David Dundas
Son of: John Dundas of Newliston
and: Margaret Creichton
David Dundas obtained from his father about 1618 the lands at Philpstoun in the parish of Abercorn.
  x  Elizabeth Hamilton
  the following children were born of this union:
1. David Dundas born 1592 Abercorn - this baptism does not show the mother's name, so could possibly be the son of David Dundas of Duddingstoun
2. John Dundas (Major) born 1600 Abercorn married Agnes but died in his father's lifetime, so David Dundas was succeeded by his nephew James Dundas of Morton who added his lands to the estate of Philpstoun. John Dundas and Agnes left issue:
  a. Agnes Dundas who married George Wilson
Notarial instrument written by John Mylne, notary public, before whom compeared Mr. George Wilsone, minister at Torphichen for his interest and attorney in the name of Agnes Dundas his spouse, and Robert Hastoun, miller at the mill of Philpstoun, baillie in this part for David Dundas of Philpstoune and Maj. John Dundas his legitimate son, fiars of the same, on a precept of sasine. Mr. George presented and delivered to the baillie a hereditary obligation containing in it the precept of sasine made and granted by the said David and Major John Dundas to enfeoff Mr. George Wilsone and Agnes Dundas his spouse in an annual rent of £120 Scottish money of all and whole the 12 bovates of land and the village of Philpstoune lying in the barony of Abercorne and within the sheriffdom of Linlithgow. 1661.

The Laird of Philipstoun and Francis Durham of Duntarvie were involved in a bitter feud in 1632 and were both warned by the Privy Council of Scotland to keep the peace. Durham complained that David Dundas had ploughed part of the common moor of Abercorn and that, when he had gone there to "understand the true state of the case" David Dundas had "spiered him how he durst come upon that field and then name in upon him with and drawin whinger (knife) of purpose to have slain him" and had pursued him with armed men.
A counter complaint by David Dundas alleged that Francis Durham of Duntarvie and James Whitehead had "Causelessly conceaved a deadly hatred against him" had spied on him and assaulted him "within a pair of butts of his own house" when he had gone out to oversee his husbandry. Francis Durham had "a blew bonnet on his head and his cloak cast about his mouth" and David Dundas did not recognize him until he and Whitehead were upon him. The latter had given him "ane great strike with the sword upon the head, to the great effusion of his blood" and Francis Durham had cut off his little finger and left him for dead.
Durham admitted the assault and was delivered to Andrew Whyte, keeper of the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, to be detained "until they release him".

philpstoun house
Philpstoun house

James Dundas

Son of: George Dundas of Morton
and: Susanna Brown
occupation: Member of Parliament for Linlithgowshire, 1669-1674. Justice of the Peace. Captain in the Militia of Linlithgowshire
died: 1686
Of Philpstoun and Morton
  x 1656 Elizabeth Hamilton daughter of James Hamilton of Westport
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Dundas
2. George Dundas born 1662 Abercon died without issue
3. David Dundas born 1665 Abercorn. Succeeded his brother James
4. William Dundas born 1672 Abercorn a Brigadier in the 3rd troop of Horse Guards died without issue
5. Thomas Dundas born 1674 Abercorn a surgeon in Linlithgow who purchased the lands of Drumcross near Bathgate. He married  22/7/1711 Jean Wishart  and had issue:
  a. Thomas Dundas born 1712 married 17/7/1736 Janet Gregory and left issue:
    i. Thomas Dundas born 17/10/1739 married 1763 Ann Dick and had issue:
      . John Dundas born 18/7/1763
      .. Thomas Dundas born 1763
      ... Robert Dundas born 1765
    ii. Robert Dundas born 9/9/1742
    iii. Patrick Dundas born 7/9/1744
    iv. Janet Dundas born 23/6/1738
  b. Patrick Dundas christened 19/6/1714 married Katherine. A surgeon in Linlithgow who had issue:
    i. John Dundas born 4/10/1747. In the service of the East India Company
    ii. Jean Dundas born 6/9/1751
  c. George Dundas christened 14/7/1715. An apprentice to William Keir 1732
  d. James Dundas christened 3/3/1719
  e. Alexander Dundas shown as an apprentice wright (joiner/carpenter) to William McClean, 1721. (This entry can not be confirmed as no trace of his birth can be found, but apprentice records show him as a son of Thomas Dundas, surgeon  in Linlithgow).
6. Walter Dundas who died without issue
7. Susanna Dundas born 1659 Abercorn
8. Elizabeth Dundas born 1660 Abercorn
9. Henrietta Dundas born 1669 Abercorn
10 Marjorie Dundas born 1670 Abercorn

James Dundas
Son of: James Dundas
and: Elizabeth Hamilton
born: 1658 Abercorn
died: 1691
Died unmarried and was succeeded by his brother David

