James Dundas
24th of Dundas
Son of: George Dundas
and: Alison Bruce
born: 1721
died: 1780 on voyage to Jamaica
Occupation: M.P. Linlithgowshire. Colonel 94th Regt
  x 1748 Jean Maria Forbes who died 28th July 1771 (General Evening Post, 1/8/1771)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. George Dundas born 19/10/1752 in France
2. William Dundas born 1759. Died young
3. Dorothea Dundas married 1769 George Brown
4. Alicia Dundas married 27/12/1780 Sir John Wedderburn. Died 24/6/1831.
alicia dundas
Alicia Dundas
5. Barbara Dundas married 10/9/1785 George Ogilvie of Langley Park, Jamaica and died 1832. The Wedderburn Book. Vol.2.
barbara dundas
Barbara Dundas, Mrs George Ogilvie (d.1832) of Langley Park, Jamaica by attributed to Sir William Beechey RA (Burford 1753 Hampstead 1839)
©National Trust Images

George Dundas
25th of Dundas
Son of: James Dundas
and: Jean Maria Forbes
born: 19/10/1752 in France. (Scots Magazine 6/11/1752)
died: 22/8/1792. Lost at the wreck of The Winterton  off the coast of the Madagascar
Occupation: Captain in the Honourable East India Company
  X  24/12/1784 Christian Stirling daughter of Sir William Stirling of Ardoch
christian stirling
Portrait of Christian Stirling Dundas. By kind permission of the late Mrs Connie Dundas of Dundas
  the following children were born of this union;
1. Christian Dundas  born1785 married June 1804 Captain John Hamilton of Sundrum
2. Maria Dundas born 1787 married 8/4/1813 Robert Cunnyngham son of Sir William Augustus Cunnyngham
3. Ann Dundas born 1791 married 1831 Montgomerie Hamilton
4. Margaret Dundas died November 1801. (Edinburgh Weekly Journal. 25/11/1801).
5. James Dundas born posthumously 1793

The Edinburgh Advertiser, 23/8/1793: Captain Dundas, of the Winterton, East Indiaman, who was lost, as mentioned in last Advertiser, was proprietor of the Estate of DUNDAS, in West Lothian. It appears on the account that we published, that he gallantly sacrificed his life to preserve the passengers and the greatest part of the officers and crew, whom he placed upon the poop, which was cut away before the ship separated.

James Dundas
26th of Dundas
Son of: George Dundas
and: Christian Stirling
born: 14/1/1793
died: 9/3/1881. (Aberdeen Journal 14/3/1881) - Funeral of Mr James Dundas of Dundas, -The remains of the late venerable head of the Dundas family were interred on Saturday afternoon in the family vault at South Queensferry. As a mark of respect for the deceased the shops in the burgh were closed from half-past twelve till nearly two o'clock, the hour fixed for the funeral being one o'clock. The town bell was also tolled. The services were conducted at the residence of the deceased gentleman in Edinburgh by the Rev. Mr Mair, Dalmeny, who also offered prayers at the grave. The Provost, Magistrates, and Council and leading merchants of Queensferry met the funeral party at the Hawes Inn, and followed the hearse and carriages to the grave
James Dundas was responsible for the building of the modern castle, which he then sold in 1875.
dundas castle
  X 1813  Lady Mary Tufton Duncan (died 1867). Granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1833. Daughter of Adam 1st Viscount Duncan and Henrietta Dundas daughter of Robert Dundas 4th Lord Arniston
  the following children were born of this union:
1. George Dundas born 1819. The thirteenth Governor of Prince Edward Island since the creation of the Colony in 1763. Entered the British army in 1839. After serving in Bermuda and Nova Scotia, he resigned his commission in 1844 and from 1847 to 1858 he represented Linlithgow in the British House of Commons. On 8th June 1859 he was appointed Governor of Province of Prince Edward Island. In 1875 he was appointed governor of the Island of St. Vincent and the Antilles. In 1879 he was created a Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (C.M.G.) and he died without leaving issue at St. Vincent and the Antilles on 18th March 1880. Married 1859 Mary Elizabeth Atkinson daughter of the Rev. William Atkinson and Jane Margaret Clark
    george dundas mary elizabeth atkinson
    George Dundas Mary Elizabeth Dundas nee Atkinson
2. Adam Alexander Duncan Dundas
3. Robert Henry Duncan Dundas born 1823 died 12/8/1912 married 1863 Catherine Anne Carrington Napier and had issue:

