Uchtred the Bold
Earl of Bernicia, Ealdorman of Bamburgh,
Son of: Waltheof, Earl of Bernicia, Ealdorman of Bamburgh, Nothumbria
died: 1016. Uchtred was summoned to a meeting with Cnut and enroute he and forty of his men were murdered by Thurbrand the Hold, with assistance by Ucthreds own servant Wighall and connivance of Canute.
  Following his death, his brother Eadulf Cadel assumed the title Earl of Northumbria
The killing of Uchtred by Thurbrand the Hold started a blood feud that lasted for many years. Uchtred's son Ealdred subsequently avenged his father by killing Thurbrand, but Ealdred in turn was killed in 1038 by Thurbrand's son, Carl. Ealdred's vengeance had to wait until the 1070s, when Waltheof, Ealdred’s grandson had his soldiers kill most of Carl's sons and grandsons.
1st: x  Ecgfrida, daughter of Bishop Aldhun and through this marriage obtained estates which were previously owned by the church.  Ecgfrida following her divorce from Uchtred married Kilvert and had a daughter Sigrida, who married Eadwulf, Uchtred's son from his 2nd marriage Sigen.
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Ealdred, Assumed the title, Earl of Northumbria following the death of his uncle, Eadulf Cadel, the brother of Uchtred the Bold. Died 1038 having been murdered by Carl, son of Thurbrand. His half brother Eadulf succeeded as earl of Northumbria. He left issue:
  a. Aelflaed, married Siward the Strong, Earl of Northumbria (died 1055) and had issue:
    i. Osbern, died 1054 in the battle against Macbeth
    ii. Waltheof, received an earldom consisting of the shires of Huntingdon, Northampton, Bedford, Rutland, and Cambridge in 1065. He submitted to King William I the Conqueror in 1067 and, though he joined northern rebels in 1069, he was restored to favour and allowed to marry William’ The Conqueror's niece Judith. Later he was drawn into a rebellion against William (1075), for which he was condemned for treason and executed on 31st May 1076. He left issue:
      Maud, who married David 1, King of the Scots and had a son, Henry
  b. Aethelthryth married Orm son of Gamel and had issue:
    i. Ecgfrida (named after her great-grandmother), married Elfsige of the Tees
  c. Ealdgyth, married Ligulf, who was murdered in 1080 and left issue:
    i. Uchtred
    ii. Morkar
Uchtred divorced his wife, Ecgfrida, and in in an effort to make political allies amongst the Danes in Deira, married:
2ndly: x Sige, daughter of Styr Ulfsson, son of Ulf.
  the following children were born of this union:
2. Eadulf, succeeded his half brother Ealdred as Earl of Northumbria. In 1041 Eadulf was "betrayed" by King Harthacnut. The "betrayal" seems to have been carried out by Siward, Earl of Northumbria who was married to Eadulf's niece Aelflaed; Siward attacked and killed Eadulf. It was thus that Siward became earl of all Northumbria. Eadulf married Sigrida, daughter of Kilvert and Ecgfrida (his father's 1st wife). Sigrida had previously been married to Arkill son of Fridgist. Sigrida went on to marry as her 3rd husband Arnketil (Arkill) son of Egfrith.
  a. Oswulf, Earl of Northumbria, died 1067
  b. Cospatric Historians have suggested that Cospatric was the son of Arkil, Cospatric's mother's 3rd husband, but due to this name and the naming pattern of the three generations followng, I believe he was the son of Eadulf. Symeon of Durham, an Engligh chronicler simply described him as son of Sigrida. He settled in Yorkshire. Again historians have suggested this was on lands left by Arkill but they equally might have been given to him by his mother. Historians have also questioned the fact that Cospatrick would have been too old to be Arkill's son and might therefore have been his brother. This gives more weight to the opinion that Cospatric was a son of Eadulf. However, the lines following starting with Dolfin and finishing with Cospatric, are descendants from Cospatrick, who was either the son of Eadulf, or the son of Arkill.
