James Dundas

Son of: Ralph Dundas  (of Manour)
and: Mary Berry
born: 1752
died: 11/4/1831
Occupation: Writer to the Signet
  x 1794 Elizabeth Graham
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Ralph James Dundas born 1795, died without issue 1824
2. William Dundas born 1796, died without issue 1842 at Niagara Falls, Canada. Bengal Civil Service
3. Sir David Dundas born 1799, died unmarried 1877
4. George Dundas
5. Thomas Graham Dundas married in India, 1832, Margaret Broughton. Died 1863. No issue
6. Elisabeth Christian Stirling Dundas married 1821, William Macdowall
7. Ann Stirling Dundas born 1797 and died 1871
8. Mary Dundas born 1800. Married the Rev. Peter Robert Robertson and died in 1865 without issue
9. Jamima Dundas born 25/5/1805 and died 1850 unmarried
10 Jean Wilhelmina Dundas, born 29/12/1806
11. John Dundas born 19/12/1803. Employed in the firm Dundas and Wilson. Married 1830, his cousin, Jemima Christian Macdowall and died 17/5/1873 leaving issue:
a. Ralph Dundas, Clerk to the Signet, born 22/10/1843, married 30/3/1869 Emily Bridget Robertson, daughter of Robert Robertson, J.P. of Auchleeks, and died 8/10/1911 leaving issue:
i. John Dundas, dsp
ii. Evelyn Emily Dundas born 29/1/1870, died unmarried 1938
iii. Jemima Christian Dundas born 14/7/1871, married 1892 Stuart Hog and died 6/12/1963
iv. Winifred Alice Dundas  born 7/2/1876, married 1900 Alan Hog
v. Robert William Dundas born 10/6/1881. A senior partner in the firm Dundas and Wilson CS. Major in the army, awarded the Military Cross and Legion of Honour in the 1st World War. Married 16/1/1909 Louisa Mary Wardlaw Ramsay (born 1886, died 1955)  and died 27/11/1928 leaving issue:
  . David Dundas, who took the surname of Robertson. 16th and Last Robertson of Auchleeks. Born 26/8/1910 died 18/5/1979.
  .. Ralph Dundas born 14/10/1912. matriculated arms as Ralph Dundas of Airdbheith
  ... Vivien Mary Dundas born 7/1/1916, married 1945 Richard Martyn. Died 1975 leaving issue:
  x. Simon Martyn born 9/12/1946
  xx. Susan Elizabeth Martyn,  born 20/9/1948, married Evan Bruce Hardie in 1974
    b. Wilhelmina Jane Dundas born 1831, died unmarried
    c. Elizabeth Dundas died 1843 unmarried
    d. Mary Dundas died 1846 unmarried
    e. Jemima Joan Dundas born 1834, died unmarried
    f. Anne Dundas born 1838, died unmarried
    g. Caroline Dundas born 1840, married William Wilson and died without issue 1882
    h. Marion Stirling Dundas born 1839, married Hon. Colonel John Hay Fraser (died 1866) and died  leaving issue in 1872
    i. Eleanor Frances Dundas born 1843, died unmarried
Ochtertryre House
Ochtertyre House

George Dundas
Lord Manor

Son of: James Dundas
and: Elizabeth Graham
born: 19/11/1802
died: 7/10/1869
Occupation: Advocate. Senator of the College of Justice.
  x 17/7/1840 Elizabeth Mackenzie
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Dundas. V.C. Captain in the Royal Engineers. Born 10/9/1842. He obtained the Victoria Cross for conspicuous gallantry during the expedition to Bhotan, 30 April 1865.  He was killed by a mine whilst trying to blow up an enemy fort, Sherpur Cantonment, Afghanistan, during the Second Afghan War in 1879. (Twin with Colin Mackenzie Dundas)  
  james dundas
2. Colin Mackenzie Dundas
3. George Ralph Dundas born 1845, died at Havant, Hants aged 24 in 1869 Unmarried.
4. William John Dundas born 16/3/1849, died 1921. A lawyer with Dundas & Wilson.
  John William Dundas
5. Lord David Dundas born 8/6/1854 and died 14/2/1922. He was admitted to the Scottish Bar in 1878, and was an Advocate Depute from 1890-1892, Interim Sheriff of Argyllshire from 1896-1898. He was appointed a Queen's Counsel in 1897. He held office as Solicitor General for Scotland in the Conservative government from 1903 until 1905, when he was appointed a Senator of the College of Justice with the judicial title Lord Dundas. Married 1885, Helen (died 1897), daughter of David B. Wauchope.
6. Elizabeth Christian Dundas born 1842
7. Mary Frances Dundas born 1846
8. Helen Anne Dundas born 1848
9. Katharine Louisa Dundas born 1849

