Laurence Charles Percival Dundas
Son of: Charles Percival During Dundas
and: Helen Louise Nuttall
born: Saturday 5 September 1908
died: Friday 17 May 1912 at Westbank, British Columbia
  (Cheltenham Looker-On 15/6/1912) - Master lawrence Dundas. On May 17th, Lawrence Dundas, infant son of Mr. and Mrs Percy Dundas (nee Helen Chauncy Nuttall), was drowned in Lake Okanagan, B.C. The deceased was the grandson of the Venerable Archdeacon Dundas, Archdeacon of Dorchester, and great-grandson of the late Mr. R. Tate-Stoate, of Clifton, and grand-nephew of the Rev. W. M. Ttate-Stoate, M.R.1.A., F.R.S.A., Vicar of Pebworth. Little Lawrence Dundas was a scion of the illustrious house of Dundas, of which Lawrence Dundas, Marquis of Zetland, is the head. The child's father is first cousin to the wife the Right Honourable Austen Chamberlain (nee Ivy Dundas). His mother is first cousin to the Honourable Sir J. S. Winter, K.C.M.G., formerly Premier of Newfoundland.

Laurence Evelyn Dundas
Son of: Henry Laurence Dundas
and: Ida Constance Delisle Burrowes
born: Monday 29 May 1876
died: Monday 15 July 1929 in London
Occupation: Trooper in the 1st Contingent of the 68th Company IY (Paget's Horse). Laurence Dundas served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War 1. Theatrical Manger

  laurence evelyn
  x 7th October 1911 Minnie Rachel Hook  
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Perpetua Mary Dundas born Thursday 25 May 1911 

Laurence (Lorenzo) George Dundas
Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Charlotte Maria Catherine Slator
born: 1813 in Ireland
Occupation: J.P.
died: 1897
From the Freeman's Journal, 30/9/1897:- "The death is announced of Mr Lorenzo Dundas, J.P. Clobemon Hall, Enniscorthy, which took place yesterday under rather sudden circumstances. He was standing on the steps of the front door of his residence when he felt weak and sat down. A servant came to his assistance and helped him to his room, where he expired a few minutes afterwards. Mr Dundas was the oldest magistrate in Co. Wexford. He was 84 years of age."
1st: x 6/7/1835 in Dublin, Ireland Ellen Callanan nee Eyre  
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Lorenzo George Dundas o 1837 in Co. Galway, Ireland 
2ndly: x 3/8/1854 in Grasmere, Westmoreland Jane Anna Maria Grimston  
    (On his marriage announcement he is shown as from Auburn. Co. Westmeath)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Annie Frances Dundas  born 29/9/1856 in Kingstown, Dublin
2. Emma Florence Dundas born 20/11/1857 in Auburn, Athlone, Ireland 
3. Thomas Fynes Clinton Dundas born 24/2/1859 in West Meath, Ireland 
4. Caroline Anna Maria Dundas born 18/8/1860 in Malone, Ireland. Married 1892  Edward Crawford Bolton  and died in India in 1918 leaving issue;
  a. Robert Henry Dundas Bolton 
  b. Lieutenant Colonel Edward Frederick Bolton, DSO, born 27/8/1897, died March 1977 in Chelsea, London. Commanded 2/6th Bn The Queen's Royal Regiment from April 1940 to July 1942 and the 70th (YS) Battalion from June to October 1943.
5. Ellen Marion Dundas born 20/5/1862, married 1889 Major General Eberhardt Rudolph Philipp Munch and had issue:
  a. Marie Anna born Germany 1890
6. Sidney Laurence Dundas born 19/7/1863 
7. Ida Alexander Dundas born 9/11/1864 in Ireland 
8. Charles George Dundas born 1/10/1866 in Ireland 
9. Henry James Dundas born 10/8/1868 in Ireland 
10. Constance Lily Dundas born 2/1/1870 in Co. Wexford, Ireland 
11. Ethel Alice Dundas born 12/9/1872 in Ireland 
12. Eve Mary Dundas born 3/12/1874 married 1894 John George Gibbon
13. John Ernest Frederick Dundas born 10/12/1876 in Ireland 
14. Norah Beatrice Dundas born 29/9/1878 died 1956
15. Hilda Gwendoline Dundas born 1881 in Co. Wexford, Ireland

