George Dundas
Son of: John Dundas
and: Margaret Criechton
died: 1655
George Dundas obtained a charter in 1617 of the lands of Morton, in the barony of Abercorn. In 1648, he was on the Linlithgowshire Committe for War. He had commissions in 1661 and 1662 to try witches in South Queensferry.
  x Susanna Brown daughter of Patrick Brown of Colstoun
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Dundas
2. Alexander Dundas died without issue
3. William Dundas who was the principal actor in the abduction of Lady Elizabeth Dundas of Newliston in 1667
4. Robert Dundas born 1643 Abercorn
5. Patrick Dundas born 1651 died without issue
6. Agnes Dundas married George Wilson
7. Susanna Dundas born 1646 Abercorn married John Veitch (died 1702)

James Dundas

Son of: George Dundas
and: Susanna Brown
occupation: Justice of the Peace. Captain in the Militia of Linlithgowshire. Member of Parliament 1669-1673
On the death of his uncle David Dundas he succeeded to the estate of Philpstoun
  x 1656 Elizabeth Hamilton daughter of James Hamilton of Westport, Linlithgow
1. James Dundas born 1658 of Philpstoun
2. George Dundas born 1662 Abercon died without issue
3. David Dundas of Philpstoun born 1665 Abercorn. Succeeded his brother James
4. William Dundas born 1672 Abercorn a Brigadier in the 3rd troop of Horse Guards died without issue
5. Thomas Dundas born 1674 Abercorn a surgeon in Linlithgow who purchased the lands of Drumcross near Bathgate. He married  22/7/1711 Jean Wishart  and had issue:
  a. Thomas Dundas born 1712 married 17/7/1736 Janet Gregory and left issue:
    i. Thomas Dundas born 17/10/1739 married 1763 Ann Dick and had issue:
      . John Dundas born 18/7/1763
      .. Thomas Dundas born 1763
      ... Robert Dundas born 1765
    ii. Robert Dundas born 9/9/1742
    iii. Patrick Dundas born 7/9/1744
    iv. Janet Dundas born 23/6/1738
  b. Patrick Dundas christened 19/6/1714 married Katherine. A surgeon in Linlithgow who had issue:
    i. John Dundas born 4/10/1747. In the service of the East India Company
    ii. Jean Dundas born 6/9/1751
  c. George Dundas christened 14/7/1715. An apprentice to William Keir 1732
  d. James Dundas christened 3/3/1719
  e. Alexander Dundas shown as an apprentice wright (joiner/carpenter) to William McClean, 1721. (This entry can not be confirmed as no trace of his birth can be found, but apprentice records show him as a son of Thomas Dundas, surgeon  in Linlithgow).
6. Walter Dundas born 1677 Abercorn and died without issue
7. Susanna Dundas born 1659 Abercorn
8. Elizabeth Dundas born 1660 Abercorn
9. Anna Dundas born 1666 Abercorn
10. Henrietta Dundas born 1669 Abercorn
11. Marjorie Dundas born 1670 Abercorn