Henry Dundas
1st Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
Son of: Robert Dundas
and: Anne Gordon
born: 28/4/1742
occupation: Solicitor General for Scotland in 1766.  In 1774 he was returned to the Parliament of Great Britain for Midlothian. Lord Advocate in 1775. Entered the cabinet in 1791 as secretary of state for the Home Department. From 1794 to 1801 he was War Secretary under Pitt. In 1804 he was First Lord of the Admiralty. Elevated to the Peerage 24/12/1802. In 1806 he was impeached and charged with corruption. He relinquished all public offices, but on his acquittal he was reinstated to the Privy Council.
died: 29/5/1811. Buried Lasswade Parish church. Hereford Journal, 5/6/1811 - "We are sorry to announce the death of the Right Hon. Henry Lord Viscount Melville, at Edinburgh, on the 29th ult. His Lordship came to that city the preceeding evening from Melville Castle, in perfect health, to attend the funeral of the Lord President of the Court of Session, and was found dead in his bed next morning. He is succeeded in his titles and estate by his only son the Right Hon. Robert Saunders Dundas, which will create a vacancy in the representation of Edinburghshire".
1st Viscount
Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville
1st: x 16/8/1765 Elizabeth Rennie daughter of David Rennie of MelvilleThe estate of Melville from which Henry Dundas took his title had been inherited through marriage and he set himself to rebuild its castle, employing the famous New Town architect, William Playfair, to produce the designs. Elizabeth Rennie committed adultery with a Captain Faukener and died in 1847 aged 97 having not seen her children since her divorce from Henry Dundas in 1778
Elizabeth Rennie
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Robert Dundas
2. Elizabeth Dundas married 1787 Robert Dundas, 5th Lord Arniston
3. Anne Dundas married 1st Henry Drummond and had issue: Henry Drummond born 1786. She married 2ndly 1798 in Wimbledon James Strange M.P for East Grinstead. (The Monthly magazine. v.6 1798 Jul-Dec). Died 21/1/1852
4. Montagu Dundas married 1799 George Abercromby and died 1837 leaving issue: George Ralph Abercomby, Montague Abercromby and Mary Anne Abercromby.
2ndly: x 2/4/1793 Lady Jane Hope daughter of John 2nd Earl of Hopetoun - no issue. She married again after Henry Dundas' death, Thomas Wallace, 1st Baron Wallace and died 1829.
lady melville
Lady Jane Hope
Henry Dundas owned Cannizaro House in Wimbledon, Surrey between 1785 and 1806 and the house became one of the leading social centres within easy reach of central London. George III would stay there when reviewing his troops on the Common and the Prime Minister regarded it as his second home.
  cannizaro house melville castle
  Cannizaro House Melville Castle


Edinburgh Weekly Journal , 27/10/1802. RT. Hon Henry Dundas. "While England is taking the most public and spirited measures to commemorate the services of Mr Pitt, the inhabitants of Scotland can not forget, that there is another public character, to whom the Empire at large is left indebted and who has done more for his native country, than any Scotsman who has preceded him. It is therefore proposed that a statue shall be erected in the city of Edinburgh, as a memorial of the gratitude of Scotland to Mr Dundas".

melville monument

Robert Saunders Dundas

2nd Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
Son of: Henry Dundas
and: Elizabeth Rennie
born: 14/3/1771
occupation: MP for Hastings in 1794, then Rye in 1796. MP for Midlothian  in 1801. Keeper of the Signet for Scotland.  President of the Board of Control for India in 1807. In 1809  he served as chief secretary for Ireland. First Lord of the Admiralty 1812. Chancellor of the University of St Andrews in 1814. Governor of the Bank of Scotland. First Sea Lord at the Admiralty 1828.
died: 10/6/1851
  In 1824 he sold the estate of Dunira in Perthshire to Robert Dundas of Beechwood
  He added the name of Saunders on his marriage to Anne.
  His name is perpetuated by that of Melville Sound and Melville Island, Canada because of his interest in Arctic exploration. Melville Island in the Northern Territory of Australia was also named for him, by explorer Philip Parker King.

