Henry Dundas
Son of: Believed to be Francis Dundas of Carramoe and Roscor, Co. Fermanagh (see below)
occupation: Rector of Mullingar, Westmeath
died: before 1827
It is believed that Henry Dundas was a descendant of Dundas of Arniston due to the use of family Christian names and the fact that his grandson, John Henry Dundas named his home Arniston.
  x Arabella Stevens (widow of William Henry Nassau Stevens. Maiden name Hearn) x 11/5/1771 at St. Anne's Dublin
  Arabella had two children from her first marriage; William Henry Ramsey Stephens, born 1766 and Daniel Stephens, born 1767
  Arabella's father was the Venerable Michael Daniel Hearn, Archdeacon of Cashel and her mother was Anne Dowling, sometimes referred to as Dowley. Arabella died 7/9/1827 at Rutland Street, Dublin. She was by then a widow. (Waterford Mail, Sept 1827)
  The following children were born of the marriage between Henry Dundas and Arabella:
1. Anna Maria Dundas born 29/1/1772 died 1774 Cavan
2. Charlotte Dundas born 20/12/1772 died 1772 Cavan
3. Francis Henry Dundas born 17/12/1773 d 1774 Cavan
4. Elizabeth Hannah Dundas born 15/3/1775 Cavan
5. Isabella Maria Dundas born 30/10/1776 Cavan. Died 29/10/1851 Marlborough Street. (possibly Dublin).(King's County Chronicle 1851)
6. Henry Dundas born 2/11/1777 died 20/61795 of consumption, Bloomfield, Cavan
7. Arabella Frances Dundas born 22/10/1780 Cavan died 1808 at Mullingar, Westmeath
8. James Francis Dundas born 22/9/1781 died 1782 Cavan
9. George William Dundas born 27/1/1783, Cavan. Resigned his commission in the 2nd regiment, Royal Lancs, 1805 - Possibly the George William Dundas refered to below:-

The National Register 1808- Essex Assizes March 10th: "Robert Mattison, John Hopkins, and George William Dundas, were indicted for the murder of John Ogleby, on the 7th of February last, at Danbury, in this county. The above three prisoners were the principal and seconds in a duel. They were all very young men and Officers in the 7lst regiment of foot. It appeared, that the deceased had quarrelled with one of the prisoners, when be was in a state of intoxication, and had behaved with the greatest indignity. The consequence was, a challenge, and the deceased was shot through the body. After hearing the evidence, the Lord Chief Baron observed, that there was no proof of identity, and therefore the prisoners must be acquitted; and it was lucky for them the evidence did not reach, as if it did, one at least, if not all, would probably have suffered an ignominious death. The Jury found them— Not Guilty".

10. Anne Charlotte Dundas born 16/10/1784 Cavan
11. Robert Thomas Dundas born 1786 Cavan
12. Francis David Dundas born 20/9/1787 Cavan
It is interesting to note that many of Henry and Arabella's children were named after Arabella's brothers and sisters, For example; Robert Thomas Dundas, born 1787 was probably named after Arabella's brother Robert Thomas Hearn born 1734. Charlotte Dundas born 1772 was probably named after Arabella's sister Charlotte Hearn and Anna Maria Dundas born 1772 was probably named after another of Arabella's sisters Anna Maria Hearn who died in 1757. Charlotte Dundas may well have been named after Arabella's sister Charlotte Hearn who married Edward Reilly in 1766. George William Dundas may have been named after Arabella's brother William George Hearn born 1751.
By highlighting the names in blue that may well have been used from the Hearn family, one can now see that the male names used in this line which do not appear to be connected with the Hearns are; Francis, Henry, James and David. These Christian names are all connected with the Dundas' of Arniston.

Registry of Deeds- "A memorial of a lease dated the 12 October 1737 Whereby George Johnston of Calkeen Co. Fermanagh did demise to Francis Dundass of Roscor one half of the lands of Calkeen in the manor of Ardgart, alias Castle Hume, Co. Fermanagh, at the yearly rent of £16. 0. 0. Which said deed is witnessed by James Dundass of Roscor, Sir Charles Hume of Enniskillen, Bart. and Robert Rodgers of Blackslee Farmer”.

"A memorial of a lease dated the 3rd January 1770, between Henry Dundass of the city of Dublin, Gent of the part one and William Threadenick of Farnacassidy, Co. Fermanagh whereby the said Henry Dundass did demise to the said William Threadenick, the lands of Calkeen and Largary in County Fermanagh for 21 years, provided the lives or any of them in said Henry's lease thereof should so long continue."

Robert Thomas Dundas

Son of: Henry Dundas
and: Arabella Stevens
born: 12/4/1786 at Drung, Cavan, Ireland
occupation: Captain 81st and 39th regiment
died: 24/12/1835 at Vittoria, Spain of fever whilst serving the the 7th Foot British Legion. (History of the British Legion and war in Spain)
  x 1822 at Glasnevin church, Dublin, Martha Grant (born 1803), daughter of the Rev. John Grant, rector of Clondalk and Jane. An Isabella Dundas was witness to the marriage. Martha died 16/3/1870 in Southampton.
  the following children were born of this union:
1. John Henry Dundas
2. Robert Thomas Dundas
3. Martha Dundas born 1830 at Wicklow married 29/9/1866 at St. Paul's, Southampton, Mr John Soy, Peninsular and Oriental Co, who died 1882 in Lewisham. Martha died 1889 in London.
4. Jane Dundas born 1831 at Wicklow, unmarried.
5. Donald William Dundas
6. William Edward Dundas born 1835. A ship's captain with the Peninsular and Oriental steam navigation co. Died 1875 in London. Unmarried.

Francis David Dundas


Son of: Henry Dundas
and: Arabella Stevens
born: 20/9/1787, Drung, Cavan, Ireland
occupation: Captain 81st regiment
died: 27/2/1839, Clontarf
  x 28/1/1819 Jane Walker at St. Mary's, Dublin. Jane died 6/12/1864 and was buried at Clontarf.
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Arabella Catherine Dundas christened 19/7/1820 at Clontarf died 1889 Drogheda
2. Isabella Dundas christened 12/2/1822 at Clontarf. Died 1/1836 at Cumberland Street, Dublin. (Limerick Chronicle 20/1/1836)
3. Henrietta Elizabeth Dundas christened 24/2/1824 at Clontarf. Married 11/6/1849 Richard Croker Russell. R.N.
4. Jane Dundas christened 7/9/1830 at Clontarf. Died 13/9/1848 at Clontarf
5. Eliza Dundas christened 28/3/1832 at Clontarf. Married 20/10/1852 Leslie Hugh Lawton of Clontarf. Henry Dundas was a witness.  She died 1854 on the passage to Australia
6. Frances Anne Dundas christened 15/8/1834 at Clontarf
7. Henry Nassau Dundas died July 1854 in Australia. (Dublin Evening Mail 15 December 1854)

John Henry Dundas
  Son of: Robert Thomas Dundas
and: Martha Grant
born: 1823
occupation: Surgeon 67th regiment. Doctor in Hamilton on Forth, Tasmania
died: 1/1/1894
  x 10/9/1863 at St. Mary's, Brompton Georgina Howard widow of Captain Adam Kellock. Georgina died 7/10/1890 at Hamilton on Forth
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Kathleen Helen Dundas born 22/3/1865 in Southampton married 12/9/1893 Edward Dashwood Scott. Died 15/9/1950 Australia and had issue:
    Kathleen Helen Dundas
  a. Cedric Dundas Scott born 1894 Australia married Heloise Rose Mary Cave and died 19/3/1975 leaving issue:
    Cedric Dundas Scott
    i. Anthony Cedric Dundas Scott born 1948 Australia married 1968 Helen Jean Woodrow and had issue:
      . Earle Garth Dundas Scott born 1971 Australia
      .. Samantha Taryn Dundas Scott born 1977 Australia
  b. Harold Dundas Scott born 29/8/1898 died 1/12/1898 Australia
  c. Eric Dundas Scott born 1901 married June 1940 Nancy Maclennan and died 1/6/1979 leaving issue:
    Eric Dundas Scott
    i. Michael James Dundas Scott married Paquita Eitzen and had issue:
      . Penelope Jane Dundas Scott born 1988 Australia
      .. Edward Scott born 1990 Australia
  d. Roy Dundas Scott born 14/10/1902 unmarried died 17/1/1974 Australia
  e. Edith Celia Dundas Scott born 1903 died 1967
2. Henry Charles Frank Dundas born 1868 died 11/3/1870

Robert Thomas Dundas
  Son of: Robert Thomas Dundas
and: Martha Grant
born: 1829
  occupation: Master Mariner
  died: 11/9/1879 on board the P and O steamship Cathay
  x 26/10/1857 at St. Andrew's church, Guernsey, Georgina Alice daughter of George D Plomer
  The marriage between Robert Thomas Dundas and Georgina ended in divorce in 1872 due to Georgina's adultery with John Richard Ratcliff Keane.
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Alice Charlotte Dundas born 1859 in Guernsey married 1891 John Herbert Hawkins Manley and died1/6/1940 in Folkestone leaving  issue;
  a. John Dundas Manley born 1892 killed in a action 26/9/1914
  b. Terence Wood Manley born 19/9/1894 West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Served during World War 1 with the Canadian Air Force and died 6/3/1918 as a result of a flying accident over Kent.
2. James Dundas born 6/2/1862 at Kirkley, Suffolk
3. Georgina Mary Dundas born 6/5/1865 in Herne Bay, Kent died 1945 in Surrey. On the 1911 census she is shown as an artist living in Hertfordshire.
4. Florence Amy Rhoda Dundas born 1867 in Bombay, married Charles H Pinner in 1910 in Croydon and died 1942

