Thomas Laurence Dundas


Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Ellen Greene
born on: October 13th 1788 in Middleton, Cork, Ireland
died on: Monday 10 November 1845 in Isle of Mann
Occupation: Commander Royal Navy.  Estate Factor to the Marquess of Ailsa
  7/2/1825 at Kirkcaldy, Scotland Margaret Christison Johnston
  the following children were born of this union:
1. George Laurence Dundas 15/9/ 1826 
2. James Brown Johnston Dundas 21/5/1831 Maybole Castle, Maybole, Scotland
3. Florence Eliza Dundas  1/2/1828 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland


maybole castle
Castle Maybole. The home of Thomas Laurence Dundas and his wife Margaret whilst he was Estate Factor to the Marquess of Ailsa.
Thomas Laurence Dundas entered the Royal Navy at the age of 15 as 1st Class Volunteer on board the Majestic under Captain Lord Amelius Beauclerk.  Lord Beauclerk was the brother of Lady Caroline who married Hon. Charles Laurence Dundas (see the Zetland pages). In 1806, Thomas Laurence Dundas was promoted to Midshipman and discharged to join the Saturn along with Captain Lord Beauclerk.
Thomas Laurence Dundas obtained his Master's certificate in Feb. 1810.
In 1813 Thomas joined the Bold which was shipwrecked in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Thomas suffered injury.
In 1815, Thomas was invalided from the Royal Navy and did not serve at sea again.
It would appear that Thomas Laurence Dundas was also the father of Thomas Laurence Dundas born circa 1840.

Violet Kent Dundas

Daughter of: Thomas Laurence Dundas
and: Elizabeth Stewart Currie
born on: 19/6/1887 in Adelaide, Australia
died on: 23rd November 1984 in Adelaide
  x 1909 in Sydney, Australia Leonard William Thomas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Elean Elizabeth Thomas 1909
2. Laurence Leonard Thomas 1911
3. Doreen Violet Thomas January 1913
4. Hazel Stuart Thomas April 1915 
5. Valda Clare Thomas June 1920

Walter Leslie Dundas

Son of: George Albert Dundas
and: Essie Jemima Hutton
born on: 22/3/1876, India
died on: Wednesday 11 March 1959
Occupation: Colonel. D.S.O.1919. Order of the Nile. Croix De Guerre.
  x 1906 Constance Rider(cousin)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Margaret Essie Dundas

Walter Sellars Currie Dundas

Son of: Thomas Laurence Dundas
and: Elizabeth Stewart Currie
born on: Monday 13 March 1893 in West Ham, London
died on: 1894

Rev. William John Dundas

Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Charlotte Maria Slator
born on: Saturday 8 July 1820 in Dublin, Ireland
died on: Monday 12 June 1893, Newtown, Ireland
Occupation: Rector of Moynalty, Meath.  Master St. Patrick's Grammar School. 1853-60
1st: x 1841 Caroline Grace Roe who died 11/1/1872
  the following children were born of this union:
1. William John Dundas Sunday 16 March 1845
2. George Henry Dundas Monday 12 July 1847 
3. Henry Arthur Laurence Dundas Monday 22 July 1850 
4. Laurence Charles Dundas 3/2/1857 
5. Caroline Dundas  29/11/1841
6. Adelaide Maria Dundas 18/6/1869
7. John Dundas, born 1863 and died aged 18 months
2ndly: 27/8/1873 in Dublin Jane Marguerite Barnes (London Standard, 4/9/1873)
William John Dundas was remembered by Doctor Barnado whom he had taught at St. Patrick's" as the most cruel man as well as the most mendacious that I have ever in all my life met. He seemed to take a savage delight in beating his boys". It was to remain on his mind forever and tempered his own personality and his treatment of children. From: The Little Immigrants: The Orphans Who Came To Canada by Kenneth Bagnell.

William John Dundas

Son of: William John Dundas
and: Caroline Roe
born on: Sunday 16 March 1845
died on: Saturday 31 October 1863

William Leslie Nuttall Dundas

Son of: Charles Percval During Dundas
and: Helen Louise Nuttall
born on: Friday 6 June 1913
died: 1996, Berkshire
  September 1952, Maidenhead, Berkshire, Vyvienne Chetwind Morbey

Catherine Laura Dundas Dunbar

Daughter of: Peter Dundas-Dunbar
and: Alyson June Golley
born on: 8/8/1956 in London
Occupation: Teacher
cathy and rick elliott
1st: 1978 in Wallington, Surrey Leonard David Baxter
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Adam Leonard Baxter
    1. Vicki Louise Baxter  
2ndly: 1988 in Folkestone, Kent Christopher George Beadle
  the following children were born of this union:
3. Christina Mary Alyson Beadle
3rdly: 1998 in Hastings, East Sussex Richard Stuart Elliott  
Doing what I love most- watching Crystal Palace Football Club!

Dominic Dundas Dunbar

Son of: Peter Dundas-Dunbar
and: Sandra Peppiatt
born on: 1960

Kenneth Bruce Dundas Dunbar

Son of: Harold Victor Dundas
and: Kathleen Joan Farrington
born on: 16/2/1925 in Yorkshire
died on: October 2004
Occupation: Flight Navigator R.A.F.
  x December 1948 Josephine Crossley
  No issue

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