John Dundas
14th of Dundas
Son of: Archibald Dundas
and: Agnes Borthwick
died: 1495
  Attended St. Andrew's University 1466
  x Christian
  the following children were born of this union:
1. William Dundas

22/1/1483 - Retour in favour of John Dundas, as heir of the deceased Archibald Dundas of that Ilk, in tenement of land lying on the north side of the King's highway in the burgh of Linlithgow.

On 17th January 1482-3, John Dundas of that Ilk had the lands of Bothkennar bestowed on him for his aid in liberating the King from captivity "Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, Volume IX. 1480-1487".

In 1491, John Dundas received the grant of the island of Inchgarvie in the Firth of Forth and a Royal licence was granted to John Dundas of that ilk to build castle on his rock of Inchegarve in firth of Forth, between passages of the Quenys Ferreya, with "le drawbriggis, tumlairs, porticulicis, barteling, machcoling, kernalis and skowlaris ".

The island of Inchgarvie was granted to John Dundas in 1491 in lieu of his extensive property at Bothkenner, which had been forfeited by his adherence to James 111.

It was with a view to preventing the devastations of Dutch and English pirates that James 1V, in 1491, granted Inchgarvie in the Firth of Forth to John Dundas of Dundas, with permission to build a fort on the rocky islet and levy duty on passing ships. The King did not live to see the fort completed, however, for the building operations seem to have been interrupted by the death of John Dundas in 1495, and not until after the Battle of Flodden was the fortification finished.

John Dundas was served heir to his father on 3/10/1480. He had several confidential embassies entrusted to him by King James 111, who had intimated his intention of making John Earl of Forth. Unfortunately the King was killed at Sauchieburn before this took place.

inchgarvie castle
Inchgarvie Castle

William Dundas
15th of Dundas
Son of: John Dundas
and: Christian
died: killed at Flodden 1513
  x Margaret Wauchope daughter of Archibald Wauchope of Niddrie
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Dundas
2. William Dundas  of Priestinch, ancestor of the Dundas' of Duddingstoun and Manour
On 8 March 1514, Margaret the widow of William Dundas of Dundas undertook the manage of the completion of the fortress that James IV and her father-in-law had begun building on Inchgarvie island.

James Dundas
16th of Dundas
Son of: William Dundas
and: Margaret Wauchope
died: 1553
  x Margaret Sandilands daughter of James Sandilands, Lord Torphichen. She married 2ndly, William Wauchope of Niddrie
  the following children were born of this union:
1. George Dundas
2. Margaret Dundas married 1558 Robert Wauchope of Niddrie
3. Elizabeth Dundas
4. Jane Dundas

National Archives of Scotland GD75/444, 21/8/1535: Notarial copy of tack by James, archbishop of St. Andrews, primate of all Scotland, legate, to James Dundas of that ilk, of two-thirds of demesne lands called mains of Kirkliston, alias Cattelbok, in barony of Kyrklistoun, regality of St. Andrews, for 15 years, for £17 6s. 8d. annually.

GD75/29: Crown charter to James Dundas of that ilk of lands of Echlyn, in sheriffdom of Linlithgow. 1553

