this union:
  a. Allan Mathieson born 1874
3. John Currie born 23 December 1856 in Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland, maried Mary Kesson 1879 in Govan Lanarkshire. Died 1938 in Adelaide, Australia, leaving issue:
  a. Walter Sellars Currie 1879-1948
  b. Mary Sellars Currie 1882-1931
  c. John Bell Currie 1883-1959
  d. James Bell Currie 1885-1963
  e. Arthur Henry Currie 1888-1955
4. James Currie born 1859
5. Elizabeth Stewart Currie born Tuesday 13 November 1860 in Ayr, Scotland
6. Walter Sellars Currie born 18 December 1862 in Ayr, Scotland. Died 1916 in Australia

Mary Jane Curtis
Daughter of:  
died: 1911 at Salt Lake City. She died from "Strychnine poison - suicidal intent" 
1st: x George Washington Gundaker
2ndly: x 1899 Sidney Laurence Dundas
  No issue. This marriage ended in 1890 when Mary committed adultery
3rdly: x Henry L Stone

Clara Beatrice Risdon Davy
Daughter of: William George Davy
and: Clarissa Eliza Dundas
born: 1880
  Friday 21 May 1971 in Devon, England
  x Thursday 15 April 1909 Alan Charlesworth Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
  Hugh Alan Charles Dundas born Wednesday 18 August 1915 

John Evelyn Davy
Son of: William George Davy
and: Clarissa Eliza Dundas
born: 1889
died: 9th December 1918
  Beatrice Kathleen

William George Davy

Son of: John R Davy
and: Elizabeth
born: October 1849 in Dartmouth, Devon, England
died: 1933
  x September 1879 Clarissa Eliza Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
  Clara Beatrice Risdon Davy born 1880
  John Evelyn Davy born 1889

Marjorie Townley Dixon
Daughter of:  
born: 1924 in England
died: 28/11/1979 in Mt.Erebus aircrash, Antarctica
  Alan Lawrence Malyon Allan
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Peter David Lindsay Allan born 1947
2. Sally Anne Allan born 1949
3. Michael Allan born 1960
4. Jane Phillipa Allan born 1962 died 28 Nov 1979 in the Mt.Erebus air crash at Antarctica with her mother and father

John Dooner
Son of: Patrick Dooner
born: 16th May 1807
died: Friday 24 January 1879 at Barton Lodge, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin. Buried at Whitechurch, Dublin
Occupation: Solicitor
  Sarah Georgina Dundas x Monday 3 June 1839
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Maria Emma Dooner born 11/9/1840 married 1/1/1857 at Rathfarnham church, Colonel Cadwallader William Elgee. Died 11/4/1876 at Arcachon, France
2. John King Dooner, a Lieutenant Colonel born 26/3/1842 married 21/4/1874 Emily Blanche Metchim and died 10/10/1910 leaving issue:
  a. Commander John King Patrick Dooner born 25/6/1875 Co. Cork married 1906 Marion Ethel Reed and died 1962 leaving issue:
  john king
    i. Daphne Iris Dooner born 1923
  . ii. Charles John Dooner born 1926 died 2009 in New Zealand
  b. Frances Emily Dooner born 1877 married 23/2/1916 in Kensington, Harry Leney
  c. May Eileen Dooner born 1884 in Caterham married 1909 in Brentford Alfie Bertie Wild
3. William Toke Dooner born 14/2/1844
4. Laurence Dooner born 7/10/1845. In the 1871 census, he is shown as an undergraduate at Oxford and is visiting his uncle, the Rev George Dundas. In 1881 he is shown in Slater's Directory as a Barrister in Rathfarnham, Dublin. Died 1885.
5. Georgina Dooner born 4/10/1846 married 14/11/1883, John George Campbell. Died 1915 in Ireland.
6. Adelaide Ellen Dooner born 10/5/1853 died 20 September 1919 in Dublin, Ireland.
7. Mildred Josephine Dooner born 1/11/1858 died 9/5/1881 in Paris.