Elgin Courier, 20/6/1851 - "Death of Viscount Melville. We have to announce the death of this highly respected nobleman, which occurred on Tuesday evening week at his seat, Melville Castle, near Lasswade. His Lordship had for the last few days been labouring under attack of bronchitis, which had increased in severity until his aged frame sunk under it, for his Lordship was in his eightieth year, having been born in 1771- The deceased nobleman was the eldest son of the first and well-known Lord Melville, the " Hal Dundas," and right hand man of Pitt. This family was a branch of that of Dundas of Arniston but, through the political fame the first Lord Melville, it came to surpass in importance the parent stem. As the heir Lord Melville, the last Lord was early initiated in political life. In 1809 he, then the Right Honourable Robert Dundas, was President of the Board Trade under the Perceval Administration. He succeeded his father 1811, and in 1812, when Lord Liverpool assumed the reins, he became First Lord of the Admiralty, which office he held during that long administration, which ceased in April, 1827, by the death of the Premier. Mr Canning having been called to power, Lord Melville retired with the majority of his former colleagues, which caused some surprise at the time, as he was favourable to the claims of the Roman Catholics, which was understood to constitute the bond of the new administration. The Canning administration had a brief career, and that of Lord Goderich, the present Earl Ripon, which attempted to carry on affairs after the death of Canning was still more brief. On the Duke of Wellington becoming Prime Minister, early in 1828 Lord Melville resumed his former office, the First Lord of the Admiralty, and continued till the breaking up of the Tory administration, and the advent of the Reform Ministry of Earl Grey in November, 1830. His Lordship then ended his official career, but for several years afterwards attended occasionally in the House of Lords. As he chiefly resided at the family seat in the county, he took an active part to the last in county business, and gave valuable aid in the management of the Road Trust, the administration of the General Prison Board, of which he was member, and, indeed, in everything falling within his local sphere as magistrate and county gentleman. Lord Melville was educated at Cambridge University, and married in 1796 a daughter of Richard Huck Saunders, Esq., M.D., and grand-niece of Admiral Sir Charles Saunders, K.B., who died in 1841. The issue of this marriage was four sons and two daughters, who survive, viz., the Hon. Sir Henry Dundas, K.C.B.,now Viscount Melville, Lieutenant-Colonel of the 60th rifles, and who distinguished himself in the late Sikh campaigns; Hon. Richard Saunders Dundas, Captain, R.N.: Hon. Robert Dundas, Store-keeper-General of the Navy; the Hon. and Rev. Charles Dundas, rector of Epworth, Lincolnshire; with two daughters, the Hon. Jane and Anne Dundas. His Lordship held numerous offices. In 1807 he became Privy Councillor; in 1826 he was appointed Chancellor of the University of St Andrews. His Lordship was also General of the Royal Archers, the Queen's Body Guard; Governor of the Bank of Scotland; and Fellow of the Royal Society. He was Deputy-Lieutenant of the counties Edinburgh and Linlithgow, one of the Commissioners of the Board of Trustees for Manufactures in Scotland, one the Commissioners for the Custody of the Regalia Scotland, and Elder Brother of "the Trinity House. The death of Lord Melville places a green riband at the disposal of the Minister—his Lordship, who was one of the four extra knights nominated in 1821, having been enrolled as an ordinary knight of the Thistle on the enlargement of the order in 1827. His demise creates a vacancy also in the offices of Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland (an office which, having been held by his Lordship since 1811, now expires, we believe, with its salary of £2775 a year. An annuity of £1000 a-year due Lord Melville as late Keeper the Signets, also falls to the ground".