George Dundas
17th of Dundas
Son of: James Dundas
and: Margaret Sandilands
died: 1598
george dundas ©Trustees of the British Museum.
1st: Margaret Boswell daughter of David Boswell of Balmuto
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Walter Dundas (in many documents shown as of Newliston before his ascension to Dundas)
2. James Dundas. Shown at St. Andrew's University in 1576 along with his brother Walter Dundas
GD119/56 National Archives of Scotland 22/3/1577: "Tack by James Lord Torphichen to James Dundas son to his cousin George Dundas of that Ilk for his lifetime, and to his heir for life, and to the next heir for nineteen years after the decease of the first heir of the teinds of the parish and parish Kirk of Incheymane in the Sheriffdom of Renfrew".
GD75/564 National Archives of Scotland. James Dundas was still alive in 1588 as can be confirmed by a letter to his brother Walter.
3. George Dundas died 1608
GD75/40 National Archives of Scotland 12/7/1576; "Charter by George Dundas of that ilk, with consent of dame Katherine Oliphant, his spouse, in favour of George Dundas, son of said George, and Margaret Boswell, his deceased spouse, of 16 acres of land of Plewlandfeild, in lordship of Dundas, barony of Westnudry, alias Winchburgh, sheriffdom of Linlithgow"
4. Robert Dundas died 1618. (National Archives of Scotland. GD75/293)
GD75/402A National Archives of Scotland 25/2/1564: "Charter by Thomas Young, prior of Carmelite friars to George Dundas of that ilk and Margaret Boswell his spouse, in liferent, and to Robert Dundas, their fourth son and his heirs in fee of piece of ground, part of patrimony of Carmelite place in town of the Ferry, (bounds specified) in barony of Wynce-burch [Winchburgh], Sheriffdom of Linlithgow".
GD75/406 National Archives of Scotland 6/2/1602: "Disposition by Robert Dundas, son of deceased George Dundas of that ilk and deceased Margaret Boswell, his spouse, to Sir Walter Dundas of that ilk, his brother, of a piece of land (bounds specified) which was part of patrimony of Carmelite friars of South Qwenis Ferry, in town of Ferrye, barony of Wyncheburgh, sheriffdom of Lynlythgow".
2ndly: Katherine Oliphant daughter to the 3rd Lord Oliphant (died 12/12/1602)
  the following children were born of this union:
5. James Dundas ancestor of the Dundas' of Arniston
6. Robert Dundas
7. Elizabeth Dundas

Walter Dundas (Sir)

18th of Dundas
Son of: George Dundas
and: Margaret Boswell
born: 1562
died: 1636. Buried at the Canongate in Edinburgh.
Shown at St. Andrew's University in 1576 along with his brother James Dundas
Knighted at the baptism of Henry Prince of Wales, 19/2/1593
1st: x Janet Oliphant daughter of Sir Alexander Oliphant of Kellie and Katherine Leslie
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Elizabeth Dundas married Sir James Dundas of Newliston
2. Margaret Dundas married 1stly to William Sharp married 2ndly James Sinclair of Murchill
3. Isabel  Dundas married 1624 John Sandilands, 4th Lord Torpichen
2ndly: x Anna Monteith (died 1644) daughter of William Monteith of Kers and Marion Bruce of Airth. (This marriage appears to have caused some disagreement between Walter and his father - see records at the National Archives of Scotland). George Dundas had failed to provide adequate housing for his son (Walter) and his wife Anna and the matter was only resolved when Anna took control of the situation and moved into her father in law's home!
  the following children were born of this union:
4. George Dundas
5. William Dundas  ancestor of the Dundas' of Blair. Attended Dunfermline grammar school.
6. Walter Dundas ancestor of the Dundas' of Magdalens.  Married Jean Bruce. Died 1649 and buried at the Canongate in Edinburgh.  After the decease of Walter Dundas, Jean Dundas signed over the lands of Magdalens to William Dundas of Duddingstoun. Issue:
  a. George Dundas. Christened 3/4/1644 at Uphall. Believed to have settled in Ireland
7. Alexander Dundas, died 1634
GD75/30 National Archives of Scotland 23/10/1613: "Bond of provision by Sir Walter Dundas of that ilk, kt., to Alexander Dundas, his fourth son, of annual rent of 200 merks scots from lands of Echling, in sheriffdom of Linlithgow, under reversion, suspending payment during granter's lifetime"
GD75/142 6/2/1630: "Bond of provision by Sir Walter Dundas of that ilk, kt., and George Dundas, his eldest son, to Alexander Dundas, youngest son of said Sir Walter, of annualrent of 200 merks scots".
GD75/33 "Precept of sasine by Sir Walter Dundas of that ilk, kt., in favour of William and Mr. Walter Dundas, his sons, of annual rent of 200 merks scots as in GD75/30 to which they have right as heirs of deceased Alexander Dundas, their brother".
8. Hugh Dundas. (Also sometimes spelt Hew)
GD75/76 National Archives of Scotland 23/10/1613; "Bond of provision by Sir Walter Dundas of that ilk, kt., to Hew Dundas, his 5th son, of annual rent of 400 merks scots, from lands of Ovirnewlistoun, under reversion, suspending payment during granter's lifetime".
9. Marion Dundas married Bryce Blair
10. Agnes Dundas ( Registry of Deeds 1682)
11. Barbara Dundas ( Registry of Deeds 1682)
12. Marie Dundas ( Registry of Deeds 1682)