The Times, 25/7/1833; "A most melancholy and distressing accident took place at Dundas Castle last Tuesday morning. Mr Dundas' 3rd son Henry, (Robert Henry Duncan Dundas) a very fine and promising boy of 10 years of age, having just left his mother's room ran down to the steam engine, which is situated at the farm offices and was employed that morning in driving the thrashing mill etc. The little boy had incautiously gone too close and got the corner of his little jacket first entangled, which from the rapidity of the motion, dragged him into them in an instant, and had first caught him above the elbow of the right arm, which they at that place divided and then a second time caught him close to the shoulder joint, which was also cut off at that place and both pieces of the arm were left hanging by the tattered fragments of the jacket in the teeth of the pinions. His uncle and godfather, The Honourable Captain Duncan, had only a few days before written to say that he was to put his name for admission to the Royal Naval College at Portsmouth".

  a. James Henry Dundas born 1/11/1866 died 7/5/1867
  b. Robert Napier Dundas born 24/6/1873 married 1896 Katharine Elizabeth Lee. He arrived in the Okanagan, Canada about 1890 and died 24/6/1919 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, leaving issue:
    i. James Robert Duncan Dundas born 1898 killed in action 1918.
    ii. Catherine Henrietta Dundas born 1897 married Thomas Barnes Mathieson 1921 in Kelowna and died 271/1/9174
    iii. Janet Dalrymple Dundas born 1900 married 27/10/1920 John Coussmaker Anderson in British Columbia, Canada and died 10/7/1970
  c. Mary Frances Dundas born 21/11/1864 in Bengal, India. Married 1893 Robert Finnie McEwen, died 1944.
    mary frances dundas
  d. Henrietta Caroline Dundas married 1895 Lt. General Sir David Henderson, died 14/4/1959
  e. Anne Beauclerk Dundas born 27/2/1869 married 1896 1st Baron Islington, died 7/8/1958
  f. Louisa Dalrymple Dundas born 3/7/1881 died 5/8/1940
4. Charles Stirling Dundas born 9/9/1824 Major General, Bengal Artillery married 20/3/1856 Mary Louisa Knatchbull and died 28/5/1895 in Edinburgh leaving issue:
  a. Arthur Charles Frederick Dundas born 28/9/1857 married 14/10/1886 Agnes Mary Simpson and died the same year without leaving issue.
  b. Amy Mary Dundas born 1863 in India married 1902 Henry Swainson Cowper, died  9/9/1953
  c. Alice Norton Dundas married 1898 John Maurice Edward Lloyd, died 26/12/1906
  d. Malcolm James Russell Dundas, Major 3rd Bn The Buffs, born 2/1/1859 at Mersham Hatch, Kent married 1893 Margaret Ann Holford, died 1/8/1944.
Pall Mall Gazette 1896) - A Claim for Legitimacy. The Head of the Dundas Family.
Sir F Jeune, in the Probate Division today, had before him the case of Dundas v the Attorney-General. This was a petition under the Legitimacy Declaration Act by Captain Malcolm James Russell Dundas, of the 3rd Buffs, for a declaration that he was the lawful child of the late Major-General Charles Stirling Dundas by Mary Louisa Dundas. The Attorney General was cited as respondent and was represented by counsel, in order to see that the claim was fully established. All the members of the Dundas family were also cited, but the only one that appeared to question the claim was Mr James Dundas, son of the fourth son of the late Dundas of Dundas, but his counsel intimated that he did not intend to take part in the proceedings beyond seeing the case proved. Mr Bargrave-Dean, in stating the petitioner's case, said his client's father and mother were married on March 29th 1856 at St George's, Hanover Square. At that time the father was a lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. Immediately after the marriage they went to India and proceeded in a vessel in which his brother Mr Adam Dundas now