Ethel Alice Dundas
Daughter of: Laurence George Dundas
and: Jane Anna Maria Grimston
born: 12th September 1872 in Ireland
  x 1894 Alexander King
  No issue

Excel Constance Dundas
Daughter of: Charles Leslie Dundas
and: Helen Jane Cobb
born: Thursday 20 October 1870
died: 1872

Fanny Maria Dundas
Daughter of: Thomas Henry Dundas
and: Frances Diana Cummings
born: Tuesday 21 September 1848
died: Saturday 24 December 1932 in Weybridge, Surrey
fanny maria dundas
1st: x 24/6/1869 at the British consulate, Geneva and afterwards at the English church William Henry Barff  
  No issue
2ndly: x 16/51874 at All Saints', Notting Hill Charles Leslie Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Herbert Cunningham Dundas born Saturday 24 April 1875
2. Charles Percval During Dundas born Friday 25 May 1877
3. Alan Charlesworth Dundas born Monday 10 May 1880
4. Frances Leslie Dundas born Friday 18 August 1882
5. Henry Raymond Dundas born Friday 18 August 1882 
6. Sidney Beresford Dundas born 1885 

Emma Florence Constance Ogilvie
Daughter of: Laurence Leopold Dundas
and: Lilias Rose Hamilton
born: 1896
died: circa 1950 in New Zealand
emma florence
  David Malyon Allan
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Alan Lawrence Malyon Allan
2. Peter Drummond Allan
Florence's father was Laurence Leopold Dundas and her parent's had been lovers for years but she never knew that he was her real father and she grew up believing that George Ogilvie was her blood father and Laurence, her stepfather. Unfortunately, Emma did not like Laurence very much, so her parents decided not to tell her!

Florence Eliza Dundas

Daughter of: Thomas Laurence Dundas
and: Margaret Christian Johnston
born: 1/2/1828
died: 1828 at Beely Rectory

Frances Leslie Dundas
Son of: Charles Leslie Dundas
and: Fanny Maria Dundas
born: Friday 18 August 1882
died: 1909 in Canada

Frederick Charles Dundas
Son of: Frederick George Dundas
and: Eliza Beck
born: Thursday 16 January 1868 in Nottingham, England
died: Thursday 23 January 1941 in London
Occupation: Colonel. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
  Frederick Charles Dundas was educated at Westminster and Sandhurst, and joined the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 1889; Captain, 1899; Major, 1911; Bt. Lieut.-Colonel, 1915 (for distinguished services in the field); Lieut.-Colonel, 1917. He served in France and Flanders, from 14 September 1914, as D.A.A. & Q.M.G. on the Staff of the 6th Division, Irish Command. He retired in 1918.
frederick charles and his mother
Frederick Dundas and his mother Eliza
  x 1905 Elizabeth Drummond
  No issue
frederick charles
Frederick Charles Dundas is second on the left in the top row. This photograph was taken circa 1898 outside Edinburgh Castle.

Frederick Eyre Dundas
Son of: Lorenzo George Dundas
and: Lydia Adams
born: Wednesday 10 January 1883 in Hastings, East Sussex
died: Monday 14 March 1955 in Brighton, Sussex, England
  x Monday 25 March 1935 Martha Elizabeth Hudson
  No issue

Frederick George Dundas
Son of: George Charles Dundas
and: Constance Stevenson
born: Monday 16 June 1845 in Durham, England
died: Sunday 5 March 1899 in Kensington, England of malaria
Burial: burial record
Occupation: Commander Royal Navy. Explorer. Commissioner and principal Naval Officer to the Imperial British East Africa Co.
  frederick george frederick george
  1. x Saturday 10 February 1866 in Leicestershire, England  Eliza Beck
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Frederick Charles Dundas
2. Laurence Leopold Dundas born Wednesday 29 April 1874 
3. Harold Victor Dundas born Saturday 10 February 1877 in Nottingham, England