George Dundas (Sir)
19th of Dundas
Son of: Walter Dundas
and: Anna Monteith
died: 1673
Educated at St. Leonard's college, St. Andrews. He supported the cause of the Covenanters and was a member of the committee which tried the first Marquis of Montrose who had fought for both sides in the battle of the Royalists and the Covenanters. He firstly fought for the Covenanters in the 1st War in 1638 (known as the 1st Bishop's war) and then changed his alliance in the 2nd war that broke out in 1640 and fought for the King,Charles 1st.
7th April 1669, HM King Charles II granted to George Dundas Elder of Dundas, the barony of Echlin, in the parish of Dalmeny.
  x 1612  Elizabeth Hamilton daughter of Sir Alexander Hamilton
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Walter Dundas 20th of Dundas
2. George Dundas  22nd of Dundas
3. James Dundas. Probably the James Dundas who in the book "Directory of Scots banished to the American plantations"  is shown as James Dundas, covenanter, son of the laird of Dundas, transported to the plantations of America, 1/8/1670. Although he was originally sentenced and prohibited from returning upon pain of death, this sentence seems to have been lifted.  See The history of the sufferings of the church of Scotland. James Dundas married Elizabeth Haliburton, 1/9/1668 in Dunfermline and settled in Garvock.  The  Genealogical Magazine , Vol 4 1901 ;"Confirmatione of ane disposition granted be Robert Haliburton of Garvock of the lands of Garvock to James Dundass, burgess of Edinburgh, son lawful to George Dundas of that ilk" and had issue:
  a. George Dundas of Garvock married Agnes (who married 2ndly, John Todd and died 1733) and died 1700. A skipper in South Queensferry. Had issue:
    i. Janet Dundas married John Hill
    ii. Christian Dundas
  b. James Dundas christened 17/7/1672 Pencaitland, East Lothian. Possibly the James Dundas who married Euphame (sometimes shown as Elizabeth) Anderson 30/10/1697 in Kirkliston and had issue:
    i. Margaret Dundas christened 13/4/1701 at Queensferry
    ii. Barbara Dundas christened 13/4/1701 at Queensferry
    iii. Elizabeth Dundas christened 9/4/1704 at Queensferry
    iv. Janet Dundas christened 20/4/1707 at Queensferry
    v. Helen Dundas christened 23/7/1709 at Dalmeny
    vi. Agnes Dundas christened 1/2/1713 at Dalmeny
    vii. James Dundas christened 1/2/1713 at Dalmeny
    viii. Christian Dundas christened 9/9/1716 at Dalmeny
  c. John Dundas married Eupham Dundas the eldest daughter of David Dundas of Philpstoun and succeeded to the estates of Philpstoun.
4. Christian Dundas married  Sir Walter Seton
5. Elizabeth Dundas christened 15/11/1646, married John Hamilton
6. Margaret Dundas married Sir John Dundas of Fingask
7. Anne Dundas christened 30/6/1646 married Sir Thomas Rigg

Walter Dundas
20th of Dundas
Son of: George Dundas
and: Elizabeth Hamilton
died: 1689

Colonel Walter Dundas was the Governor of Edinburgh Castle and responsible for defending the castle and Edinburgh against Cromwell. Suggestions have been made that Walter Dundas did not use all the means in his power to hold the stronghold. In 1651, a Parliamentary process in the form of a summons for treason was instituted against him, the offence being that he had delivered the castle to the enemy. The trial however ended in an aquittal, though there was a repercussion so late as 1661, when one of the charges against Dundas of Magdalens was that certain letters he had sent to Walter Dundas, the Governor, caused the capitulation of Edinburgh Castle