    He married a daughter of Dolfin son of Thorfinn and left issue:
    i. Dolfin
      . Uctred. The Mowbray charters record that Roger de Mowbray enfeoffed Uctred, son of Dolfin of the land of Uctred's grandafther in Ilton.(The charter shows Cospatric held Ilton in 1086). Uctred was known in 1166 as Uctred de Conistone. He was also granted the manor of Hebden in Craven by Roger de Mowbray. He left Issue:
        ~ Simon of Hebden
        ~~ Walter. He was gifted the lands of Ilton by his brother Simon
        ~~~ Henry de Threshfield, son of Uctred de Coniston gave to Fountains Abbey with his body for burial, half a carucate of land in Askrigg, rendering 7d yearly to the heirs of Simon his brother. He married Gunnilda, daughter of WIlliam of Threshfield
        ~~~~ Alice, married Elias de Riston
      .. Swain
      ... Torphin
    ii Cospatric,
3. Gospatric, murdered at King's Court 1064. He was the ancestor to the Swinton family dynasty. He left issue:
  a. Uchtred. Left issue:
    i. Dolfin
    ii. Eadulf Rus, murdered Bisop Walcher in 1080 and supposedly was killed by a woman shortly afterwards
3rdly: x 1014, Elfgifu, daughter of King Ethereld
  the following children were born of this union:
4. Aldgitha, married Maldred, Lord Allerdale, brother to King Duncan of Scotland and had issue:
  a. Cospatric, direct ancestor to the Dundases of Dundas
  b. Maldred, who held the manor of Winlaton, Co. Durham in 1084. He left issue:
    i. Robert
    ii Uchtred Fitz Maldred, Lord of Raby, Co. Durham. Died 1128 leaving issue:
      . Cospatric
      .. Dolfin Fitz Uchtred, Lord of Raby, Co. Durham, married Alice daughter of Walcher, Bishop of Durham and died circa 1136 leaving issue:
        ~ Patrick  
        ~~ Robert  
        ~~ Maldered Fitz Dolfin, Lord Of Raby, Co. Durham, married the daughter of John de Stuteville, Co. Warwick and died circa 1183 leaving issue:
          x Robert Fitz Maldred. Founder of the Neville family. Married Isabel, sister and heir of Sir Henry Neville. Their son Geoffrey de Neville retained his mother's surname but retained his paternal arms.
    iii Ulkil (Ulchil) Shown in "Early Scottish charters prior to A.D.1153" as filio de Maldred witness to King David respecting the consecration of Robert, Bishop of St. Andrews at York, 1128. He had issue:
      . Alwyn, ancestor to the Earls of Lennox
  c. Elgitha, married Liulph, son of Osbert de Lumley
In 1006, Malcolm 11 of Scotland invaded Northumbria. At the time the Danes were invading southern England so King Ethereld was unable to send help to the Northumbrians, Waltheof was too old to fight, but Uchtred acting for his father formed an army from Bernicia and Yorkshire. The result was a decisive victory for Uthred and King Ethelred rewarded Uhtred by appointing him ealdorman of Bamburgh. Uchtred also was made ealdorman of York and united northern and southern Northumbria under the house of Bamburgh.
In 1013 King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark invaded England. The Londoners put up a stout resistance, King Ethelred and Thorkell the Tall, a Viking leader who had defected to him, were in the city. Sweyn then proceeded west to Bath, where the western Thanes submitted to him. The Londoners fearing an awful revenge would be exacted on them if they resisted any further, followed their example and at last submitted. In common with all of the Danes in the north, Uchtred submitted to Sweyn at Gainsborough. Ethelred fled to the Isle of Wight and later joined his wife and children in Normandy, where they had taken refuge with her nephew, Duke Richard. After London had fell to him, Sweyn became King of England by Christmas 1013. England's first Danish King died suddenly of an apoplexy, on 3rd February, 1014, while threatening the Abbey of Bury St. Edmund's. He had reigned for less than two months. Ethelred was re-called by the Witan and Uchtred, along with others, transferred his allegiance back to Ethelred. On the King's return Uchtred married Ethelred’s daughter Elfgifu

