It is proving difficult to trace the descendants of the Dundas' from Morayshire, which appear to have started with Alexander Dundas of Fingask and his wife Elizabeth Bruce.
The first reference that I have been able to find from Windiehills is that of Adam Dundas son of Alexander Dundas.

Adam Dundas

Son of: Alexander Dundas
and: Elizabeth Bruce
occupation: Chamberlain to the Abbot of Kinloss
died: 1585. Buried Kinloss Abbey

Great Seal Register: "Adam Dundas, Chamberlain to the Abbot of Kinloss and styles brother german of Archibald Dundas of Fingask, resigns the lands of Knock in the shire of Banf to William Abernethy of Byres, 5th July 1572"

Adam Dundas of Findhorn (Moray), brother of the laird of Fingask was 20/1/1580 seized on the lands of Windiehills, (later known as Milton Brodie) in the parish of Alves, which he resigned 11/12/1584 in favour of his nephew, Mr James Dundas, Chanter of Moray. (Northern Scot 27/4/1894). He was granted lands at Kinloss by Walter Reid, the Abbot of Kinloss in 1585.

National Archives of Scotland GD305/1/90/135: Letter of Reversion by James Grant son of Duncan Grant or McCondachie of Garlyn in favour of Adam Dundas of Fenar of Finderne of the Lands of Blackstol and Newland thereof upon payment of 300 merks


The Reformation of Parliament in 1560 finally saw the end of Kinloss Abbey, as Protestantism became the religion of the land and Catholicism was abrogated. Walter Reid the last Abbot systematically dismantled the wealth and the fabric of the church until it was taken into temporal Lordship in 1601 under the control of Edward Bruce later Lord Bruce of Kinloss. Walter Reid was the son of Walter Reid and Euphame Dundas daughter of Archibald Dundas and Helen Arnot. He married Margaret Collace after having changed his religious views and ignoring the original vow of celibacy!

Thomas Dundas
Son of: Alexander Dundas
and: Elizabeth Bruce
Records of the monastery of Kinloss, "Walter Reid, the last abbot of Kinloss in 1585, granted a charter to Thomas Dundas of some acres of land about Kinloss". Thomas Dundas resided at Findhorn in Morayshire
  the following children were born of this union:
1. George Dundas who had issue:
  a. Thomas Dundas. Register of Apprentices for the City of Edinburgh at : Thomas Dundas, indweller in Windiehills, 15/4/1629 and in the publication by the Scottish Record Society, volume 28,"Edinburgh Register of Apprentices", Thomas Dundas is shown as son to George Dundas, indweller in Windiehills, 15/4/1629

It is possible that George Dundas was also father to Harry Dundas, minister at Dyke, Moray in 1613 and Patrick Dundas who is shown as a member of the ministry 1610 in Murray (Moray) although they might equally be sons of Thomas Dundas.

2. James Dundas
3. Johne Dundas? (I have been unable to unearth any proof that John Dundas was a son of Thomas Dundas, but he appears in many charters alongside James Dundas)
4. Laurence Dundas? Again I have been unable to unearth any definite proof of him being a son of Thomas Dundas. The Business of The College of Justice 1600;- "Shairp caused Lawrence Dundas, portioner of Kinloss, to flit from the woods of Kinloss". Records of Elgin 1600; "December 26th. — Comperit Laurence Dundas and in the chantour his freindis name presentit ane excuse of ignorance of the actis ecclesiastik inhibiting the frequentatioun and resoirting in the place callit the Chanonrie kirk or yaird and places thairabout nochttheles it is appointit that Alexander Boynd, Alexander Pringill, and George Cuming sall go speik the chantour, subehantour, and remanentis personis playeris at the futball yisterday the xxv day of December in the said place and schaw thame thair offence quhairby thai may amend it by gevin thair presens, confessing the same to be a fault".

James Dundas
  Son of: Thomas Dundas
  died: 1613
  occupation: Protestant minister at Alves. Presented by James V1 30th May 1582. Inherited the lands of Windiehills, 1584. Chanter of Moray and Minister at Alves, Morayshire. Bishop of County Down, Ireland, 1612 and died there 1613. Fasti ecclesiæ scoticanæ; the succession of ministers in the Church of Scotland from the reformation; "James Dundas, M.A. ; presented 1582 by James VI. 30th May 1582, holding also Lhanbryd from 1582 to 1600; on 21st Feb. 1605, he subscribed, with others, a letter to the King from the Synod of Aberdeen, in favour of John Forbes, min. of Alford ; was nominated constant Moderator of the Presb. of Forres by the Assembly in 1606, that Presb. being ordered by the Privy Council, 17th Jan. 1607, to receive him as such within twenty-four hours after notice upon pain of rebellion ; was a member of Assembly in 1586, 1587, 1598, 1606, and 1610. He was consecrated Bishop of Down and Connor in Ireland, July 1612, and died at Newton, Co. Down, before 29th Oct. same year.
  x Elizabeth Reid daughter of Walter Reid, Abbot of Kinloss
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Dundas who sold the estate of Findhorn, Morayshire in 1618 to Gavin Dunbar his brother in law. (Northern Scot 27/4/1894). Feb 7th 1633: "Jacobus Dundas, hares Magistri Jacobi Dundas precentoris Moraviensis, patris,—in villis et terris de Colliskruikis, cum acris earundem et Newlandheides, infra regalitatem de Kinloss"
2. Margaret Dundas married 1610 John Steel
3. Mary Dundas married Gavin Dunbar minister at Elgin and Alves. Gavin Dunbar died 1640. He was the son of William Dunbar, minister at Dyke
4. Hugh Dundas? In The Montgomery Manuscripts, 1603-1706 there is reference to Hu Dundas - "Probably a son of James Dundas, who was appointed Bishop of Down and Connor in 1612, and who died soon afterwards in Newtownards, said to have wasted his Bishoprick by granting fee farm and other long leases at very small rents".  See the Family History Archives at:

The Register of the great seal of Scotland: 1597 Apud Striviling, 5 July. "REX contirmavit et, pro bono servitio, de novo ad fcudifirmam dimisit M. JACOBO DUNDAS precentori Muravien et ELIZABETHS REID ejus spouse, — tertiam partem ville et terrarum de Newtoun, cum pecia terre vocat. lie Gradoche, cum prato lie Mijlne-medow jacen. ex orientali parte oocidentalis silve usque ad Walkmanbrig {as the samyne u parlcit and dylit roundabout), villam et terras de windihillis, terras de Coleiscruikis ct Newlaudisheidis et acras earuudem, cum quarteria ville et terrarum de Ailhoustak olim per Davidem Crystie occupat., in barouia (et regalitate) de Kinlos, vie. Elgin et Forres.

The National Archives at Scotland, 1582, GD94/17: "Charter by Mr James Dundas, precentor of Moray, with consent of George, bishop of Moray, and dean and canons thereof, in favour of Robert Colveill (Colville) of Cleische, of dwelling house pertaining to said James as precentor within the college of cathedral kirk of Moray, and the croft also pertaining to said office. Signed by George, bishop of Moray, Alexander Dunbar, dean of Moray, P Cumyng (Cumming), sub-dean of Moray, James Dundas, precentor of Moray, Alexander Ranson, parson of Spynie, William Suthirland (Sutherland), rector of Moy, John Gibsone (Gibson), prebendary of Vnthank, James Bannatyne, rector of Rothes".

The Register of the Privy Council 1587: Caution by Mr William Ker, son and apparent heir of Robert Ker of Wodheid, for Patrick Dunbar of Blarie and Mr James Dundas, chanter of Murray, in 1000 merks each, and for Walter Watsoun, servant to the said Patrick, Johnne Grig, servant to the said Mr James and Johnne Dundas servant to Walter, Abbot of Kinloss, in 300 merks each that George Dunbar shall be harmless of them.

The Register of The Privy Council 1585-1592: 1586. Caution by James Colvill of Eister Wemys and David Dundas of Priestinche, for James Dundas, chanter of Murray and Patrick Dunbar of Blarie in 1000 merks "either of them" for Thomas Dundas in 500 merks, and for Johne Dundas, James Dundas, Johnne Dick, Hierome Troup and Thomas Portarfield, in 300 merks each, that they will not harm Dame Annas Keyth, Countess of Ergyle, her tenants or servants.

The Register of The Privy Council 1585-1592; Registration by James Spens of Overmandenis and Mr James Johnnestoun, burgess of Edinburgh, of a band executed at Edinburgh 22/9/1587, before Johnne Andirsoun, David Andro and James Prymrois containing caution by the said Spens and Johnnestoun for George Dunbar of Aslesk in 1000 merks and for Alexander Dunbar his son in £500, that Patrick Dunbar of Blarie, Mr James Dundas chanter of Murray, Walter Watsoun, servant to the said Patrick, Johnne Grig, servant to the said Mr James and Johnne Dundas servant to Walter, Abbot of Kinloss, shall be harmless of the said father and son - the said Spens and Mr Thomas Craig, advocate, becoming bound to relieve the said Johnnestoun in the premises.

"The History of the Province of Moray: Comprising the Counties of Elgin", "A charter granted by Walter, Abbott of Kinloss in 1559, 12th September, with express consent of the members of the Convent, by which he disponses to Euphame Dundas, their lands of Strathily, for the sum of £2000 Scots, paid in ready money, with £5 10 shillings Scots of augmentation of rent, to be holden of the Abbott and Convent of Kinloss, for payments of certain duties and rents, contained in a rental. N.B. Euphame Dundas was the mother of Walter Reid, Abbot of Kinloss and the daughter of Archibald Dundas of Fingask and Helen Arnot".

Scottish Parish records: Marjorie Dundas married Robert Ivell 11/5/1656 at Alves


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