1st lord leven x 1639 Lady Christian Leslie, died 1689, daughter of Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven, who was one of the leaders of the Covenanters in the 1st war of the Bishop's. In an attempt to win Leslie's allegiance, King Charles created him Earl of Leven and Lord Balgonie and also Captain of Edinburgh Castle in October 1641. He oversaw the disbanding of the Covenant army in 1641 and then led a Covenanting expeditionary force against the Irish Catholic rebels in 1642 until 1644. The Scottish Parliament then appointed him to lead a Covenanting army into England in support of Parliament under the Solemn League and Covenant (1643) of which he was by now a supporter. The execution of Charles the 1st in 1649 was considered too extreme by many Scots including the Earl of Leven and he was one of many of the Scots who then changed their allegiance to Charles the 2nd against Cromwell.
1st Earl of Leven the following children were born of this union:
1. Alexander Dundas. Shown in the Glasgow University matriculations in 1660. Died 1664 in Edinburgh (Diary of Mr. John Lamont of Newton)
2. Ralph Dundas
3. Walter Dundas christened 3/4/1644, married 30/7/1685 at Dalmeny Jean Houston daughter of Sir Patrick Houston, 1st Baronet of Houston
4. Agnes or Ann Dundas married 4/9/1690 Sir John Foulis and had one daughter (died 1693) and died 1696.
5. Mary Dundas married Sir William Lockhart
6. Barbara Dundas married Alexander, Lord Raith and died 23/2/1719

Ralph Dundas
21st of Dundas
Son of: Walter Dundas
and: Lady Christian Leslie
died: Buried 16/1/1686 - Midlothian extracted parish records.
Ralph Dundas suffered persecution at the hands of the Privy Council of Scotland, in the reign of Charles 11. Some people were alleged to have been at a conventicle and to have passed through the lands of the Laird of Dundas. For this he was held responsible and heavily fined. It was of no avail that he pleaded his ignorance of any such meeting. To be a Presbyterian was sufficient to deprive him of any claim for justice. A Presbyterian meeting-house had been erected in the parish of Dalmeny, at Dundas castle. At this time, like his immediate predecessors, Ralph Dundas was a staunch Presbyterian and Covenanter. The church of Dalmeny was then in the possession of a conformist minister, and the meeting-house at Dundas seems to have been the religious centre of the parish.
  x 3/2/1675 Elizabeth Sharp
  the following children were born of this union: ?? See below
1. Walter Dundas christened 23/5/1677 Kirkliston
2. Thomas Dundas died without issue
  William Dundas christened 10/10/1681. Shown as an apprentice to John Murray 23/11/1698 and 2/2/1704 - Midlothian extracted parish records. Married 24/3/1709 in Edinburgh, Jean Stewart. Went to Rotterdam circa 1717. Shown as a merchant in Rotterdam 1734. "American Data from the records of the High Court of Admiralty of Scotland, 1675-1800" and died leaving issue:
  a. Thomas Dundas born 17/1/1710 in Edinburgh. It is possible that he was the Thomas Dundas who married Margaret Monger in 1732. Caledonian Mercury, 26/9/1732; "Last Monday, Thomas Dundafs Esq, a relation of Sir George Dundas of Scotland, was married to Miss Margaret Monger a beautiful young lady with an 8000 fortune". Shown as a merchant in Rotterdam in 1740.
  b. William Dundas born 23/3/1711 in Edinburgh.
  c. Alexander Dundas born 1717 in Rotterdam
  d. Mary Dundas born 8/6/1712 in Edinburgh
In 1704, a process of declarator of illegitimacy, was brought by George Dundas of Dundas, against William Dundas, merchant in Edinburgh, pretending to be son to Ralph Dundas, eldest son to Walter Dundas of Dundas and his wife Elizabeth Shairp, and claiming to be heir-male of the family of Dundas, complainer alleging said Ralph Dundas was impotent.
There appears to be a further mystery concerning William Dundas in that he went to Rotterdam as a merchant after 1715 and fathered three children with his wife, Jean Stewart whom he married 24/3/1709 in Edinburgh: Thomas Dundas, born 17/1/1710 in Edinburgh, William Dundas, who was born 23/3/1711 in Edinburgh, Mary Dundas, born 8/6/1712 in Edinburgh and Alexander Dundas born 1717 in Rotterdam. Jean Dundas nee Stewart died 1738 in Rotterdam. Thomas Dundas started a business in Holland, circa 1736, see GD30/1578, Scottish Archives.
 It is however stated in family records that William died without issue. It appears that he was the William Dundas, imprisoned for his part in the uprising of 1715 along with William Dundas of Kincavil. See Scotland's Archives GD30/2276 :" Letter to the laird of Houstoun from Alexander Guthrie deploring the fate of those being punished for their part in the 1715 rebellion, and the attitude of the minister in the High Church "rejoicing in the woe and misery of these unfortunate people". A course of action is suggested for acquitting the debts of William Dundas. A nephew of Shairp's [Sharp] is described as being "first of the list to be tryed and expecting death" and intercession is begged on his behalf with the earl of Buchan and Lord Torphichen to write favourably of him to Jerviswood, Mr. Pringle, the Duke of Montrose and others most concerned in the government". Weekly Journal, 8/12/1716 - "William Dundafs discharged from Newgate, December 1716 and also a merchant of the same name"
The chieftainship of the family devolved upon Ralph Dundas' uncle, George Dundas.
From: The Scottish Historical Review, Volume LXXX, 1: No. 209: April 2001, 45–62