the Dundas of Dundas was Captain. The first child, a son named Arthur, was born in September 1857. On April 24th, 1858, Mrs Dundas left Bombay, returned to England with her son and on January 24th 1859, she gave birth to a child, the present petitioner. That was exactly nine months after she left her husband. The child was registered as their son. Afterwards Mrs Dundas returned to India and resumed cohabitation with her husband, and two more children, Amy and Alice were born. At the time of the marriage, a settlement was executed, Mrs Dundas brought in £8.000 and Mr Dundas brought in some reversionary interest.
At the end of 1868 a deed of separation was entered into by Mr and Mrs Dundas, and at the same time there was a recital in the settlement that there were four children of the marriage - Arthur, Malcolm, Amy and Alice, and at a later date, on the death of Arthur, the recital was altered to the three surviving children of the marriage, Malcolm, Amy and Alice. On one occasion, when Malcolm went to India, he was received most affectionately by his father, who introduced him to his brother officers as his son. He also received letters from him signed "Ever your affectionate father." In February 1893, the petitioner married, and at the time was described as the eldest surviving son of Major George Charles Stirling Dundas. In 1893, Major General Dundas made a will appointing Captain Adam Dundas sole executor, and leaving all his property to one of his daughters. The petitioner then, for the first time, heard that his relations were raising doubts as to his legitimacy. This particular branch of the Dundas family was the senior branch, and if the petitioner was declared illegitimate, Mr James Dundas who appeared as respondent might succeed early to the title of Dundas of Dundas. Counsel then referred to the documentary evidence establishing the petitioner's title, and the petitioner having been called, and no opposition being offered, his Lordship said the petitioner had clearly made out his case. It was difficult, said his Lordship, to see how any opposition could have succeeded. He therefore declared him to be the lawful son of Major General Charles Stirling Dundas, by his wife, Mary Louis Dundas, and a natural born subject of the Queen.
5. John Dalrymple Dundas born 4/2/1829 married 1stly Elizabeth Hills 1861 in London and 2ndly 1877 Frances Anne Mackenzie and died 1890 in Devon.
6. Frederick Henry Fergusson Dundas born 26/3/1832 married 1865 Ursula Mellish, (died 1903) and died 1875 leaving issue:
Morning Post, 13/1/1875 - "Mr. Frederick Dundas, youngest son of Mr. Dundas, of Dundas Castle, died yesterday. He was injured in the collision at Ratho, near Edinburgh, in November, and one of his legs was afterwards amputated".
  a. James Dundas born 6/4/1866 married 1stly 30/121896 in Wales, (marriage dissolved 1902 due to James Dundas' adultery) Louisa Maria Mohun-Harris and had issue:
    i. Duncan James Walpole Dundas born 3/1/1898 married Peggy C Brown in 1940 and died 1974 in London
    James Dundas married 2ndly 1922 Lily Chapman and had issue:
    ii. Frederick James Dundas born 1923 married 1947 Gladys Gertrude Barker. Died 2001 in Cheshire
    iii. Charles Stirling Dundas born 1925 died 1926
  b. Richard Charles Dundas born 16/10/1868. Married Betsy Ramsay in 1904 and was killed in action 25/9/1915. Lt Colonel Royal Scots
    richard charles dundas
    Richard Charles Dundas
7. Henrietta Duncan Dundas born 1814 died 11/3/1877, unmarried.
8. Caroline Stirling Dundas born 1815 married 1837 Hon Amelius Coventry, died 1862
9. Catharine Mary Dundas born 1816 died unmarried 30/5/1900
10. Adamina Dundas died in infancy
11. Mary Jemima Dundas born 1818 died 1861.
12. Anna Maria Dundas born 1827 married 3/10/1853 Maitland Wardrop, died 12/12/1914