Laurence Leopold Dundas
Son of: Frederick George Dundas
and: Eliza Beck
born: Wednesday 29 April 1874
died: Tuesday 16 May 1939
Occupation: Captain, Royal Navy. C.M.G.
  x Saturday 11 April 1908 in Kensington Lilias Rose Hamilton Cox
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Emma Florence Constance Ogilvie born circa 1906 

Lily Londina Dundas

Daughter of: Lorenzo George Dundas
and: Lydia Adams
born: 1879 in Addlestone, near Weybridge, Surrey
died: 16th December 1957 in Bristol
  x Dec 1898 in Kingston, Surrey Thomas Joseph William Fitzgerald Greer
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Leslie Fitzgerald Greer  
2. Nina Dorothy Fitzgerald Greer
3. Kathleen Dundas Greer born 1904 in East Molesey, Surrey. Married 1925 in Bristol, Gilbert Minette Whittard

Lisle Dundas
Son of: James Brown Johnston Dundas
and: Alberta May Boyle
born: 4/5/1907 in Adelaide, Australia
died: 2005 Australia
lisle and clive
Lisle and his brother Clive
  x 1932 Hazel Winfield Barr  
    the following children were born of this union:
1. Janette Winfield Dundas
2. Glenys Lee Dundas

Lorenzo Frank Dundas
Son of: Sir Lorenzo George Dundas
and: Lydia Adams
born: Wednesday 14 February 1872 in Dublin, Ireland
died: Friday 20 February 1953 in Midhurst. W.Sussex
1st: x 1900 in Cheam, Surrey Edith Keat
2ndly: Anne Elizabeth Saltz-Bauer
  No issue

Sir Lorenzo George Dundas
Son of: Laurence George Dundas
and: Ellen Eyre
born: 6/4/1837 in Co. Galway, Ireland. Educated Trinity College, Dublin
died: 10th December 1917 in East Molesey, Surrey, England, buried at St. Peter's Parish Church, West Molesey.
Occupation: Colonel, 6th Royal Fusiliers, previously Captain 62nd regiment
Served in the trenches before Sebastopol and was one of the storming party at the attack on the Redan on the 8th Sept. 1855. Sir Lorenzo Dundas received the Crimean medal and clasps and the Turkish medal.
lorenzo george dundas 62nd regiment
62nd Regiment. A photograph of an officers group in Lucknow, India in 1867. In the middle row are Captain and Paymaster J.W. Minchin, Mrs Fitzsimon, Captain Thomas Joseph Fitzsimon, Miss Gamble, Captain Lorenzo George Dundas, Mrs Macwhirter, Mrs Dundas (Lydia), Mrs Kelly, Mrs Reade and Captain A.L. Reade.
  x 9th Sept 1868 at St. Nicholas Church, Brighton, Sussex Lydia Adams  
    the following children were born of this union:
1. Ellen (Helen) Mabel Dundas 
2. Lorenzo Frank Dundas born Wednesday 14 February 1872 
3. Robert Claude Dundas born Monday 30 June 1873 
4. Lily Londina Dundas  born 1879
5. Frederick Eyre Dundas  born Wednesday 10 January 1883 

Margaret Adelaide Dundas
Daughter of: George Charles Dundas
and: Constance Stevenson
born: March 1854, Shropshire
died: Sunday 10 November 1929
  x 1877 Thomas John Rider
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Sidney Dundas Rider born 1880
2. Constance Rider born 1878 

Margaret Essie Dundas
Daughter of: Walter Leslie Dundas
and: Constance Rider
born: 1913
died: 25/9/2003
  Sir Denis George Harmsworth Tuite 13th Baronet, Major
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Christopher Hugh Tuite
2. Jeremy Denis Tuite
3. Patrick Leslie Tuite