In 1704 George Dundas of that Ilk disputed the right of William Dundas to succeed as heir to his deceased father, Ralph Dundas, on the grounds that Ralph had ‘been incapable for Copulation, at least for Procreation of Children’. Although his deceased wife, Elisabeth Sharp, had had other children as well (no longer alive), it was alleged that Ralph himself called ‘his Wife and the Children, The Whore and the Bastards’. George alleged that Ralph had been impotent, though the distinction between impotency and sterility was not made at that time. Ralph was known to have had erections, and to ejaculate, but his testicles were ‘no larger than a small Scots Country Bean’. The size of his penis was irrelevant ‘seeing it is but the Conduit betwixt the Well and the Cistern; & if there be no waterin the Well the Cistern will continue dry, let the Conduit be what it will’. However, as Ralph had acknowledged the children as his, and no legal enquiry was ever made about his alleged impotence during his lifetime, the commissaries (judges) did not find any of the evidence relevant after his death to declare William illegitimate and therefore assoilzied(absolved) him.

National Archives of Scotland, RH15/31/1:1682 Copy letters (2) from Ralph Dundas, one to Lord Torphichen, and the other to the laird of Arnistoune - wishes advice on how to settle his estate away from his wife's children, whom he does not believe are his.

George Dundas
22nd of Dundas
Son of: George Dundas 19th of Dundas
and: Elizabeth Hamilton
born: 3/4/1644
died: 1706
1st: x 16/12/1669 in Edinburgh Margaret Durie and had issue:
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Bessie Dundas born 1671
2. Janet Dundas born 1673
2ndly: x 12/9/1689 Margaret Hay
  the following children were born of this union:
3. George Dundas
4. Robert Dundas born 1696
5. Henry Dundas born 1697
6. Walter Dundas born 1702
7. Christian Dundas
8. Barbara Dundas born 1694 married Alexander Irvine
9. Helena Dundas born 1697
10. Margaret Dundas born 1698
11. Ann Dundas born 1693
12. Elizabeth Dundas born 1700

