Sir David Dundas
1st Bart of Richmond and Carmarthenshire
dundas of richmond
Son of: Ralph Dundas
and: Mary Berry
born: 7/12/1749
occupation: Sir David Dundas was appointed Sergeant Surgeon to the King (George111)  in 1792. He was Household Apothecary at Kew but not officially Apothecary to the King. He assisted at the post mortem on Princess Charlotte 7/11/1817, Physician to the Duke of Kent, 1816-17, Surgeon to the Duke of Kent, 1818-20.
died: 10/1/1826
Sir David Dundas was a prominent figure in the Royal College of Surgeons and was Master of the College in 1804, 1811 and 1819. He was made a baronet in 1815.
  x  20/7/1775 Isabella Robertson (died 1827)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. William Dundas christened 22/5/1776 at Richmond, Surrey. Died 26/5/1776
2. Sir William Dundas 2nd Bt. High Sheriff Carmarthen. Born 10/12/1777 and died unmarried November 1840. Buried at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey
3. Ralph David Dundas born 1779 died 1780 buried at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey
4. George Dundas born 1781 died 1795 buried at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey
5. Ralph Dundas born 1782 died 1791 buried at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey
6. James Fullerton Dundas  3rd Bt. Major General Bengal Artillery. Born 27/7/1786 and died unmarried 16/6/1848
7. John Burnett Dundas 4th and last Bt. Admiral Royal Navy. Born 17/11/1794 married 30/12/1828 Caroline Jeffreys and died 2/9/1868 without living issue
8. Isabella Dundas died unmarried 1845 at Richmond
9. Edward Dundas born 1796 died an infant
10. Mary Dundas born 1785 died 5/1799 buried at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey
11. Elizabeth Dundas died 24/5/1814 at Richmond. (Gentleman's magazine)
12. Margaret Dundas born 1790 died 1795 buried at St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey

Morning Post, 21/1/1826 - Funeral of Sir David Dundas, Bart. On Thursday last, at one o'clock, the mortal remains of this truly good, and universally lamented character, were removed from his late residence, Greenside, Richmond, to his family vault adjoining the Parish Church there, and never were obsequies more solemnly observed ; the grief of all was sincere and heartfelt. In him those in the highest walks of life have lost a most able and skilful medical attendant — who was not less ready to alleviate the human sufferings of those of the middle and lower orders of society ,who have lost a patron, benefactor and a friend. The inhabitants near whose houses the funeral passed closed their windows, and all was hushed in mournful silence. The body was conveyed in a hearse drawn by six horses, bearing the customary decorations of woe. The mourners occupied five black coaches : in the first were two of the sons of the deceased, Sir William Dundas, who succeeds his father in the baronetcy, and Captain John Dundas. R.N. : their distress was most poignant ; also David Dundas, Esq. a nephew of the deceased, and the Hon. James Abercrombie. M.P. The other coaches contained his following relatives and friends, viz. — Capt. Smith, R.N., the Rev. Doctor Jones, William Disney, Esq. F. Eliot, Esq,, the Rev. S. W. Gaudy, Vicar of Kingston cum Richmond, the Hon. and Rev. Gerard Noel, Sir Wathen Waller, Bart., James Dawkins, Esq. M.P., Sir W. Conygham, Bart., James Loch- Esq., Richard Penu, Esq., Messrs. Julius, James Smith, and Filkin, Surgeons. There was also a more numerous string of carriages than hardly ever witnessed upon any such occasion; besides those of the family, there were, among others, those of — The Duchess of Buccleugh, the Countesses of Pembroke, Mansfield, and Poulett, the Earls of Shaftesbury, Mount Edgecumbe; Sirs Wathen Waller, Robert Baker, Everard Home, Admiral Scott, Captain Saunders, Archdeacon Cambridge, Colonel Smith, Lady Price, Hon. Miss Brudenell, Mrs. Taylor, Doughty, Faushaw, the Hon. Misses Byng, Ladies Morshead, Sullivan, General Forbes, Messrs. Paynter, Thorley, & co. amounting to more than forty. When the corpse entered, and left the church, appropriate music was performed by Doctor Smith, on the Organ ; the Burial Service was most impressively read by the Hon. and Rev. Gerard Noel. Many other respectable inhabitants attended as private individuals, among others, Captain Price, the Rev. Doctor Bewsher. Rev. Mr. Delafosse, Messrs. Garrick, William Smith, & co. all anxious to pay the last tribute of respect to their lamented departed friend. The late Sir David Dundas was seventy-seven years of age, more than three score of which he had passed in Richmond, in the most reputable and honourable practice of his profession. He was most deservedly a great favourite of our late venerable Monarch, who appointed him his Sergeant-Surgeon. The funeral was conducted with the greatest propriety and decency, by Mr. Smith (of Richmond), and notwithstanding the church and church-yard were thronged, the utmost decorum prevailed, and indeed the sparkling emblems of woe were seen to fall from the eye of many an old inhabitant who attended these mournful rites.