Cospatric, 1st Earl of Northumbria and Merse (March)

Earl of Northumbria. Cospatric purchased the Earldom of Northumbria at great cost, in right of his ancestors through his mother. However in 1072, William the Conqueror stripped Cospatrick of the title. He was forced to seek refuge in Scotland and in 1074 Malcolm Canmore of Scotland bestowed upon him the lands of Dunbar and other lands in Lothian. Aftrer fighting on behalf of the Scottish King he was bestowed with the title Lord of Dunbar and Merse (March).
Son of: Maldred, Lord Allderdale and brother to Duncan 1 of Scotland
and: Aldgitha, daughter of Uchtred the Bold and Elfgifu, daughter of King Ethereld 11
died: circa 1073 and was buried in St, Cuthbert's Church, Noram,, Northumberland
  Cospatric lived at Edlingham, Northumberland prior to his removal to Scotland
  He left issue:
1. Cospatric, succeeded his father in Scotland whilst the rest of his father's sons were provided with lands in Cumbria, which at the time was a Scots stronghold. Cospatrick was often refered to as brother of Dolphin, which would tend to suggest that Dolfin was the eldest son.
2. Dolfin, Earl of Carlisle. Carlisle had become a Scottish outpost under Malcolm in 1070, but in 1092, William 11 took an army and expelled Dolphin restoring the city to the English. It has been suggested that Dolfin died at this point. Dolfin is said to have been married to Aelfthryth
  a. Ulfus, murdered in 1064 by Tosti son of Godwin earl of Northumberland. (During the restoration works on Carlisle Cathedral in 1855 a stone bearing an inscription in memory of Ulfus was uncovered)
3. Waldeof or Waldeve, 1st Lord of Allerdale. He was granted various lands by William the Conqueror in Cockermouth, Cumbria. He was seated 1stly at Papcastle and then later Cockermouth. He married Sigerid and left issue:
  a. Alan de Brayton, (sometimes shown as Adam), succeeded to Allerdale as 2nd Lord of Allerdale. He died without male issue as his son Waldeve died in his father's lifetime. He was succeeded as Lord Allerdale by his nephew, William Fitz Duncan.
  b. Waldeof, died young
  c. Ochtreda, married Duncan, Earl of Murray, brother to David King of Scots
  d. Cospatric, a bastard son, although his brother Alan de Brayton left him lands in Bolton (Isle of Estholm) and various surrounding areas. He left issue:
    i. Dolfin. He was left lands by Alan de Brayton .
  e. Uchtreda, married 1st Randolph de Lindsay and 2ndly William de Esseville. Her brother Alan de Brayton granted various lands in Cumbria to Randolph de Lindsay.
  f. Gunildha, married Uctred of Galloway, son of Fergus, Lord Galloway. Her brother Alan de Brayton granted various lands in Cumbria to Uctred. Gunildha and Uctred (murdered 1174 by Malcolm his nephew) left issue:
    i. Roland otherwise known as Lochlann, married Helena (died 1217) daughter of Richard de Moreville and died 1200 in Northampton, leaving issue:
      . Thomas, Earl of Atholl. Married Isabella, the daughter and heiress of Henry, Earl of Atholl and died 1231 leaving issue:
        ~ Patrick, murdered 1242
      .. Alan, married 1st a daughter of Roger de Lacy, 2ndly in 1209 to Margaret, eldest daughter of David, Earl of Huntingdon and niece of King William. He married 3rdly in 1229, Rose, daughter of Hugh de Lacy. He died 1234 leaving issue:
        ~ Helen, (issue from Alan's 1st marriage), married Roger de Quincy
        ~~ Thomas (illegitimate)
        ~~~ Devorgilla, married John Balliol, Lord of Barnard Castle in Teesdale.
        ~~~~ Christina, married to William de Forz, son and heir of the Earl of Albemarle
        ~~~~~ Thomas, died in his father's lifetime
      ... Ada, married 1233 to Walter Bisset, Lord of Aboyne
  g. Christian, married Duncan de Lafcel
4. Gunhilda, married Orme son of Ketel and Lord of Seton. Her brother Waldeof granted various lands in Cockermouth to Orme. Issue:
  a. Cospatric, Lord of Workington. he was left lands by his cousin, Alan de Brayton. He left issue:
    i. Thomas, heir to his father Cospatric. Died 1152 and left issue:
      . Thomas, married Joan, daughter of Robert de Veteripont, but died within his father's lifetime
      .. Patrick, was given the lands of Culwen in Galloway by his father and suceeded his brother who died in the lifetime of his father, as heir to Thomas. He left issue:
        . Thomas, succeeded at his death by his brother Gilbert
        .. Gilbert, married Edith and left a son and heir, Gilbert
      ... Alan, was given the lands of Cambmerton by his brother Patrick
      .... William
    ii. Alan or Adam, was given the lands of Camerton by his brother Patrick
    iii. Gilbert,
      . Thomas
      .. William
    iv. Orme, left issue:
      ~ Gospatrick  
    v. Alexander
5. Matilda or Maud, married Dolfin, son of Ailward. Her brother Waldeof granted lands in Brigham, Cockermouth to Dolfin. Matilda and Dolfin left issue.
  a. Cospatric
  b. Waldeve of Moresby. He was left lands in Brackenthwaite, Cumbria by Alan de Brayton
  c. Orm
  d. Ailward
  e. Walter, prior of Carlisle
6. Etheralda, married Duncan, brother of King David of Scotland and son to King Malcolm
  a. William Fitz Duncan, Earl of Moray, married Alice de Rumilly and died 1147
7. Uchtreda married Gilmyn. Her brother Waldeof granted various land in Cumbria to her son Waldeof
Gospatric was a great-grandson of Ethelred II (King of England, known as the Unready) through his mother, Ealdgyth, daughter of Uchtred the Bold, Earl of Northumbria from 1006 to 1016 and Elfgifu, who was the daughter of King Ethelred 11
In 1066, after the conquest of England by WIlliam the Conqueror, he fled to Scotland along with other nobles from the north of England taking with them for their protection, Edgar Aethling, the heir of the saxon line along with Edgar's mother, Algatha and two daughters, Margaret and Christina. They were granted protection by Malcolm 111 of Scotland and Margaret the daughter of Edgar Aethling later won Malcolm's heart.
In 1069, Cospatric accompanied Edgar into England and assisted by the Danes and joined by forces from Scotland, took the city and castle of York. However, later in the year the Danes deserted and the resources of Scotland ran short and Cospatric was forced to submit to the English, who took the lands from York to Durham. Shortly after William the Conqueror left Northumbria, Malcolm 111 of Scotland entered England and made great success of claiming areas around the Tees. Cospatric took advantage of the diversion and set about ravaging Cumberland and returned with great spoils to Bamburgh, the ancestral home of his mother. He now purchased the Earldom of Northumbria at great cost, in right of his ancestors through his mother.
In 1072, William the Conqueror stripped Cospatrick of the title. He was again forced to seek refuge in Scotland, but due to peace having just been declared between Scotland and England, Cospatric went to Flanders where he remained for a short while. On his return in 1074 Malcolm Canmore of Scotland bestowed upon him the lands of Dunbar and other lands in Lothian. After fighting on behalf of the Scottish King against bandits on the borders of Scotland, he was bestowed with the title Earl of Merse or March. (Lothian).