William Toke Dooner
Son of: John Dooner
and: Sarah Georgina Dundas
born: 14/2/1844, Ireland
died: 9/11/1926 in Maidstone, Kent
Occupation: Colonel 1st Battalion Royal Enniskillen Fusiliers. Mayor of Rochester 1905/6
  x 1875 Augusta Matilda Metchin who died 28/2/1936
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Lt. Colonel William Dundas Dooner born 20/3/1876 in India, married 1902 Emily Ernestine Senior. (Divorced 1913. Emily died 1957). Married 2ndly, Marion Emily Wilson and died 28/2/1927 leaving issue:
  a. Joan Ernestine Charlotte Dooner born 1904. Married 1927 in Kensington, Martin Blake. Died 1963 Kenya.
  b. Lawrence Dundas Dooner, born 1906 in Woolwich. Married 1928 in Kensington, London, Alice Faith Claxton. Left England for South Africa in 1928 and died 1937 in Johannesburg, South Africa leaving issue: (Also see notes below)
    i. Shelagh Jane Faith Dooner born 1932 in South Africa, twin with John below. Married 1954 Michael Whatley
    ii. John Dooner died an infant.
    iii. Christopher Dundas Dooner born 1934, Doncaster. Married 1957 Norma Taylor.
2. John Graham Dooner, D.S.O, Lieutenant Colonel born 1879, Gibraltar, died on active service, 3i/7/1918 in France. Married 1906, Florence Olive Joan.
3. Mildred Georgina Dooner born 1882, Aldershot. Died 1962 in Surrey. Married 1912, Sir Archibald James Murray (died 1945).
4. Charlotte Dooner born 1884 Ireland
5. Matilda Dooner
6. Alfred Edwin Claude Toke Dooner born 1892, Portsmouth. Died on active service in Belguim, World War 1, 30/10/1914
Notes on Lawrence Dundas Dooner ; Faith Claxton met Lawrence when they were both involved in amateur dramatics in Doncaster. Although he'd had a very privileged upbringing, Lawrence had set his heart on being an engineer. He therefore attended the local technical college where he mixed with working men and women. He loved this existence, and would take part in beer drinking and pie eating contests with his fellow students - which he often won (boarding school can teach alternative skills as well as the more formal). However his very proper and well-connected family were appalled at his behaviour. Eventually one of his uncles agreed that he would support Lawrence, and he 'settled an allowance' on him if he would leave the country and make his fortune abroad. Lawrence, to keep his end of the bargain went to Africa where he tried his hand at among other things, coffee planting. Lawrence was now what was known as a 'remittance man' living and working abroad all the time. As a matter of course, this was not the sort of person that a prosperous upper-middleclass father thought his daughter should marry. At this time Lawrence wrote to Faith’s father asking for her hand. Father is supposed to have asked Faith what she thought of the idea, and she seems to have jumped onto the next ship going that way. She arrived without any luggage – it having been stolen on arrival when wedding dress etc were sent to be ironed in the hotel, and they married straight away in Dar Es Salaam. They then travelled to where they were to live in a house that Larry had built, the whereabouts are unknown at present. This house burned down later on. At this point they moved to Kasama, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where Faith gave birth to their first children - twins. Jane survived, but John died after seven months. Christopher was born sixteen months later - Faith returned to Doncaster this time for the birth. By this stage Lawrence, a very practical man, had single-handedly built himself a lorry. At this stage he was building the roads and bridges in the area, and the lorry was used to transport the materials needed. Their daughter, Jane, recalls being in the cab of the lorry and crossing rivers infested with crocodiles - through the river, not over it - and this being just one of the hazards of daily existence for the family. Faith was widowed in Africa when Lawrence contracted testicular cancer, which was diagnosed too late, and he died in hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. She returned to England, to Doncaster, with her children Jane and Chris, where she lived with her sister Patricia in Sprotboroug . (Information kindly supplied by David Whatley, grandson of Lawrence and Faith).

Elizabeth Drummond
Daughter of:  
died: 12 February 1940 in London
  x 1905 Frederick Charles Dundas
  No issue


Adelaide Maria Dundas

Daughter of: William John Dundas
and: Caroline Roe
born: 18/6/1854
died: Saturday 13 August 1870

Adelaide Mary Dundas
Daughter of: Thomas Laurence Dundas
and: Elizabeth Stewart Currie
born: Monday 7 April 1884 in Port Adelaide, Australia
died: 13 Jun 1960 in Victoria, Australia
  x 24/2/1909 Frank McNally in Adelaide, (divorced 1920)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Adelaide McNally born 1915 
2. Walter McNally born 1915