robert saunders dundas
Robert Saunders Dundas, 2nd Viscount Dundas
  x 29/8/1796 Anne Saunders daughter and co heir of Richard Saunders. Died 10/9/1841 (Belfast Newsletter, 17/9/1841)
anne saunders
Anne Saunders
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Henry Dundas 3rd Viscount
2. Richard Saunders Dundas Sir, K.C.B. Born 11/4/1802. Vice Admiral Royal Navy. A Lord of the Admiralty. Died 3/6/1861
richard saunders dundas
Richard Saunders Dundas
  Northampton Mercury, 8/6/1861 - "Death of Vice-Admiral The Hon. Sir Richard Saunders Dundas, K.C.B. We sincerely regret to have to announce the sudden death of the senior Naval Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty. The melancholy occurrence took place on Monday, shortly after noon, at his residence in New-street, Spring-gardens, under painfully sudden circumstances. The respected and gallant officer attended Divine service on Sunday as usual, at St. Matthew's Chapel, apparently in the possession of excellent health, and on Monday morning descended to breakfast at his customary hour. After partaking frugally of that meal he complained of illness, and left the room for his bed-chamber, to lie down ; but, still finding no relief, medical aid was called in. Dr. Freeman was sent for, but had only been a short time in attendance when the gallant Admiral expired. We understand the cause of death was disease of the heart".
  Birmingham Gazette, 8/6/1861 - "Vice-Admiral the Hon. Sir Richard Saunders Dundas, K.C.B., senior Naval Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, died suddenly on Monday, in London, from disease of the heart. He was born 1802, entered the Royal Naval College at the age of 13, and in June 1817, first went afloat as a volunteer, on board the Ganymede. After serving in various ships he took part in the China war in 1841, at the end of which year he returned to England. He held important offices under several Governments, and in 1855 left the Board of Admiralty to command the Baltic fleet, in the room of Admiral Napier. In 1857 he resumed his seat  at the Board, and retained it until his death. In 1841 he was created Companion of the Order of the Bath for his services in China, and in 1856 was nominated a Knight Commander of  that order of knighthood, after the close of the Russian war. He had received, among other titles, the degree of D.C.L. from Oxford University".
3. Robert Dundas 4th Viscount
4. Rev Charles Dundas born 11/9/1806. Rector of Epworth, Lincolnshire married Louisa Maria Boothby (born 19/1/1806, died 6/9/1895). Charles Dundas died 24/2/1883 leaving issue:
  louisa maria boothby
  Louisa Maria Boothby
  a. Henry Dundas 5th Viscount
  b. Charles Saunders Dundas 6th Viscount
  c. William Walter Dundas. Twin with Alice Caroline born 20/5/1847 and died unmarried 3/2/1910. Lieutenant 5th Dragoon Guards
  d. Alice Caroline born 20/5/1847. Twin with William Walter. Married 1870 Captain Joshua Gladwyn Jebb and died 19/4/1924
  e. Edith Anne Dundas married 1863 Lieut-Colonel John Reeve and died 12/8/1902
  f. Fanny Emma Dundas married 1864 Lieut-Colonel Ellis Reeve and died 8/7/1892
  g. Gertrude Susan Dundas born 1838 died unmarried 6/11/1902
  h. Louisa Montagu Dundas died unmarried 2/6/1904
  i. Laura Mary Dundas died 11/5/1919
  j. Blanche Cecil Jane Dundas died unmaried 1928
5. Jane Dundas born 11/4/1805 died 13/11/1862
6. Anne Dundas born 5/1/1808 died unmarried 13/4/1851