Adam Alexander Duncan Dundas
27th of Dundas
Son of: James Dundas
and: Mary Tufton Duncan
born: 22/1/1822
died: 6/3/1904
Occupation: Captain Royal Navy. J.P
  Adam  Alexander Duncan Dundas resided at Inchgarvie House, Linlithgowshire.
adam alexander dundas
Portrait of Adam Alexander Duncan Dundas. By kind permission of the late Mrs Connie Dundas of Dundas
  x 25/3/1856 Charlotte Maria Hope daughter to Rear Admiral Charles Hope
  the following children were born of this union;
1. James Adam Dundas born 15/1/1857 and died 7/2/1857
2. Walter Henry Dundas born 22/1/1858 and died 20/4/1886
3. Charles Hope Dundas
4. George William Dundas. Captain in The Bedfordshire Regiment. Born 30/3/1868, married 1889 Isabella Louise Head and died 8/10/1929 leaving issue;
  a. Aileen Elizabeth Dundas born 1890 married 1917 Lt. Col Bernard Vivian Ramsden died circa 1946
5. Henry Walter Dundas born 11/3/1872 died 31/1/1873
6. Mary Dundas born 19/9/1864
7. Ada Charlotte Dundas born 22/5/1864 married 1892 John Julius Dodgshon. She died 14/1/1951
8. Gwendoline Maria Dundas born 13/5/1866 died unmarried 1939
9. Katharine Theodora Dundas born 27/8/1874 at St. Andrews. Married  4/6/1902 William Younger, died 1/6/1961.
Berwickshire News and General Advertiser, 10/6/1902 - "Marriage of a Border Squire.” On Wednesday St. Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, was filled by a large crowd, the majority of whom were ladies, the occasion being the marriage between Mr William Younger, of Ravenswood, Melrose, and Katherine Theodora, youngest daughter ot Mr Adam Duncan Dundas, of Dundas, Inchgarvie, South Queensferry. The Very Rev. the Dean of the Order of the Thistle and of the Chapel Royal of Scotland officiated. The bride was attended by six bridesmaids, and during the marriage ceremony the choir of the cathedral carried through an elaborate musical service.

Charles Hope Dundas
28th of Dundas
Son of: Adam Alexander Duncan Dundas
and: Charlotte Maria Hope
born: 9/8/1859 in London
died: 1/7/1924
Occupation: Admiral, Royal Navy. K.C.M.G. A.D.C. to King George V, Naval Attaché at Tokyo, 1908-10.
charles hope dundas
  x 9/8/1897 Helen Burgess daughter of Mr Edwin Burgess Watson
helen burgess
Portrait of Helen Burgess. By kind permission of the late Mrs Connie Dundas of Dundas
  the following children were born of this union;
1. Adam Duncan Dundas
2. Ian Hope Dundas
3. James Hamilton Dundas  O.B.E., D.S.C. Commander Royal Navy, J.P. born 3/7/1915 married 9/9/1939 Ruth Farmiloe and had issue:
  a. Constance Anne Mary Dundas born 11/4/1940
  b. Antonia Ruth Dundas born 3/7/1944
4. Muriel Charlie Dundas born 15/4/1898 married 1923 Captain John Henry Jauncey
  Muriel Charlie Dundas. Photo of when she was a bridesmaid at the marriage of Captain Alistair Richardson, 1st King's Dragoon Guards to Miss Forbes of Callendar.
5. Helena Beatrice Dundas born 21/6/1899 married 1924 Brigadier Alastair Wardrop Ewing Crawford
6. Helenie Mary Dundas born 29/11/1920 died 12/3/1993
  charles hope dundas
  Portrait of Admiral Charles Hope Dundas. By kind permission of the late Mrs Connie Dundas of Dundas

Adam Duncan Dundas
29th of Dundas
  Son of: Charles Hope Dundas
and: Helen Burgess
born: 28/7/1903
died: 1951
  newspaper article
Occupation: Major RA.
  Lived in Cape Town, South Africa
  x 1928 Guy Effie
  the following children were born of this union;
1. Fay Dundas born 8/2/1934 married 1960 Ronald Hunter and has issue.
  2. Joy Dundas born 8/2/1934
  3. Heather Dundas born 3/3/1938 married 1963 John Muir Fraser and has issue.