David Dundas
  Son of: James Dundas
and: Elizabeth Hamilton
born: 1665 Abercorn
  occupation: Captain of the ship, The Providence of Leith
  x Katharine Swinton
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Dundas born 1695 Abercorn
2. Euphame Dundas married John Dundas Procurator for the Church of Scotland and the second son of James Dundas who was the third son of George Dundas 19th of Dundas. John Dundas died 13/5/1731 leaving issue:
  a. James Dundas succeeded to Philpstoun
  b. John Dundas born 1713 Abercorn
  c. George Dundas christened 11/7/1714 Linlithgow
  d. Katherine Dundas born 1716 Abercorn
  e. Euphame Dundas born 1717 Abercorn
  f. Elizabeth Dundas christened 17/6/1718 Edinburgh
  g. Margaret Dundas born 1726 Abercorn
3. Jean Dundas born 1696
4. Alison Dundas born 1698 South Leith
5. Katherine Dundas born 1700 South Leith

James Dundas
  Son of: John Dundas
and: Euphame Dundas
born: 4/12/1711
  occupation: Advocate at the Scottish Bar
  x 1741 Anna Rollo
  the following children were born of this union:
1. John Dundas
2. Margaret Dundas born 1743 Abercorn
3. James Dundas born 1745 Abercorn. Captain of the East India Ship "Earl Fitzwilliam". He married Christian (buried 10/2/1792 at Hertfordshire) and died 1793 at Moneyhill House, Hertfordshire. .
  The Times 7/3/1792; "A most melancholy accident happened on Friday, to Captain Dundas of the Earl Fitzwilliam East Indiaman, and his lady. They were driving out in a small pleasure cart in the neighbourhood of their house in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, when they met a wagon in a lane. There was not room to pass without driving on the embankment. Mrs Dundas was alarmed and shrieked very loud, which frightened the horse and the cart tilted over just as it passed the wagon and threw both herself and Captain Dundas under it. The wheels passed over them and Mrs Dundas was killed on the spot and Captain Dundas had both his legs broken and is otherwise so much hurt that it is doubtful whether he will recover"
  James Dundas and Christian left issue:
  a. Ann Dundas christened 11/8/1779 at St. Mary, Marylebone, London. Married General Sir Howard Douglas in July 1799 in Edinburgh and had nine children
  b. Jane Rollo Dundas born 1/10/1783 at St. Anne, Soho, London married 1805 Robert Dundas who was her cousin (father's brother's son). She died 1862 in France
  c. Janet Houston Dundas christened 29/10/1784 in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Married 1809 John Stewart of Binny.
4. Robert Dundas
5. Catherine Dundas
6. George Dundas christened 20/12/1750 Edinburgh

John Dundas



Son of: James Dundas
and: Anna Rollo
born: 11/11/1742
  died: 4/5/1816
  occupation: Writer to the Signet, 1769
  Katherine Smith who died 1815
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Robert Dundas
2. David Dundas born 20/5/1772
3. Alexander Dundas born 20/12/1773 married Alison Moodie 8/12/1803 at the Canongate, Edinburgh and had issue:
  a. Margaret Dundas born 10/8/1804 christened 16/8/1804 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh. Married Peter Manikin 5/5/1823 in Edinburgh
  b. Barbara Dundas born 20/81806 christened 15/9/1806 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh. Married James Bell 9/1/1825 in Edinburgh
  c. Alexander Dundas born 5/6/1808 christened 24/6/1808 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh. Married Ann Anderson 16/11/1828 in Edinburgh and had issue:
    i. Alexander Dundas born 1831 Edinburgh
    ii. Catherine Dundas born 1833 Edinburgh
    iii. Margaret Dundas born 1835 Edinburgh
    iv. Mary Dundas born 1838 Edinburgh
    v. Thomas Dundas born 1841 Edinburgh. Married Alice Christie 29/1/1864 in Edinburgh and had issue:
      . Eliza Sands Dundas born 1865 in Edinburgh
      .. Ann Dundas born 1867 in Edinburgh
      ... Alexander Dundas born 1869 in Edinburgh
      .... Alice Dundas born 1870 in Edinburgh
      ..... Thomas Dundas born 1875 in Edinburgh
      ...... Robert Dundas born 1877 in Edinburgh
  d. Thomas Dundas born 26/4/1810 christened 19/5/1810 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh. Died 3/10/1860 in Edinburgh
  e. James Dundas born 6/2/1812 christened 8/3/1812 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh
  f. Alison Dundas born 27/12/1818 christened 23/1/1819 at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh

Robert Dundas
Son of: John Dundas
and: Katherine Smith
born: 14/4/1769
died 1838
  x 1805 Jane Rollo Dundas daughter of James Dundas
Robert Dundas and Jane Rollo Dundas were divorced in 1813. Jane Rollo Dundas separated from Robert Dundas in 1812 after an affair with Lord Semple and died 1862 in France