Henry Dundas
3rd Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
Son of: Robert Saunders Dundas
and: Anne Saunders
born: 25/2/1801
occupation: General in the army, Governor of Edinburgh Castle, MP for Rochester 1826-30 and Winchelsea 1830-1.
died: 1/2/1876. Unmarried. Succeeded by his brother Robert Dundas
Chester Chronicle, 29/7/1842 - "The Hon. Colonel Henry Dundas, a son of Lord Melville, has been removed from the command of his regiment, and dismissed from his appointment of Aide de-Camp to the Queen, for having used gross and disloyal expressions respecting her Majesty, at the Caledonion Hunt dinner at the Clarendon Hotel. This a just but tardy punishment and most unwillingly has it been extorted from the Tories. We hope it will do them good, and check, or at least silence, that tone contemptuous disloyalty in which for the last four years they have so largely indulged".
Henry Dundas was dismissed and placed on half-pay after having unguardedly spoken disrespectfully about her Majesty. He exchanged into the 60th Rifles in 1844, 2 years after his disgrace and served in India, where he led the Bombay column of the army during the second Sikh war, 1848-9. He was present at the siege of Multan, and after his division’s leading part in the siege of Gujerat he was mentioned in despatches and received a knighthood for his ‘indefatigable zeal and exertions’. He left India in 1850 and the following year succeeded to his father’s title and estates. He was promoted to major-general and commander-in-chief in Scotland in 1854. After brief spells with two other regiments he returned to the 60th Rifles as its commanding officer in 1863.
3rd viscount3rd viscount
Henry Dundas, 3rd Viscount Melville

Robert Dundas
4th Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
  Son of: Robert Saunders Dundas
and: Anne Saunders
born: 14/9/1803
  occupation: Storekeeper General of the Navy.
  died: 18/2/1886 without issue. Succeeded by his nephew Henry Dundas
Edinburgh Evening News,19/2/1886 - "Death of Viscount Melville. The death is announced of Viscount Melville which occurred at Southwood House, Ramsgate, at an early hour yesterday morning. He went to Ramsgate a fortnight ago and only kept his bed two days his illness having arisen from a cold. The late Viscount was in his 83d year and he succeeded his brother Henry, third Viscount, in February1876. Being a bachelor, he is succeeded in the Viscountcy by his nephew Henry Dundas born in 1835"

Henry Dundas
5th Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
5th viscount melville
Henry Dundas, 5th Viscount Melville
Son of: Rev Charles Dundas
and: Louisa Maria Boothby
born: 8/3/1835
died: 3/11/1904. As he did not leave a male heir he was succeeded by his brother Charles Saunders Dundas
  x 18/6/1891 Violet Marie Louise Cochrane daughter of 1st. Lord Lamington
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Maisie Violet Annabella Dundas born 3/5/1892 married 1915 Hugo Huston
2. Montagu Lilias Nina Dundas born 9/9/1893

Manchester Courier, 5/11/1904 - "Henry Dundas, fifth Viscount Melville, passed away at five o'clock on Thursday at his Northamptonshire residence Cotterstock Hall, near Oundle, from pneumonia. The viscount presided over a Conservative meeting only ten days ago and was out a week ago. He was in his seventieth year, having been born March 8, 1835. He married in 1891 the Hon. Violet Marie Louise Cochrane-Baillie, who survives him with two daughters".

