Laurence Dundas
  Son of: Alexander Dundas
and: Elizabeth Bruce
occupation: Guild brother of Dundee, 1571
  Probably the Laurence Dundas married to Margaret Wischart - see article below from The Historical Guide to Brechin.
Historical Guide to Brechin: "In 1586 there is a grant to Robert Low, his heirs, and assignees, of the escheat of the tack set by Alexander, Bishop of Brechin, and the chapter thereof, to James Graham his servant, and by him disponed to Laurence Dundas and Margaret Wischart, his spouse, of the teind sheaves of the twenty acres of land, with the pertinents formerly belonging to the chaplainaries of Sir William Rynd and Sir William Carnegie, chaplains of the chaplainry of St. Mary, founded within the said city, called the Maisondieu, which tack had fallen to the king in consequence of the said Laurence and his spouse having been put to the horn".
  Possible issue:
1. John Dundas married Jean Maull. (There is a strong possibility that  Jean Maull  was a relation to the Earls of Panmure, Brechin. In written records their surname is normally spelt Maule although there are also many instances where it is spelt Maull)
    the following children were born of this union:
  a. Margaret Dundas christened 28/07/1625 in Brechin
  b. Agnes Dundas christened19/11/1627 in Brechin
  c. James Dundas christened 15/2/1629 in Brechin
  d. Margaret Dundas christened 24/8/1630 in Brechin
  e. Jon Dundas christened 29/10/1631 in Brechin
  f. Jon Dundas, christened 5/6/1634 in Brechin
  g. George Dundas christened 11/10/1635 in Brechin
  h. Jean Dundas christened 4/12/1636 in Brechin
  i. Robert Dundas christened 21/7/1639 in Brechin
  National Archives of Scotland. GD45/17/140. Extract bond by John Dundas in Tilliebreadlis to Patrick Maule of Panmuir. 
  National Archives of Scotland. GD45/17/162. Execution of arrestment at the instance of Patrick Maule of Panmur in the hands of Alexander Wright, citizen in Brechin, of goods belonging to John Dundas, formerly in Clayfaldis.
  National Archives of Scotland.GD45/18/1350 Accounts of Joan Dundas as factor of the estate of Brechin, Navar and Balmakellie, crop 1634. (Probably John not Joan).
2. Laurence Dundas. (This again is a possibility, but he was a witness to Margaret Dundas's' christening in 1625 and therefore quite likely a brother to John. Married Isobel Straton
    the following child was born of this union:
       a. Laurence Dundas

Laurence Dundas



Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Isobel Stratton
born: 1625 in Brechin
occupation: Believed to be the Captain Laurence Dundas who in 1661, is shown as a tax collector in Caithness and Sutherland. He was extremely unpopular as he was employed by the English to collect taxes from the Scots who were loyal to the Scottish throne. (
died: 1679

National Archives of Scotland.8/1/1656. Letters of Charge proceeding upon a Decreet pronounced by the Commissioners for the administration of Justice to the people of Scotland at the instance of Sir Robert Farquhar of Mowny Knight against Captain Laurence Dundas residing in Inverness who had in his custody the Infeftments and other evidents of the Lands of Inverichnie and others decerning the said Laurence to deliver the same to the said Pursuer who was heritably infeft in the said Lands charging the same to be delivered to the said Sir Robert Farquhar within 15 days after date

National Archives of Scotland. 3/6/1656 Execution of Letters of Horning at the instance of Sir Robert Farquhar of Mowny Knight against Captaine Lourence Dundas residenter in Inverness.

National Archives of Scotland. 30/7/1656. Decreet by the Commissioners for the administration of Justice to the People of Scotland anent Letters of Suspension raised before them by Captain Laurence Dundas residing in Inverness.

The following is a report from the Edinburgh Records dated the 5th November 1679;-
"The same day Baillie Andirsone came to the tollbooth and sighted the corps of Capitiane Lourance Dundass deceased within the tollbooth of Edinburgh the fourth of the said month between four and five o'clock in the afternoon and took instrument in the hands of Alexr Gaye and protested that the good town the good man of the said tollbooth and all others concerned maybe free as to his incarceration before these witnesses, Robert Blair some time Baillie in Cullrose, William Page Baxter in Coupper - Bennett of Chesters, Robert Stirk sometime merchant in Stirling etc"