Sheelah Mary Dundas

Daughter of: Frederick Victor Leopold Dundas
and: Jessie Merkle Crawford
born: 4th April
  Nigel Poston  
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Nicola Susan Poston 
2. Richard Poston

Sidney Dundas

Son of: George Charles Dundas
and: Constance Stevenson
born: 1851
died: 1857 in Nottingham, England

Sidney Beresford Dundas

Son of: Charles Leslie Dundas
and: Fanny Maria Dundas
born: 1885
died: 1886

Sidney Lawrence Dundas

Son of: Laurence George Dundas
and: Jane Anna Maria Grimston
born: 19/7/1863 in Co. Wexford, Ireland
died: 26/6/1907 in U.S.A. Shot by a gunman who had been crossed in love and who went on to shoot several other people. (This was the 2nd time that Dundas had been shot; he survived the 1st shooting, but not the 2nd).
buried: Calvary Cemetery, Tacoma, Washington
  newspaper report
Occupation: Hotelier of "The Dundas", in Tacoma, Washington
1st: x 1899 , Salt Lake City, Mary Jane Gundaker nee Curtis. (Mary committed adultery in 1890 and the marriage came to an abrupt end after an altercation between Sidney Lawrence Dundas and J.W. Wallace, the other party in the case.) Sidney Dundas left Salt Lake City after this and settled in Tacoma, Washington.
  No issue
2ndly: x 19th May 1906 in Pierce, Washington USA, Mary Ellen Hurley
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Sydney Lorenzo James Dundas

Suzanne Elizabeth Dundas

Daughter of: Hugh Alan Charles Dundas
and: Elizabeth Doris Jervelund
born: 5th December
1st: Guy Sanders 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Rebecca Sanders
2. Amy Sanders  
3. Ruth Sanders  
2ndly: Guy Gerold  

Sydney Lorenzo James Dundas

Son of: Sidney Laurence Dundas
and: Mary Hurley
born: 26/2/1907
died: 28/3/1988 in Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Plant Manager. Shipping Clerk
  x 1930 in Los Angeles Eva Louine Thomas  born 21/12/1911 died 17/9/1995 in Oregon
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Eva Marilyn Dundas born 23/9/1932 in Los Angeles
2. Patricia Ann Dundas born 3/1/1934 married Kenneth L Potter
3. Carolyn Marie Dundas born 4/11/1937 married Batholome

Thomas Fynes Clinton Dundas

Son of: Laurence George Dundas
and: Jane Anna Maria Grimston
born: 24th February 1859 in West Meath, Ireland
died: 2/8/1910.
Occupation: Commander Royal Navy

Thomas Fynes Clinton Dundas was born on 24 February 1859, and joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet aboard the Training Ship Britannia on 15 January 1872. He was promoted to Midshipman on 19 March 1874 and joined Topaze (June 1875) and Agincourt (July 1877). He was promoted to Acting Sub Lieutenant 19 September 1878 and confirmed in the rank with seniority 19 December 1878. Appointed ‘For Course’ to the Royal Naval college Greenwich in February 1880, and subsequently served aboard Carysfort (September 1880), Zephyr (October 1880), Cleopatra (August 1882) as Acting Lieutenant for Navigational Duties, and Champion (November 1882) as Acting Lieutenant for Navigational Duties. On promotion to Lieutenant on 29 June 1883 he served aboard Audacious (June 1883), Zephyr (August 1883), Champion(December 1883), Duke of Wellington(April 1884), Sultan (June 1884) and Condor (October 1884).

Whilst aboard Condor, he was landed for duty at Suakin 1884-85 during the naval and military operations in the Eastern Sudan. He served as Harbour Master at Suakin during the embarkation of the Indian Brigade and received Their Lordship’s approbation for the zeal and intelligence he displayed on supplying valuable information for the correction of the charts and sailing directions for the Red Sea. Captain Domvile praised his services as Harbour Master stating that he had brought several large steamers into harbour with safety. He next served aboard Jackal (November 1887) and Turquoise (June 1889). In the latter ship he served in the Naval Brigade landed under the Command of Vice Admiral Sir E. R. Fremantle, Commander-in-Chief East Indies Station, for the punitive Expedition against the Sultan of Witu in October 1890. He was mentioned in the Admiral's Despatch of 1 November 1890, published in the London Gazette of 6 January 1891: ‘The services of Lieutenant T. F. C. Dundas on the beach are specially deserving of mention’. Their Lordship's expressed their satisfaction in connection with the services he rendered to the French Gunboat Bomet, stranded at Zanzibar on 20 March 1890. He also received the thanks of the French Government for this service, on 6 January 1891.

He was next appointed to Asia (July 1891), and Amphion (December 1891) but was invalided from this ship in October 1893 suffering from liver disease and a weak heart, being admitted to Haslar Hospital for survey and found unfit for duty. He returned to duty aboard Victory (April 1894), and St. George (July 1894) but was invalided from that ship on 30 July 1895. He was found fit to resume service duties in January 1896 and was appointed to Bellerophon for Navigation Duties. He next joined Galatea (October 1896) but was Court Martialled on 26 February 1897 for negligently, or by default, hazarding the Galatea and was adjudged guilty and severely reprimanded. He served next aboard Ajax (March 1897), Iris (June 1897), and Collingwood (March 1898) ‘For duties with Gallway Division of the Coast Guard’. He finally joined Camperdown in October 1900, and retired at his own request on 9 March 1903 with the rank of Commander.

Rev. Thomas Henry Dundas

Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Charlotte Maria Slator
born: 1815 in Kings County, Ireland
died: Friday 18 April 1890 in Cannes, France
Occupation: Vicar at Wharton, Lanc
1st: x Thursday 17 April 1845 Dinah Fances Cummings
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Mary Ada Dundas  born 12/3/1847
2 Fanny Maria Dundas born Tuesday 21 September 1848
2ndly: x 1884 Agnes Beresford No issue

Thomas Laurence Dundas

Son of: James Brown Johnston Dundas
and: Mary Susanna Hardy
born: Friday 14 May 1858 in Kingston Canada
died: Saturday 3 January 1942 in Adelaide, Australia
Occupation: Marine Engineer
Thomas Laurence and his wife, Elizabeth, left Scotland for Australia on the 6th June 1880 aboard the Potosi. Also on the shipping list was Elizabeth's mother; Ann and Elizabeth who was Elizabeth's Aunt. 
Thomas and Elizabeth settled in Port Adelaide, where their first four children were born. The family then returned to Leith in Scotland, where Clara Eliza Hardy Dundas was born in 1890. Thereafter, the family moved to London, where Walter and Godfrey were born. In 1898, the family returned to Scotland and the eldest son, James Brown Johnston Dundas worked as a grocer in Glasgow.
Finally, in 1900, the family sailed back to Australia aboard the Ormuz.
  x Tuesday 27 April 1880 in Glasgow, Scotland Elizabeth Stewart Currie
  The following children were born of this union:
1. James Brown Johnston Dundas born Friday 27 May 1881 in Port Adelaide, Australia
2. Annie Jane Bell Dundas born Sunday 29 October 1882 in Port Adelaide, Australia 
3. Adelaide Mary Dundas born Monday 7 April 1884 in Port Adelaide, Australia 
4. Violet Kent Dundas born 1887 in Adelaide, Australia 
5. Clara Eliza Hardy Dundas born Saturday 26 April 1890 in Leith, Scotland 
6. Walter Sellars Currie Dundas born Monday 13 March 1893 in West Ham, London
7. Godfrey Currie Dundas born Wednesday 5 May 1897 


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