Edinburgh Evening Courant, 8/10/1869

We regret to have to announce in our obituary column to-day the sudden death of Lord Manor, which took place at his residence in Edinburgh yesterday morning. His Lordship has been in feeble health for several week's past, "but no immediate danger was apprehended in regard to him. He was present at the installation of the rector of the Edinburgh Academy on Monday, and on Wednesday he had a walk with his son, but, beyond feeling, a little fatigued with the exorcise, did not manifest any unusual symptoms of illness. He retired to his bedroom in the evening, and when his servant entered it yesterday morning his Lordship was found to have died in the course of the might. He was lying in bed with a book by his side, and the gas burning-his death evidently having taken place while he was engaged in reading. Dr Andrew Wood, the physician of the family, was called in, but medical aid was of no avail, His Lordship had evidently boon dead for some hours. His death is supposed to have boon caused by heart disease. His Lordship was about sixty-six or sixty-seven years of ago. He was the son of Mr Dundas, a writer to the signet, and proprietor of Ochtertyre. He has left two brothers surviving him-Mr John Dundas, one of the partners of the well-known firm of Dundas & Wilson, writers to the signet, and Sir David Dundas, now in England. Sir David was older than Lord Manor. He was at one time member of Parliament for Sutherlandshire, but resigned the office to make way for a relation of the Duke of Sutherland. Sir David was for some time Judge Advocate, and afterwards Solicitor-General in England. Manor was called to the Bar in 1826. Several of his colleagues, still sitting both in the Supreme Bench and in the Sheriff Court, preceded him in this respect.

Colin Mackenzie Dundas
Son of: George Dundas
and: Elizabeth Mackenzie
born: 10/9/1842
died: 19/6/1911
Occupation: Commander Royal Navy
  x Agnes Wauchope
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Colin Dundas
2. David John Wauchope Dundas

James Colin Dundas

Son of: Colin Mackenzie Dundas
and: Agnes Wauchope
born: 6/1/1883
died: 26/8/1966
Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel. D.S.O. 1917. 2nd Lieut, Royal Field Artillery, 1900; Lieut, 1903; Captain, 1913; Major, 1915; Brevet Lieut-Colonel, 1919; transferred Royal Tank Corps as Major and Bt Lt-Col; Lieut-Colonel, Royal Tank Corps, 1925; PSC; served European War (despatches twice, DSO, Brevet Lieut-Colonel); DAQMG, 6th Division, 1915; Staff Captain, War Office, 1917; Deputy Assistant Director of Artillery, War Office, 1917; 1919; General Staff Officer, 2nd Grade, War Office, 1920-1923; DAA and QMG 51st (Highland) Division, 1924-1925; commanded Northern Group, Royal Tank Corps, India, 1925-1928; retired pay, 1928; Lt-Col RA 1939; retired pay, 1941; Vice-Chm., British Hosps Assoc. and Chm. Scottish Branch until 1948; County Commissioner for Boy Scouts for Perthshire until 1950, Vice-Chm. Scottish Cttee. Boy Scouts Assoc.; Member, Royal Company of Archers (King's Bodyguard for Scotland), 1930; JP Perth; DL County of Stirling; awarded Naval Gold Medal of RUSI, 1925.
  x 23/12/1912 Kathleen Tarleton daughter of Lieut-Col James Hearn Tarleton
  No issue, but an adopted daughter

David John Wauchope Dundas

Son of: Colin Mackenzie Dundas
and: Agnes Wauchope
born: 3//2/1886
died: 24/9/1938
  x 14/2/1920 Winifred Hersey
  the following children were born of this union:
1. William John Dundas
2. Barbara Helen Dundas born 1/2/1922, married Major David Maitland Garner
3. Hersey Mai Dundas born 5/9/1926
4. Ruth Dundas born 29/12/1927

William John Dundas

Son of: David John Wauchope Dundas
and: Winifred Hersey
born: 9/9/1923
died: 2/11/1965
Occupation: Lt. Commander, Royal Navy.
william john dundas

William Dundas was one of the three survivors of the sinking of H.M.S. Hood. He was at his post on the Compass Platform when H.M.S. Hood was fatally struck by Bismarck on 24th May 1941. He was able to escape by kicking out one of the starboard side windows and swimming away. He demonstrated great skill and bravery during the sinking and afterwards. This was demonstrated by his tireless efforts to keep the other two survivors awake/coherent and alive until help could arrive. The sinking of H.M.S. Hood had a traumatic psychological effect on William- one which he apparently never came to grips with. It would trouble him for the rest of his life.

Following the war, he was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander (September 1952), and he served in a number of ships/establishments. From 1952 to November 1953, he as assigned to H.M.S. Warrior. His next assignment was H.M.S. Diligence (November 1953 to August 1955). He followed this up with service in H.M.S. Starling from 1955 to 1958.