cotterstock hall
Cotterstock Hall

Charles Saunders Dundas

6th Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
Son of: Rev Charles Dundas
and: Louisa Maria Boothby
born: 26/6/1843 Derbyshire
died: 1926
occupation: British Consul at Tenerife 1877/82, at Stettin 1882, and at Santos, Brazil
1st: x 20/8/1872  Grace Selina Scully daughter of William Scully of Rio de Janeiro, died 16/1/1890 at Berwick
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Henry Charles Clement Dundas
2. Selina Louisa Grace Dundas born 23/10/1874 married 1899 in Northamptonshire Richard Harington, 12th Baron Harington and had issue:
  a. Richard Dundas Harrington, 13th Baron Harrington, born 1901 and died unmarried in 1981
    selina dundas and richard her son
    Selina Louisa Grace Harington nee Dundas and her son Richard Dundas Harington
  b. John Charles Dundas Harington, born 1903 and died 1980. His son, Nicholas John Harington became 14th Baron Harington on the death of his uncle Richard Dundas Harington
3. Muriel Penelope Dundas born January 1876 died 16/7/1876 of yellow fever. (Lincolnshire Chronicle 23/6/1876)
4. Hilda Guilhermine Dundas born 19/5/1877 married 1903 William Ingham Whitaker
  hilda g dundas
  Hilda Guilhermine Dundas
5. Cospatrick Philip Brooke Dundas born 30/3/1879 died 1954 in Canada. Married 1913 Elizabeth McKenzie and had issue:
  a. Kenelm Crispin Vivian Douglas Dundas born 16/9/1916 in Canada. Squadron Leader R.A.F. Awarded the D.F.C. 1941. Missing believed killed 10/2/1942 whilst flying over Sumatra
  Kennelm Crispian Vivian Douglas Dundas
  b. Daphne Dundas born 1923, married W. R. Hodgins
6. Richard Serle Dundas born 14/11/1880 and married 1st Lydia Catherine Mackenzie (died 1922), 2ndly 1926, Mathilde Mary Saxon and died 1968 in Victoria, British Columbia leaving issue:
  a. Constance Blanche Dundas born 1908, married Robert Norfolk and died 1980 in British Columbia, Canada
  b. Hugh McKenzie Dundas born 1910 married 1939 in Winnipeg Catherine Sanderson nee Wallace and had issue. Winnipeg Free Press 10/10/1939; "DUNDAS—WALLACE THE marriage of Catherine Sanderson, youngest daughter of the late John Wallace of Edinburgh. Scotland and Mrs. M. C. Wallace. 43 Mandslay Court, Port Arthur, Ont. to Hugh McKenzie Dundas, eldest son of Hon. R. S. Dundas and Mrs. Dundas, University drive, Saskatoon, grandson of the sixth Viscount Melville of Melville castle. Lasswade, Midlothian. Scotland, was solemnized at St. Stephen's Broadway, Winnipeg, Friday. Sept. 29 at 5 p.m.. by Rev. Harold Frame. Mr. and Mrs. Dundas will reside in Port Arthur".
    i. Robert Hugh Sanderson Dundas born 1943 married 1980 Nancy Sullivan
    ii. Catherine Marion Dundas born 1948
  c. Richard Serle Dundas born 1911 married 1942 Marianne Semple and died 25/9/1994 leaving issue:
    i. Diane Mary Dundas born 1946
    ii. Richard Serle Dundas born 1948 married 1970, Denise Paulett Dechant and has issue:
      . Richard Serle Dundas born 1971
      .. Kelsi Shannon Dundas born 1974
    iii. James Dundas born 1951
    iv. Carolyn Patricia Dundas born 1954
  d. Kenneth Brooke Dundas born 1913 married 1942 Dorothy Walters and died 1998 leaving issue:
    i. David Kenneth Glen Dundas born 1943 and died 1950
    ii. Anne Dorothy Dundas born 1945
    iii Anthony John Dundas born 1946 married 1972 Carol Anne
    iv. Peter Melville Dundas born 1948 married 1973 Mary Anne Thorne and has issue:
      . Jennifer Mary Dundas born 1975
      .. Zachary David Dundas born 1979
    v. Christopher Charles Dundas born 1950 married 1976 Marie and has issue: Sarah Daisy born 1977 and Carla born 1982
    vi. Susan Dundas born 1952
  e. Gerald Alexander Dundas born 1916 married 1939 Alice Marjorie Lister and died 1966 leaving issue:
    i. Richard Melville Dundas born 1940 married Dorothy and has issue; Karen Anne born 1965 and Katherine born 1969
    ii. Pamela Marion Dundas born 1942
    iii. Gerald James Dundas born 1959 married 1983 Colleen and has issue:
      . Sydney Dundas born 1986
      .. Toni Alexandra Dundas born 1987
      ... Bret Dundas born 1989
  f. Marion Grace Edith Dundas born 1918
  g. Robert Montague Dundas born 1920 married 1953 Shirley Janet Finch and has issue:
    i. James Urwin Dundas born 1954
    ii. Janet Dundas born 1956
    iii. Hugh Montague Dundas born 1959 died 1993
    iv. Patricia Hope Dundas born 1965
  h. Judith Oenone Dundas born 1927
  i. Iris Alan Alayne Dundas born 1928, married Ronald I Shepherd
7. Kenneth Robert Dundas born 10/5/1882 in Tenerife, twin with Kenelm James (see 7 below). District Commissioner of the East African Protectorate. Lieutenant RNVR. Died in action 7/8/1915. Married Anne Claudia Whalley Foot

Hansard 05 May 1914 vol 62 cc120-1: Sir William Byles asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether his attention has been drawn to the allegations of Mr. Drought before the Labour Commission of the East African Protectorate that the District Commissioner, the Hon. K. Dundas, tortured a native by burning his tongue with a hot knife; and what action was taken when this incident was reported to the administrative authorities? Mr. Harcourt: "The matter was reported to me by the Acting-Governor at the time, and it is clear to me that the original charge was maliciously brought and was without foundation in fact. What happened was this: A native chief was investigating a case of cattle theft in the presence of the District Commissioner, Mr. Dundas. The chief called on the accused of his people to go through the native form of ordeal by fire by licking a hot knife. Mr. Dundas did not prohibit this procedure, but took care that the knife was not sufficiently heated to burn the tongue of the accused. The Acting-Governor was of opinion that Mr. Dundas had committed an error of judgment in admitting this method of trial, and severely censured him. In my opinion the action taken was sufficient"


Memorial at St. Andrews Church, Cotterstock, Northamptonshire: "To the gloty of God/ and in loving memory of Kenneth R Dundas Lieut R N V R /Anson Batt RND district/ Commissioner British East Africa/ Son of Charles Viscount Melville/ who gave his life for his King and country and fell at Sulva Bay/ Gallipoli on Aug 7th 1915 aged 33/ Eternal rest grant unto him o Lord/ this tablet is placed here in remembrance of all Kenneth's love snd glorious fearlessness by his devoted wife Claudia/ 1919".
Plaque at St Mary the Virgin Church, South Baddesley, Hampshire: "Lieut The Hon Kenneth R Dundas R.N.V.R Anson Batt. Royal Naval Division/District Commissioner British E. Africa/4th son of the 6th Viscount Melville/He gave up everything for King and country and in the performance of his duty died most bravely and unselfishly fighting in Gallipoli/the 7th August 1915 aged 33 years/He lies buried there on Lala Baba/This tablet is placed by his affectionate sister Hilda G Whitaker".

  kenneth robert dundas
  Kenneth Robert Dundas
  a. Claud Kenneth Melville Dundas born 1911 married Janet Donaldson and died 1993 in Cheshire. Had issue:
    i.  Kenneth Ninian Melville Dundas born 1943 married Susan Marion Hunter and has issue:
      . Alistair Robert Melville Dundas born 1975 and died 1995
      .. Samantha Gillian Dundas born 1972
      ... Phillipa Marjorie Dundas born 1978
8. Kenelm James Dundas born 10/5/1882 twin with Kenneth Robert (see 6 above). Died 1883 in Germany
9. Charles Cecil Farquharson Dundas born 6/6/1884 in Germany and died 10/2/1956. Governor of the Bahamas, 1934 - 1940. Married 1920, Anne Louise Hay youngest daughter of late Rev. S. Cox Hay, New York.
  charles cecil
  Charles Cecil Farquharson Dundas
2ndly: x 9/2/1891 in Liverpool Mary Hamilton daughter of Dr. George Hamilton died in 1919
3rdly: x 1920 Margaret Todd who died 1961

Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg, 30/10/1920 To Wed Shop Assistant "Romantic-Engagement of Viscount Melville Is Announced Edinburgh, Oct. 29; The romantic engagement of a Scottish peer, to an Edinburgh shop assistant has been announced and it is understood that the marriage is shortly to take place. Both parties are very reticent, and decline to discuss the matter, but the fact is admitted by the bride-elect. The peer is Viscount Melville, of Melville Castle, Lasswade, and Cotterstock Hall, Northamptonshire, and his future bride is Miss Margaret Todd, of Thlrlestane road, Edinburgh, who, until a fortnight ago, was an assistant in the business of Messrs. Edwin Pass and-Son, perfumers and hairdressers, Princes street, Edinburgh. Lord Melville was a patron of Messrs. Pass, and the attachment between him and Miss Todd was doubtless the result of their occasional meetings there. Miss Todd is a tall, pre-possessing woman, of about 40,-and though Lord Melville is considerably her senior, he is very active and energetic. Lord Melville, who is 77 years of age, succeeded his' brother in the peerage in 1904. He was for 37 years in the Consular service, from which he retired in 1906! He has already been twice married. His first wife, a daughter of William Scully, of Rio de Janeiro, died in 1890. His second wife, whom he married in 1891, was a daughter of Dr. George Hamilton, of Falkirk. She died in 1919. The Viscount has four sons and two daughters. Another son, the Hon. Kenneth Robert Dundas, R.N.V.R., was killed in action at the Dardanelles in 1915. Lord Melville has taken little part in public affairs, preferring to live a quiet country life- He has in recent years not kept up a big establishment in his old residence at Melville Castle".

Reno Evening Gazette, 15/10/1920: "Barbers shop girl to wear Coronet of aged Scotch Noble. Announcement is made that Charles Saunders Dundas, sixth Viscount Melville, soon will marry Miss Margaret Todd an assistant In a barber shop in Edinburgh, says the Times. This will be the third marriage of the viscount, who is seventy-seven years of age. A son, Henry Charles Clement Dundas, is heir to the title and is himself forty-seven years of age".

Margaret Dundas nee Todd, Viscountess Melville

Henry Charles Clement Dundas
7th Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
Son of: Charles Saunders Dundas
and: Grace Scully
born: 1873 Brazil
died 1935
  x 1899 in Paddington Agnes Mary Florence Brouncker daughter of Henry Brouncker of Dorset
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Isobel Mia Douglas Hamilton Dundas born 1900 died 1945
  Henry Charles Patrick Brouncker Dundas
2. Robert Maldred St.John Melville Dundas born 1912 married 5/3/1936 Margaret Connell Ross. Died in action 5/6/1940 and had issue:
  a. Robert David Ross Dundas
3. Diana Pearl Dundas married 15/4/1929 Morogh Wyndham Percy Bernard

Henry Charles Patric Brouncker Dundas
8th Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
  Son of: Henry Charles Clement Dundas
and: Agnes Mary Florence Brouncker
born: 1909
  died: 1971

Robert David Ross Dundas
9th Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
Son of: Robert Maldred St.John Melville Dundas
and: Margaret Connell Ross
born: 28/5/1937
occupation: Served in Scots Gds (Nat Service), Reserve Capt Scots Gds, Lt Ayrshire Yeo (TA); councillor and dist councillor Midlothian; president Lasswade Civic Soc, trustee Poltonhall Community Association
died: 21st July 2011 in Wiltshire
  x 23/7/1982 Fiona Margaret Stilgoe
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Robert Henry Kirkpatrick Dundas
2. James David Brouncker Dundas born 19/1/1986

Robert Henry Kirkpatrick Dundas
10th Viscount Melville and Baron Duneira
Son of: Robert David Ross Dundas
and: Fiona Margaret Stilgoe
born: 23/4/1984
robert henry
Robert Henry Kirkpatrick Dundas, 10th Viscount Melville
  x Lucinda Lowe
  the following children were born of this union:
  a. Max David Henry Dundas born 2018