Ian Hope Dundas
30th of Dundas
Son of: Charles Hope Dundas
and: Helen Burgess
born: 13/7/1908
Occupation: Lt Commander Royal Navy. He resigned from this commission in the early 1930's.
ian hope dundas
Portrait of Ian Hope Dundas. By kind permission of the late Mrs Connie Dundas of Dundas
1st: x 1933 Pamela Dorman (divorced 1938)
  the following children were born of this union;
1. Melissa Dundas born 28/81934 married 1958 Baron Francis De Wolff and had issue. She married 2ndly 1975 Michael Bakewell.
2. Lynette Dundas born 17/12/1935 married 1957 Timothy Cecil Frankland and has issue.
2ndly: x 1940 Dorothy McCallum
  the following children were born of this union;
3. David Duncan Dundas born 12/3/1942
4. Maria Theresa Dundas born 31/12/1947

David Duncan Dundas
31st of Dundas
Son of: Ian Hope Dundas
and: Dorothy McCallum
born: 12/3/1942, India
1st: x 11/6/1965, Ester Kruger
  the following children were born of this union;
1. Gordon Hamilton Dundas born 10/12/1968, married Leesa Ethel Mostert
2ndly: x 1982 Yvonne Jeanne Landers who died 5/3/2006
3rdly: x 15/10/2010 Connie Sanders, Ontario, Canada. Connie died 23rd June 2012
Connie Sanders was the authoress of the book "William & John Dundass" and spent many years researching the Dundas family.
david and connie
David and Connie on their wedding day

"The Goble and Mail, 25th June 2012"

Constance Sanders Dundas (nee Underwood)
Died on Saturday 23rd June 2012 at Cambridge Memorial Hospital from long illness.
Connie was the adored and adoring wife of 31st Clan Chief David Duncan Dundas of Dundas, beloved mother of Mary Sanders Adamson (Stan) and Geoffrey Sanders (Donna), loving Granny of Rebecca and Michael Adamson, all of Cambridge, beloved sister of Phyllis Manning of California, and aunt of Phyllis, Helen, Michael and Patrick Manning, loving sister-in-law of Maria Dundas Mol (Jaap), South Africa and Lynette Dundas Pearson (John), much loved cousin of Heather Dundas Fraser (Ian), England. Connie's parents were Gordon R. Underwood and Helen Duthie, of Brantford.
She graduated from Trinity College, University of Toronto and O. C.E. At University she served in the R. C.A.F. as an officer based in Metz, France. Teaching was her mission and was currently at St. Louis Cambridge 1990, she received the Teacher of the Year award by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education when she taught for the 'Waterloo Regional School Board. Described as 'a booster', she gave the students self-worth. 'She welcomed each student, not as a challenge but as a new success story about to unfold'. In 1994, she was featured in the book Teachers by Walter Pitman and Joyce Nesker Simmons.
A lifelong genealogist, she compiled a 750 page book 1981, The Descendants of William and John Dundass, Scots-Irish Immigrants to Canada. Over the years she contributed articles to the Historical Society and was her church archivist. Recently, she compiled Dundas of Dundas, The Female Lines Vol. I, Lady Christian Stirling Dundas of Dundas Vol. II, Lady Jean Forbes Dundas of Dundas.
For volunteerism, she received from the Governor-General a medal in 1992 'in recognition of significant contribution to Compatriots, Community and to Canada'. Connie worked hard, accomplished much, and lived life to the fullest. From infancy she loved animals, especially dogs and cats. A member of the C.F.U.W. she was active in the Gourmet Group for 40 years. A member of Clan Dundas, for years she was happily married to the 31st Chief of Dundas.
Cremation to take place followed by a private Ceremony for family and invited friends. At a later date a celebration of life service will be Held at Galt Knox Presbyterian Church, to be announced. Online condolences may be made at DONATIONS in her honour may be made to 'Medical Day Care' through Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation. Thanks to all the staff of the Medical Day Care team who treated her with the utmost kindness, care and dignity. In her memory, do an act of kindness to someone else, be kind to animals and leave the planet a better place.
Per Ardua Ad Astra Connie