Frederick George Dundas entered the Royal Navy as a Cadet aboard the Training Ship Britannia in June 1859, when aged 13 years. He was promoted to Midshipman in 1863 and to Acting Sub Lieutenant on 5 July 1865. After studying at the Royal Naval College, Portsmouth 1864-65, he was appointed to his first ship H.M.S. Wivern (February 1866), and was promoted to Lieutenant on 21 January 1867. He next joined Jumna (May 1867) and whilst in this ship the Admiralty Board expressed their satisfaction of his conduct in saving the crew of Bucenta, a merchant ship wrecked off the South West Prong, Bombay, with a lifeboat crew from Jumna on 8 June 1869. He subsequently served aboard Research (June 1871), Lord Clyde (September 1871), Swiftsure (May 1872), Daedalus (May 1874), R.N. College for Torpedo Course (July 1877), and Mallard (August 1878). He was next appointed to Indus (October 1879), VIigilant (October 1884) additional for service with the Coast Guard at Galway, and Neptune (August 1887) for service with the Coast Guard at Ilfracombe. He retired due to age with the rank of Commander on 16 June 1890, having served in the Royal Navy for just over 30 years.

Following retirement from the Royal Navy he was, in 1891, appointed Commissioner and Principal Naval Officer to the Imperial British East Africa Company, and successfully explored and surveyed the rivers Tana and Juba in the Company's Steamer Kenia. In the former river, after ascending 350 miles to its extreme navigable point, he left the vessel and proceeded with a convoy through an unexplored region to Mount Kenia, making the ascent of this 10,000 ft mountain from the southward. In July 1893 the Kenia started up the river Juba, Commander Dundas being the only European aboard. He succeeded in reaching Bardera, 387 miles upstream, a town of the up-country Somalis who eventually became quite friendly and one of the Sheikhs with two Chiefs went in the vessel 20 miles further up to the Rapids, where the wreck of Baron von der Decken's steamer, the Guelph was lying, three rocks being through her bottom. Commander Dundas was the first and only European to have been to Bardera since Von der Decken's ill fated expedition 27 years earlier, when he was murdered with five of his companions, only two escaping down river by canoe. In June 1893 he was appointed Superintendent of Marine in the Niger Coast Protectorate under the Foreign Office and served in the Brass River Expedition of 1895. He was mentioned in the Despatch of Rear Admiral F. G. D. Bedford, Commanding the Brass River Expedition, dated 26 February 1895 ‘The Yakoba was piloted up the creek with great ability by Captain Dundas, late R.N., the Head of the Marine Department of the Niger Coast Protectorate. She was anchored off Sacrifice Island as a General Depot and proved most useful. Captain Dundas has done excellent work surveying and piloting and has been most indefatigable and useful to me in many ways’. Captain E. H. Gamble R.N., reported in his Despatch that ‘Captain Dundas has worked very hard for us’. (ADM 159 36 pt.2)
Commander Dundas made the first exploration of the river Tana and ascended Mount Kenia to the height of 10,000ft, a region also hitherto unexplored. 
Commander Dundas also explored the river Juba, where he landed alone among the threatening Somalis . He managed to win over the hostile chiefs by "a mixture of audacity and jolliness" as described by an old shipmate, Captain Wharton.

He was recommended for the Distinguished Service Order but being on the Retired List was adjudged to be ineligible but he was granted a Naval Pension of £50 per year on 3 April 1896. In 1897 he was appointed Naval Adviser to the Chinese Government for a term of three years. He was received at Portsmouth on 9/2/1897 for a three week course of Instruction in Gunnery & Torpedo, preparatory to his proceeding to Tientsin as Instructor of Cadets with the Chinese Navy.

Awarded the East and West Africa medal 1887-1900, 1 clasp, Brass River medal 1895, Imperial British East Africa Company medal 1888-95.


Frederick Victor Leopold Dundas

Son of: Harold Victor Dundas
and: Sybil Alexa Yates
born: Friday 3 May 1901 in Devonport, England
died: Monday 21 January 1980 in Reading, England
Occupation: Colonel
1st: x Saturday 7 February 1931 Jessie Merkle Crawford (died 1951 in Germany)  
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Sheelah Mary Dundas
2ndly: Elsie Catherine who died 14/5/1975