George Dundas
23rd of Dundas
Son of: George Dundas 22nd of Dundas
and: Margaret Hay
born: 1690
died: 1762
Occupation: M.P. Linlithgowshire and Master of the King's Works in Scotland
  x 20/6/1718 Alison Bruce (sometimes shown as Elizabeth) daughter of General James Bruce. Alison died 31/7/1754
  Caledonian Mercury, 1/8/1754: "Yesterday died at Dundas House, in the 60th year of her Age, of a lingering Illness, Alice Bruce, Spouse to George Dundas of Dundas, and Daughter to Brigadier General James Bruce of Kennet; a Lady whole sincere Piety, warm and disinterested Friendship, and other distinguished virtues made her an example worthy of imitation. As the lived justly beloved by all who knew her, so she has died universally regretted".
  the following children were born of this union:
1. George Dundas born 8/4/1719 died young
2. James Dundas
3. Robert Dundas born 1722, a Captain in the Navy. Died January 1760. (Whitehall Evening Post. 31/1/1760).
4. Walter Dundas a midshipman on the London East Indiaman, died 1747 unmarried
5. George Dundas christened 6/3/1726 Dalmeny.
6. Alexander Dundas born 1729, a Captain in Dutch Service. Lieutenant Colonel, 8th Foot. Died 1793
7. William Dundas a twin with John below
8. John Dundas christened 5/6/1730 at Dalmeny.
9. Laurence Dundas born 1734 married 16/10/1764 Ann Baxter (died 1793). Excise officer in Edinburgh. Died April 1805 leaving issue:
  a. George Dundas born 15/2/1765 West Lothian
  b. Alison Dundas, born 10/6/1766, West Lothian
  c. Andrew Dundas born 3/3/1768, West Lothian
  d. James Dundas born 30/3/1770, West Lothian. Accountant General of Excise for Scotland. Married Frances Newton Bruce 7/3/1808 and had issue:
    i. Laurence Dundas born 13/2/1809 Edinburgh
    ii. John Francis Dundas born 29/11/1810, Edinburgh married in Edinburgh 4/1/1838 Sarah Purcell McCallum (died 1905) and died 1888 in New Zealand leaving issue:
      A. James Dundas born 1839 Edinburgh. Died 14/1/1870 from a fall from his horse in Invercargill, New Zealand
      B. Alexander Dundas born 1841 Edinburgh. District Surveyor, Wellington, New Zealand. Married 31/7/1872 at Wanganui, Ellen Elizabeth Trafford (died 19th May 1875 aged 19) daughter of Major Benjamin Rawson Trafford and his Maoiri partner Pango. Married 2ndly 1878 Mary McDonald. Died (drowned) 24/8/1891 in New Zealand leaving issue:
      alexander dundas
      Alexander Dundas. Image from the National Library of New Zealand
        . Mary Helen Sarah Dundas born 1873 married 31/3/1898 Adam Alexander McDonald (died 1940) and died 1920
      mary elizabeth and mary
      Mary Elizabeth Dundas nee Trafford and Mary Helen Sarah.
        .. John Francis Dundas born and died 1880 New Zealand
        ... Annie May born 1881 New Zealand married 1910 Alfred Thomas Johnston
        .... Alexander Cecil Dundas born 1884 New Zealand. Married 1933 Emily Victoria Wallace and died 1951
        ..... Catherine Dorothy Dundas born 1889 New Zealand married 1910 William Hicks
      C. Lucy Dundas born 25/1/1842 Edinburgh
      D. Laurence Dundas born 22/1/1844 Edinburgh
      E. John Francis Dundas born 10/11/1845 Edinburgh. Editor of The Nelson Evening Mail. Died Invercargill, New Zealand 4/19/1907 without issue:
      john francis dundas
      John Francis Dundas is in the front row far right of the photo
      F. George Dundas born 1/7/1849 Edinburgh. Went to New Zealand. Shot himself 8/3/1866 whilst in the house of his brother, Alexander Dundas.
      G. Duncan Dundas born 20/10/1851 Edinburgh. Committed suicide at Invercargill, New Zealand in 1915 after suffering from ill health. Unmarried.
      H. Mary Dundas born 3/7/1854 Edinburgh
      I. Henry Robert Dundas born 15/2/1857 Edinburgh. Partner of "Sharp and Dundas" at Invercargill, New Zealand. Married 1901 Caroline Ellen Johnstone. Died 1933 leaving issue:
        . John Francis Dundas born 1901 married 1932 Nancy Dashwood Strettell (died 1994) and died 1986 in New Zealand
      J. Frances Dundas died 25/1/1880 at Edinburgh. (Caledonian Mercury, 31/1/1880)
    iii. George Dundas born 23/8/1812 Edinburgh. Unmarried. Died 1870 in Edinburgh
    iv. Margaret Bruce Dundas born 11/9/1814 Edinburgh. Died at Edinburgh, 25/7/1874 (Edinburgh Evening News 27/7/1874)
    v. Ann Frances Dundas born 3/6/1816 Edinburgh
10. Mary Dundas
11. Margaret Dundas died 1801
12. Alice Dundas died at Edinburgh November 1779. (Scots Magazine 1/11/1779)
13. Janet Dundas christened 25/8/1736. Died 1808. (Scots Magazine 1/4/1808)