Cospatric 2nd of Dunbar

Son of: Cospatrick, 1st Earl of Northumbria
died: 1138 at the Battle of the Standard (The Battle of the Standard, sometimes called the Battle of Northallerton, took place on 22 August 1138 on Cowton Moor near Northallerton in Yorkshire. English forces under William of Aumale repelled a Scottish army led by King David I of Scotland.)
  He left issue:
1. Cospatric
2. Edgar (Aedgar), married Alice de Greystoke, daughter of Ivo of Greystoke and left issue:
  a. Alexander
  b. Edgar
  c. Patric, Sometimes shown as Cospatric. He married Mariota, widow of William de Hume. He left issue:
    i. John de Kestern (Caistron)
    ii. Robert
  d. Alan
  e. Agnes, married Anselm le Fleming (Furness). Along with other issue they had a daughter Eleanor, who married Ralph d'Eyncourt
3. Edward, Lord of Edlingham, married Sibilla and had at least one son named Waldeve
4. Adam or Alan
5. Juliana, married Ralph de Merlay
6. Margaret, married Philip de Montgomery

Cospatric 3rd of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian

Son of: Cospatrick,
died: 1166
married: Deidre
1. Waltheof (Waldeve), Earl of Dunbar. Died 1182. His is the 1st to use the title "comes de Dunbar", which suggests he was the 1st Earl of Dunbar. He married Aelina and at his death left issue:
  a. Patric of the Hirsel. He succeeded to the earldom of Dunbar. He married 1184 Ada daughter of William the Lion. He died 1232 and left issue:
    i. Patrick, succeeded his father as Earl of Dunbar and also March. He married Cecilia and died 1248
    ii William, Married Lady Christina Corbert and at his death left issue:
        Nicholas, assumed the surname of Corbet
    iii Fergus
    iv. Robert
    v. Ada, married her second cousin, William Dunbar of Greenlaw and was given the lands of Hume and the castle as a dowry by her father
  b. Huctred, Lord of Tyndale. Married Bethoc daughter of Donald Bane, King of Scotland. (This entry requires further investigation as he might not be a son of Waldeve, Earl of Dunbar, but a different Waldeve completely). He left issue:
    i. Hextilda, married Richard Cumyn (Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office, London: A. D. 1272-1307) .https://www.electricscotland.com/history/records/bain/calendarofdocuments02.pdf However, other printed material shows Hextilda as daughter of Gothrik or Uctred, son of Donalbane, King of Scots
2. Patrick of Greenlaw, Born 1152. . He left issue:
  a. William, died 1253. Married his 2nd cousin Ada and was ancestor to Earls of Hume. He assumed the surname of Hume on his marriage to Ada
Dundas of Dundas line- 3. Huchtred, 1st of Dundas. Shown in a charter of protection by King David to the priory of Tinmouth in 1138 along with his brother Elias, as "Huctredo filius Cospatric"
4. Elias, shown in a charter of protection by King David to the priory of Tinmouth in 1138 along with his brother Huctred, as "Elias filius Cospatric"
5. Alden

After his father's death in 1138, he inherited his father's territories in Northumberland, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders.