Early Dundases who don't have a home yet!
The earliest mention of Dundas' in Okney appear in the early 1500's. I believe that they descend from Alexander Dundas, son of Alexander Dundas and Elizabeth Bruce
Alexander Dundas in 1504 In a document dated Sept 30 1504, Gift of halfpenny lands from Edane Paplay to her daughter Marion Irving (husband John Lymare). Alexander Dundas is listed as a witness to the document. (Orkney).
Archibald Dundas in 1552. In a document dated January 31, 1552, Disposition, Helen Leask, with consent of her daughter, Jyne Flattay, to Ninian Mason, of a merkland in Westerbister in Holm. Archibald Dundas is listed as a witness to the document. (Orkney). (Probably the son of Alexander Dundas shown above)
Alexander Dundas in 1593. Alexander Dundas the elder and the younger are shown as soldiers and were each owed £30 by Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney at the time of his death in 1593.(Edinburgh Testaments SRO CC.8/8/30 1567-1700).
Achibald Dundas in 1617, 1635 and 1644. Archibald Dundas of Airsdale in Costa is listed as a Suitor of Court 1617. (Orkney). In Inquisitionum ad capellam regis retornatarum ... Abbreviatio, Vol. 2 Archibaldus Dundas of Arisdaill is shown as heir to his father Alexander Dundas, 22/10/1644 and also to his grandfather, Alexander Dundas.
  Instrument of sasine in favour of George Bellenden of Midhous of a two merk udal land in Howa in Utter Costa and others in the parish of Evie, on precept of sasine in disposition by John Bankis, cordiner, indweller in Kirkwall, with consent of Jonet Robertson, his wife, and Archibald Dundas of Arrisdaill, dated 27 March 1635. Registered in the particular register of sasines for Orkney 21 April 1635. (Probably a son of the younger Alexander Dundas shown above)
Marion Dundas in 1653. Orkney testaments: Marion Dundas relict of John Ingsay in Coasta in Evie 25th March 1653
John Dundas in 1663. Orkney testaments: John Dundas in the Isle of South Ronaldhay 15th March 1663
William Dundas in 1664 and 1681. Orkney testaments: William Dundas in Gossigair husband of Janet Davidsone 24th September 1681. (This marriage under the International Genealogical Index is shown as having taken place on the 21/4/1664 at South Ronaldshay, Orkney.)
Katherine Dundass in 1668. International Genealogical Index: Katherine Dundass married Walter Rosye 17/1/1668 at South Ronaldshay, Orkney. (See entry below)
George Dundas in 1669. National Archives of Scotland.RH9/15/152. Papers relating to trials for murder and theft, Walter Rysie in Gossager in South Ronaldshay, for murder of George Dundas in Gossager 1669

Isabel Dundas in 1559. Caithness Family History, The Murrays of Pennyland: "The first " Murray of Pennyland " was William Ronaldson or Murray, who in 1549 got a charter from the Bishop of Caithness of tenements in Thurso, and who got in 1559 a charter of Pennyland to himself and his wife, Isabel Dundas.
John Dundas in 1563 and 1573. National Archives of Scotland, GD96/96 . 28/8/1563 "Retour made on an inquest held in the tolbooth of the burgh of Invernys (Inverness) before Jasper Waus of Lochislyn and John Ros (Ross), provost of Invernys, sheriffs depute of Invernys, by John Keth (Keith) of Murkil, Gilbert Mowat of Toftis, Alexander Mowat of Rattar, Donald Grote of Scrabister, Alexander Cogill (Coghill) of that ilk, John Dundas in Stangirgill, Thomas Fleming, burgess of Invernys, Andrew Suderland (Sutherland), burgess there, Nicholas Kar, burgess there, Alexander Paterson, burgess there, John McGillew, burgess there, James Paterson, burgess there, Henry Kar, elder, burgess there, Thomas Cuthbert and John Grant, burgesses of the said burgh, who found George Sinclar (Sinclair), earl of Caithness, to be heir to his mother, the deceased Elizabeth Suderland, countess of Caithness, (who died in April 1563), in the lands of Canasbie, Werris, Sceter, Murkill, Donet and Stroma, which are worth £93:15: 5 and were worth tempore pacis £23: 8:10 1/4, and which are held in capite of the crown for service of ward and relief". N.B. Stangerill is in Caithness
  National Archives of Scotland, GD96/134. 25/9/1573 "Precept by Walter Keir, sheriff in that part, relating GD96/131, and charging William Bane (Bain), his officer, to summon David Bruce of Stanstell, Hucheon Nicolsone of Hollandmaik, Nicolas Buge of Tofttingall, Alexander Sutherland, tenant of Banneskirk, Walter Rannaldsone of Pennyland, John McKewin (McEwen) of Gallowhill, William Innes of Brymmis, John Waltersone of Thurdeistoft, James McBeythsone of Halcro, Adam Davidsone (Davidson) in Thurso, Andrew Man (Mann) in Eishald, John Keyth (Keith) in Stangergill, John Mowet (Mowat), apparent of Sunye, William Sutherland, younger, in Over Bulbuster, Charles Caldell (Caldwell) in Lynakir, Henry Roresone in Clack, William Donaldsone (Donaldson) in Gallisfeild [or Gelschefeild], Andrew Dorane in Olrik, John Dundas in Stangergill, John Hucheon Kenyochsone [in Lyth], [Walter Murray of Spanyedale], Thomas Poilsone of Creich, John Gray of Fordaw, Alexander Sutherland of Clyne and [Hucheon] Murray of Abirscroce, to compear at a sheriff court to be held on 24 October folllowing for apprising of the lands of the Earl of Caithness. Endorsed are executions dated 29 September and 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 October, before Andrew Reath, Thomas Jaksoun (Jackson), Alexander Tailyeoure (Taylor), Alexander McOildow, Alexander Oliphant, Alexander Mullekin (Mulligan) and William Bane (Bain), servitors of the Earl of Cathines".
George Dundas in 1658. International Genealogical Index: "George Dundas married Isobel Water 26th August 1658 at Canisbay, Caithness".
James Dundas in 1657. Scottish Record Society, vol 36: "James Dundas married Elizabeth Smairt, Wick 1657." (Under the International Genealogical Index, this marriage is given as taking place on the 6th Sept 1657 at Canisbay, Caithness).
James Dundas in 1659. History of the church in Caithness: "James Dundas, an elder at Mey, 1659".
Margaret Dundas in 1659 Parish records of Canisbay, 1652-1666. Margaret Dundas daughter to James Dundas (see above entry )christened Oct 1659 at Canisbay, Caithness.
Gilbert Dundas in 1628 and 1664. International Genealogical Index: Gilbert Dundas christened 15th March 1664 at Canisbay, Caithness, son of James Dundas.
  The Register of Privy Council of Scotland 1627-1628, 2nd Series, Vol. II, p. 515 "December, 4, 1628: [Caithness] Complaint before the Lords of Council by Alaster Waterston in Srath of Dunbeath, Thomas Irving, messenger, and Mr. Roger Mowat, advocate, for his interest, Margaret Mason, spouse of Jasper Mowat in [blank], and the said Jasper for his interest, as follows: - The said Mr. Roger obtained a decree before the Lords of Council and Session against Andrew Mowat to pound some nolt and sheep on the lands of Swinzie belonging to Andrew, who on hearing that a decree had been issued removed them to the land of Keische belonging to the Earl of Caithness. Whereupon, the said Roger instructed the said Thomas Irving, messenger, to remove the nolt and sheep from the lands of Keische and to take them to the burgh of Wick. As he was taking them to Wick, the Earl pursued him, with Andrew Mowat, Francis Sinclair, his son, John Mowat, George Sinclair, John Henry, Alexander Mullikin and Gilbert Dundas, servitors to the said Earl, and others, armed with swords, lances, and other weapons, and assaulted Andrew Waterston, inflicting a deadly wound in his back with a sword, leaving him bedfast and in great pain ever since, and with no hope of recovery. The Earl and his men also threatened Thomas Irving and his witnesses with death if they resisted and took violent control of the nolt and sheep. Furthermore, the Earl and his men inflicted further injury on Marion Mason, a poor woman, leaving her upon the ground for dead. The Lords charge having been given to the said Earl of Caithness, Francis Sinclair, his son, John Mowat, John Henry, Alexander Mullikin, George Sinclair, and Gilbert Dundas, his tenants and domestics, and the pursuers compearing by Mr. Michael Law, servitor to the said Mr. Roger Mowat, but none of the defenders, the Lords ordain them to be denounced and escheat".
Elizabeth Dundas in 1664. Parish records of Canisbay, 1652-1666: Elizabeth Dundas married William Patterson at Canisbay, Caithness, 30th Dec. 1664.
Henry Dundas in 1670. Caithness Family History 1884: "In 1670, Henry Dundas, then one of the portioners of Brabsterdorran, granted a wadset to John Sinclair in Brabsterdorran and Margaret his wife and William their eldest son".
  Henry Dundas (or Henrie), was a grandson of Gilbert, brother of James of Stangergill (Caithness sasines 1670). He was a lieutenant in Capt. Innes' Company of Dragoons "http://www.archive.org/stream/scotsarmy166116800daltuoft#page/104/mode/2up" and married Majorie Hay by whom he had the following:
  a. Isobell Dundasse christened 2/4/1673 High Church, Glasgow
  b. William Dundas born 7/10/1675 at Edinburgh
  c. Henrie Dundas born Stirling 9/04/1677
  d. Mary Dundas christened 4/1/1679 at Glasgow High Church
  e. Charles Dundas christened 31/7/1680 at Glasgow High Church. (See section on Glasgow below).
  This Henrie Dundas may well be the Henrie Dundas christened in 1648 in Glasgow, the son of Robert Dundas and Isobel Innes
Isabel Dundas in 1698. Caithness Family History, The Cunninghams: "George, the third son married Isabel Dundas. In 1698 he was dead, for in that year Isabel Dundas is designed, in an assignation of a bond granted by her husband's cousin, David Sinclair of Freswick, as " relict of umquhile Mr. George Cunningham, brother-german of Sir John Cunningham of Caprington.

Mariot Dundas in 1534 and 1545. "Memorandum narrating that Thomas Fleming, bailie of Perth, upon the resignation made by William Monypenny and Mariot Dundas, his spouse, delivered sasine to Alexander Monypenny, their son, of that booth occupied by them opposite the Market Cross, on the north side of North Street (?) of Perth, between ? by John Cristesoun on the west and the booth occupied by William on the east, under reservation of their life rent. Done upon the ground of said booths on 22nd September 1534".
  "Instrument narrating that Mariot Monypenny, daughter of the late William Monypenny, burgess of Perth, and Mariot Dundas, his spouse, and Henry ?, her spouse, for his interest, acknowledged that the said Mariot Dundas has fulfilled all the points and clauses in a contract (made by Sir James Gundy, notary, and dated at Perth 3rd August 1545) entered into between them, and that they have received from her full payment of all goods, gear and sums of money which they could claim through the decease of the said William Monypenny ? reason of testament, bairn's part, legacy or otherwise : They, therefore, discharge the said Mariot Dundas, her heirs, executors and assignees, of the same. Patrick Blinsele asked instruments on her behalf. Done on 12th August 1545".
Alison Dundas in 1546: Scottish Record Society Protocol Book Of Sir Robert Rollock 1534-1552;
"Instrument of Resignation and Sasine narrating that Alison Dundas, spouse of Andrew Rind, burgess of the burgh of Perth, appear in presence of James Anderson, bailie of said burgh, upon the ground of the tenement after mentioned, and there, as in a court legally found, with consent of her said spouse, etc etc. The said Andrew thereafter resigned the said two booths, and the land and yard in security, into the hands of said bailie, who, thereupon, gave sasine to the said Sir James Gundy, on l0th February 1546-7, upon the ground of said subjects. Witnesses, John Ray, John Feblis and John Smetoun, sergeant".
Janet Dundas in 1548. "Instrument narrating that the said Janet Dundas compeared personally in court and renounced her conjunct fee of that inner land with lying in the burgh of Perth, on the north side of the Watergate, the land of John Mychell on the west, the land of Olivet , burgess of Perth, on the east, the fore-land of the late John Drummond on the south, and the common walls of said burgh on the north ; which land her husband. Patrick Orknay, sold to the said ? Maxtoun, and resigned it into the hands of Nicholas Kuthven, one of the bailies of Perth, in his favour. .Sasine given by the bailie upon said land on May 1548".
  "Instrument narrating that Janet Dundas compeared personally in the court and renounced her conjunct fee of that booth on the ground r n the foreland of John Peblis, lying on the north side of the North ? of Perth, near the market cross of the burgh, between the land or stone gable of the abbot and convent of the monastery of Cupar on the east, another booth, occupied by James Hrisoun, on the west, the ? of Andrew Stowp on the north, and the public street on the south ; ? Patrick Orknay, her husband, sold to the said Oliver and thereafter resigned it into the hands of the said bailie in his favour. Sasine given by the bailie upon 12th .May 1548".
Mychell Dundas in 1568. Mychell Dundas married Violet Glase at Perth 19/12/1568
Isobell Dundas in 1569. Isobell Dundas christened 8/3/1569 at Perth daughter of Mychell Dundas
Janet Dundas in 1636. Janet Dundas christened 21/5/1636 at Perth daughter of David Dundas

John Dundas in 1603. John Dundas christened 10/2/1603 at Falkirk. Son of John Dundas and Marion Wat
Janet Dundas in 1605. Janet Dundas christened 29/11/1605 at Falkirk. Daughter of John Dundas and Marion Wat
Henrie Dundas in 1612. Henrie Dundas christened 28/02/1612 at Falkirk. Son of John Dundas and Marion Wat
Johne Dundas in 1625. Johne Dundas married Elizabeth Raynie 25/8/1625 in Falkirk
Margaret Dundas in 1626. Margaret Dundas christened 15/11/1626 in Falkirk daughter of Johne Dundas and Elizabeth Raynie
Henrie Dundas in 1677. Henrie Dundas christened 7/4/1677 in Stirling son of Henrie Dundas and Marjorie Hay. (See Henrie Dundas in Caithness).

William Dundas in 1630. Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow: Captain William Dundas servitor to the Master of Airds, 1630
Patrick Dundas in 1638. Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow: Patrick Dundas, his servitor, (Lord Airds) 1638
James Dundas in 1645. Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow: James Dundas, servitor to lord Fleming, B. gratis, 1645
Lawrence Dundas in 1646. Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Glasgow: Lawrence Dundas servitor to the regiment,1646. Probably the Lawrence Dundas married to Margaret Gemmill, the parents of James Dundas, christened 1649, Glasgow High Church.
William Dundas in 1617. Christened at Glasgow High Church 18/5/1617, William Dundas son of Robert Dundas and Christian Farie
Geillis Dundas in 1647. Married at Glasgow High Church 8/6/1647 Geillis Dundas to Johne Hamiltone
Marie Dundas in 1653. Christened at Glasgow High Church 20/10/1653, Marie Dundasse daughter of Robert Dundasse and Issobel Innes
Henrie Dundas in 1648. Christened at Glasgow High Church, 1/10/1648 Henrie or Harie Dundas son of Robert Dundas and Issobel Innes. (see also Henrie Dundas in Caithness)
Margaret Dundas in 1650. Christened at Glasgow High Church, 29/10/1650 Margaret Dundas daughter of Robert Dundas and Issobel Innes
Janet Dundas in 1658. Christened at Glasgow High Church, 27/5/1658 Janet Dundasse, daughter of Robert Dundasse and Issobel Innes
Isobel Dundas in 1656 and 1688. Christened at Glasgow High Church, 31/1/1656 Isobel Dundasse, daughter of Robert Dundasse and Issobel Innes. She is also shown as marrying Michael Rob, 6/2/1688 in Glasgow
Walter Dundas in 1659. Christened at Glasgow High Church, 11/12/1659 Walter Dundas son of Robert Dundas and Issobel Innes
Mary Dundas in 1679. Christened at Glasgow High Church, 4/1/1679 Mary Dundas daughter of Henrie Dundas and Marjorie Hay
Charles Dundas in 1680. Christened at Glasgow High Church, 31/7/1680 Charles Dundas son of Henrie Dundas and Marjorie Hay
Isobel Dundas in 1673. Christened at Glasgow High Church, 2/4/1673 Issobell Dundasse daughter of Henrie Dundas and Marjorie Hay
Patrick Dundas in 1684. The Records of the Burgh of Glasgow vol. 3: 9 June 1684. "The magistratis and town counsell allowes and approves of the magistratis and dean of gild their making Patrick Dundas burgess and gild brother of this burgh, the samen having bein promised him at the making of the bargain of the store and storehowssis with the fishing company".

Gilbert Dundas in 1685. Gilbert Dundas married 15/5/1685 Margaret Neubie, Lanark

Midlothian and Linlithgow
Gilbert Dundas in 1508. Protocol Book of James Young, 1507-1514/15: 30 Mar 1508 The said bailie gave sasine to the said John Watsone and Jonet Findlaw of half of the mill of Strabrok, the Brewland of Westir Strabrok occupied by Gilbert Dundas and the Serjandis Akir in Westir Strabrok; on precept by William Oliphant and his spouse, dated 05 Feb 1507/8
Adam Dundas in 1514. Protocol Book of James Young, 1507-1514/15: 17 Mar 1514/5. Adam Dundas declared that Mr. Alexander Stewart, dean of Dunbar, alleging himself to be lord of St. John of Torphichyn, held a temple court within the temple lands of Torphiching lying under the castle wall of Edinburgh, and therefore protested, in name of Mr. George Dundas, undoubted lord of St. John, that the holding of this court should not prejudice him. Done in the burgh of Edinburgh, before the temple lands of the deceased Robert Lyne in the High Street. Witnesses: Sirs John Naper, vicar of Kylmarono, and William Gothirsone, chaplain, John Cowane and George Chyrnsid. (Possibly Adam Dundas of Oxmure).
Alexander and Andrew Dundas in 1549. Registrum Secreti Sigilli Regum Scotorum, Vol 4: Edinburgh 1st Aril 1549, Preceptum Legitimationis, Alexandri Dundas, bastardi, filii naturalis quondam Andree Dundas, in communi forma etc. (There could be a connection with the Alexander Dundas of Orkney here)
Andro Dundas in 1584. Commissariot of Edinburgh, Register of Testaments: Andro Dundas, merchant, burgess of Edinburgh, 2nd Sept, 1584
Eleis Dundas in 1595. Eleis Dundas in the Mylntoun, sher of Linlithgow, 17th Dec 1595
Patrick Dundas in 1646. Register of the Registrar of the Canongate: Captain Patrick Dundas 26th Dec 1646
Henry Dundas in 1646. Register of the Registrar of the Canongate: Henry Dundas, tailor, indweller in Edinburgh 27/6/1646
George Dundas in 1595. Fragments of Scottish History: 1595. The 19 January, the young Earl of Montrois fought ane combate with Sr James Sandilands at the Salt Trone of Edr- thinking to have revengit the slauchter of his cusine Mr Johne Grahame, quha wes yr slaine with ane shot of ane pistol, and four of hes men slaine with suords, viz. Johne Craufurd, Johne Grahame, George Dundass, and Alexander Boner

James Dundas in 1550. From the Archives of Scotland, GD75/348 . "Instrument narrating execution by William Schaw, provost of collegiate church of Abirnethy, in diocese of Dunblane, of dispensation, addressed to Mr. John Spens, clerk, Dunkeld diocese, rector of parish church of Kirkcrist, diocese of Whithorn, by Rainutius [Farnese], cardinal, priest of the Holy Angel, [27 Feb. 1550], in favour of James Dundas, layman of diocese of St. Andrews, procurator John Morisoun, and Margaret Hammiltoun, Glasgow diocese, daughter of John Hammiltoun in Neylisland, procurator Arthur Granger, who had contracted matrimony though they were within fourth degrees of affinity and consaguinity".
George and Thomas Dundas in 1598. Commissariot Record of St. Andrews: George Dundas in Pittenweem 1598. Married to Elspet Simpson. Had a brother Thomas Dundas who was executor of his will
John Dundas in 1589. Commissariot Record of St. Andrews: John Dundas, burgess in Pittenweem, 1589. Married to Janet Steill. Had issue:-Thomas Dundas, William Dundas and Agnes Dundas
David Dundas. Commissariot Record of St. Andrews: David Dundas (see Poland at bottom of page)
Patrick Dundas in 1698. Commissary Court of St Andrew's deeds: Patrick Dundas: Collector of the Vacant Stipends, 1698. (Possibly Patrick Dundas of Breastmill)
William Dundas in 1646. Scottish Parish records: William Dundas born 23/10/1646 in Pittenweem, Fife, son of William Dundas and Janet Quhit
Janet Dundas in 1649. Scottish Parish records: Janet Dundas married David Whyte, 10/4/1649
William Dundas in 1663. William Dundas married Eupham Mowat 12/5/1663 in Dysart, Fife
Alexander Dundas in 1439. St. Andrew’s University: Alexander Dundas 1439
John Dundas in 1466. St. Andrew’s University: John (Johannes) Dundas 1466
Andrew Dundas in 1477. St. Andrew’s University: Andrew (Andreas) Dundas 1477
George Dundas in 1484. St. Andrew’s University: George (Georgius) Dundas 1484
William Dundas in 1570. St. Andrew’s University: William (Gulielmus) Dundas 1570
Archibald Dundas in 1570. St. Andrew’s University: Archibald (Archibaldus) Dundas 1570
Alexander Dundas in 1572. St. Andrew’s University: Alexander Dundas 1572
Walter Dundas in 1576. St. Andrew’s University: Walter (Gualterus) Dundas 1576
James Dundas in 1576. St. Andrew’s University: James (Jacobus) Dundas 1576
William Dundas in 1578. St. Andrew’s University: William (Gulielmus) Dundas 1578

Scotland's army
Henry Dundas in1678. Henry Dundas was appointed Ensign in John Inglis' company of Dragoons 1678 (Royal Scots Greys) and on the 14th June June 1683 a Lieutenant. http://www.archive.org/stream/historyofsecondd00almarich
  Henry Dundas was appointed Lieutenant in General Dalzell's Regiment of Dragoons. 8/1/1683. (Commissariot of Glasgow) N.B General Dalzell was a Royalist who fought against the Covenanters in Scotland. Many of the Dundas branches, particularly Dundas of Arniston and Duddingstoun were in fact Covenanters, so it can be assumed that Henry Dundas was not of either of these lines.
James Dundas in 1681 and 1683. In the History of the Royal Scots Greys, there is mention of Ensign James Dundas in 1681 and in 1683 he was appointed Lieutenant. There is further mention in 1683 of a James Dundas being appointed Cornet in Wedderburne's troop.
William Dundas in 1667 and 1681. Regiment of Foot Guards 1667-1674: Ensign; Capt William Dundas
  Regiment of Foot Guards 1667-1674: Quartermaster; Capt William Dundas. There are several precepts for payments to Capt. Wm. Dundas, Quartermaster. to Lord Linlithgow's Regt. of Foot Guards, between 1667 and 1671 among the Treasury Papers. His name also appears as Ensign in the undated Muster Roll of the Scots Foot Guards. Capt. Wm. Dundas was promoted Lieut. 15 June, 1672. Held the post of Quartermaster until 4 March, 1681 when his name disappeared from the regiment"
  His Majesty's Regiment of Dragoons-The Commissions were dated at Whitehall, 25 November, 1681. (Warrant Book for Scotland, Vol. VI.);
Henry Dundas in 1681. Henry Dundasse, Lieutenant
James Dundas in 1681. James Dundasse, Ensign
Gilbert Dundas in 1682. Captain Mckenzie's Roll, 1682: Gilbert Dundass
James Dundas in 1685. Whitehall, 7 Nov. 1685: James Dundas to be Lieut, to Capt. Livingston of Kilsyth
Robert Dundas in 1646. Scots Armies of the 17th century. The Army of the Covenant by Stuart Reid: Sir James Ramsay's regiment: Robert Dundas 1646
Robert Dundas in 1646. Scots Armies of the 17th century. The Army of the Covenant by Stuart Reid: Lord Sinclair's regiment: Ensign Robert Dundas 1646

William and James Dundas in 1612. In 1612 William Dundas had lands given to him by the Bishop of Down (No mention of name of Bishop) which he later gave to Hugh Montgomery. This is probably a son of James Dundas, Bishop of Down
James Dundas in 1622. James Dundass, yeoman in Enniskillen. "History of Enniskillen" 1622.
William Dundas in 1625. William Dondasse at Comber, Co. Down.1625. "Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Records, Northern Ireland Public Record Office, 1949"
James Dundas in 1631. James Dundoes (sic) under Sir William Cole, Knight with 1000 acres in the barony of Magerbuy, Fermamangh. 1631.
James Dundas in 1631. James Dundas with a sword under Sir John Hume, Knight with 3500 acres in the baron of Magerbuy, Fermanagh. 1631.
Alexander Dundas in 1635 and 1645. Scots Irish Links: "Captain Alexander Dundas was granted land by Sir Patrick Agnew in 1635". "Dundas Captain Alexander, tenant in Listonbaird. May 1645". "Dundas Mrs, a widow, tenant of 3 acres in the parish of Kilwaghter. 1660s". (Kilwaghter is in the Diocese of Connor, and Province of Armagh)
  The Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway: "Sir Andrew Agnew, apparent of Lochnaw, doth lett unto Capt. Alexander Dundasse all and whole the 5 quarter land, with the half townland of Lestronbard,1 for eleven years from All Saints next, he paying therefor at All Hallow Tyde next to cum the sum of £5 sterling, and £5 at the last day of May next following, and every half year thereafter. And in case there be anie cause of removing by the said Sir Andrew at the expiration of the lease, he is to give satisfaction for the half of the building of the house to the Captain. Witness our hands the 23rd of May 1645." Leases granted by Andrew Agnew 1646; "Captain Alexander Dundas, the five quarter land belonging to Ogneve and his subtenants and the half town land of Listron-baird/Lisdrumbard for 11 years".
Patrick Dundas 1642. Patrick Dundas (Cornet) under Lord Viscount Hugh Montgomery of the Ard's regiment of horse. 1642-46. (Army list of the Ulster British forces - Irish Historical records, Vol, 59)
Hugh and Patrick Dundas in 1649. "49 Officers"- Lieutenant Hugh Dundas and Cornet Patrick Dundas. The 49 Officers were Officers who had served the King and were driven out of Ireland by Cromwell for their loyalty to the King. When the King returned from exile, these Protestant Royalist Officers who had served the King prior to the 5th June 1649, were granted the lands that had been assigned by the Commonwealth for the 1649 arrears of the Cromwellian Officers and soldiers. For further information on these times see; "Cromwell in Ireland by the Rev. Denis Murphy".
Hugh Dundas in 1653. "County of Down, Lord of Ards quarters, 1653: Lieutenant Hugh Dundas". Shown under list of Presbyterian landowners and others proposed to be removed from Ulster into Leinster and Munster in 1653. Leitrim was reserved for raising money to pay off areas of the English military. About 2000 existing Catholic landowners and their families were transplanted to the reservation, west of the River Shannon. (Roscommon, Mayo, Galway, and Clare) to make way for the new landowners.
Hugh Dundas in 1659. Castlereagh Barony, census of Ireland, circa 1659: Hugh Dundasse gent, Townland: Ballycrelly, Parish: Cumber.
James Dundas in 1666. James Dundas of Moyglass. "Hearth Money Rolls 1666".
William Dundas in 1682. William Dundass at Comber. William Dundass holds the lease in fee farm from Mount Alexander Estate from 1682

Dundas of Brigend
I have recently found a few references to Dundas' of Brigend. I am unsure where they fit into the family history but believe that it is from the Dundas' of Breastmill or the Dundas' of Newliston.
I have listed below any findings in the hope that they will eventually fit into the tree!
David Dundas in 1587. Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland:"1587, David Dundas in Brigend"
Thomas and Henrie Dundas in 1628. The register of the Privy Council: "1628, Thomas Dundas in New Brigend and Henrie Dundas in Mure end".
Thomas Dundas in 1635. The register of sasines 1631-1636; "Of Brigend, Thomas Dundas, his spouse, Catherine Flint. 31st July 1635 in Edinburgh"
David Dundas in 1635. The register of sasines 1631-1636; "David Dundas, son of Thomas Dundas of Brigend, his spouse, Mary Hamiltoun. 31st July 1635 in Edinburgh"
Thomas Dundas in 1656. List of Burials excerpted from Register in possession of the Registrar of the Canongate: Thomas Dundas of Brigend, 28th Nov 1656
John Dundas in 1681. Some Old Families: Janet Wilkie, daughter of David Wilkie of Rathobyres, married 5/8/1681 in Kirkliston, John Dundas of Brigend. They had issue:
  a. David Dundas christened 27/8/1682 Kirkliston
  b. Elizabeth Dundas christened 5/10/1684 Kirkliston
  c. Patrick Dundas christened in 1687 in Kirkliston
  d. James Dundas christened 25/6/1696 Kirkliston
  e. John Dundas christened 24/7/1699 Kirkliston
  f. Thomas Dundas christened 24/5/1702 Kirkliston

Lawrence Dundas in 1615. Lawrence Dundas married Elizabeth Cooper, 5/1/1615 Westminster, London. (International Genealogical Index)
Lawrence Dundas in 1626 and 1628. Warrant to pay 3s 2d by the day to Lawrence Dundas, one of his Majesty's falconers. (24/6/1626, Calendar of State Papers, Charles 1).
  Warrant dormant to pay Elizabeth Dundas, relict of Lawrence Dundas, late one of his Majesty's Falconers, an annuity of £20 during her life. (22/7/1628, Calendar of State Papers, Charles 1)
James Dundas in 1616. James Dundas born 26/5/1616 Westminster, London. Father shown as Lawrence Dundas
Elizabeth Dundas in 1618. Elizabeth Dondasse born 16/5/1618 Westminster, London. Father shown as Lawrence Dondasse
Duncan Dundas in 1618. Buried Duncan Dundas a scotchman in the west yard. July 5th 1618 (Parish register of St. Peter's, Cornhill, London)
Thomas Dundas in 1620. Thomas Dundas christened 20/10/1620 in Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire. Father shown as Lawrence Dundas, mother's name not shown.
John Dundas in 1683. John Dundass married Mary Franke 27/12/1683, Finsbury, London. Shown as the parish of Epsom, Surrey
Mrs Mary Dundas in 1728. Mrs. Mary Dundas in 1728 gave to the minister, churchwardens and overseers of Epsom, her premises in Epsom, in trust that the rents thereof might be laid out by them in buying and distributing sea coal amongst poor aged widows of that parish
George Dundas in 1694. George Dundas married Elizabeth Stokes 6/5/1694 London

James Dundas in 1666. James Dundas admitted as a member of the Scots Charitable Society of Boston in 1666. (Scots in New England)
William Dundas in 1687. William Dundas admitted as a member of the Scots Charitable Society of Boston in 1687
William Dundas in 1769. William Dundass married Hannah Osborn 31/10/1769 in Boston. William Dundas was a corporal with the 14th regiment of foot. (Early Boston Records Volume 17)
William Dundas in 1770. William Dundass born 1770 Boston
Hannah Dundas in 1774. Hannah Dundass married John Love 13/8/1774. (Early Boston Records Volume 17)

John Dundas in 1594. John Dundas, a soldier married Margaret Pringnir?, a widow from Scotland in Haarlem. 8/3/1594. (Scotch Dutch links in Europe and America)
Robert Dundas in 1669. Leyden University, Netherlands: Robertus Dundas 1669
Alexander Dundas in 1684. Leyden University, Netherlands: Alexander Dundas 1684
George Dundas in 1711. Leyden University, Netherlands: Georgius Dundas 1711

David Dundas in 1576. Scots in Poland, Russia and the Baltic States: David Dundas from St. Andrews was admitted as a citizen of Cracow on 12/5/1576
  Papers relating to the Scots in Poland (Scottish History Society): On Saturday, 12th May 1576 David Dundas born in the metropolitan city of St.Andrews in the kingdom of Scotland produced his birthbrieve and was admitted citizen of Cracow, taking the oath and paying 2 florins.
David Dundas in 1633. Scots in Poland, Russia and the Baltic States: David Dundas a member of the Scottish brotherhood of Lublin in 1633
David and John Dundas in 1637 Proceedings of the general council (Poland):"In 1637, there is another series of rules, with lists of subscribers, among whom we find a David Dundas, thirty florins, and John Dundas, fifteen florins, — sums which indicate that these brethren were in humble circumstances
Paul Dundas in 1624. Paul Dundas son of John Dundas baptised in Poland on 3/8/1624
Regina Dundas in 1627. Regina Dundas daughter of John Dundas (Dindass) baptised in Poland 29/6/1627
Christopher Dundas in 1628. Christopher son of David Dindass, was baptized In the year 1628, April 22nd