Donald William Dundas
  Son of: Robert Thomas Dundas
and: Martha Grant
born: 1832
died: 16/9/1875 Bengal
  occupation: District Superintendent of Police at Berhampore, Bengal. Captain 96th Regiment
  Harriet Selina Wollen x1859 in Serampore, Bengal
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Robert Thomas Dundas
2. Donald William Dundas born 31/5/1870 in Bengal died 19/9/1870
3. Patrick Henry Dundas born 17/10/1871 in Bengal. A Colonel in the army. Died 5/9/1936 in Kent.
4. William Charles Michael Dundas born 29/9/1873 in Bengal. Inspector General of Police in Assam. Died unmarried, 29/12/1933 in Middlesex, England.
5. Francis Wollen Dundas born 31/12/1875, Bengal died 5/5/1889 in Bombay
6. Jessie Blanche Dundas born 1862 Bengal died 1869 in Pubnah
7. Harriet Selina Dundas born 9/1/1864 in Bengal died 1864
8. Lizzie Jane Dundas born 28/7/1865 in Bengal married 1898 in Bengal Thomas Hawks and died 1918 in Sussex leaving issue:
  a. Gladys Mary Bate Hawks born 20th February 1899 in India, died 26th September 1979 in Brighton
  b. Frances Joyce Dundas Hawks born 1st January 1905 in India, married 1926 in Sussex, Wingfield G S Naunton. Married 2ndly 1938 in Kensington, Sigismund Klein (d. 1973) and died 9th April 1995 in Epsom, Surrey.
9. Mary Ursula Dundas born 10/8/1866 in Bengal married 1884 Roderick Edmond Carter (born 1858 died 1927 in Dorset) and died 1952 in Surrey having had issue:
  a. Arthur Donald Dundas Carter born 1888 in India and died on active service July 1915 in France. A Lieutenant in the 4th Gurkha Rifles.
  b. Mary Louise Carter born 1894 in India and died 1980 having married in 1924 in London Torrick Ameer Ali who was educated at Marlborough and Christ Church College, Oxford, and was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple. Chief justice of Bengal, and  Indian advisor to the secretary of state for India. He died in 1975
  c. Henry Edmond Dundas Carter born December 1896 in Eastbourne and died 27/3/1942 in Birmingham.

Robert Thomas Dundas



Son of: Donald William Dundas
and: Harriet Selina Wollen
born: 11/2/1869 in Bengal
  died: 1948 in Surrey
  occupation: Inspector General of Police in Bihar and Orissa
Royal Humane Society Bronze Medals Citations, 1900: Dundas, Robert T. District Supt. of Police; On the 19th May 1900, a woman, on landing from a steamer at Diamond Harbour, near Calcutta, fell into the river. The night was dark, an ebb tide running, and the river infested with crocodiles. At great risk, Dundas jumped in, and was able to rescue the woman.
  1st x 2/10/1902 in Ealing, Middx Beryl Jessie Pugh who died October 1914 in India and 2ndly x 1917 Mary Thompson
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Dorothy Barabara Dundas born 30/9/1903 married Brigadier John Charles Douglas Bruce in 1934 in Westminster, Middlesex, England.
2. Jessie Marjorie Dundas born 23/2/1907

Patrick Henry Dundas
patrick henry dundas
  Son of: Donald William Dundas
  and: Harriet Selina Wollen
  born: 17/10/1871 in Bengal
  died 5/9/1936 in Kent.
  occupation: Colonel
Patrick Henry Dundas was born 17 Oct. 1871, in Calcutta, son of Donald William Dundas, of the Bengal Police. He was educated at Denstone, and joined the Army, as a Second Lieutenant on the Unattached List, 3 Sept. 1892, being appointed to the Indian Staff Corps 5 Jan. 1894. He was promoted Lieutenant 3 Dec. 1894 ; served on the North-West Frontier of India, Tochi, 1897-98 (Medal with clasp), and in China, 1900 (Medal). He was promoted Captain, India, 3 Sept. 1901; was Staff Captain, India, to 31 Jan. 1909; Brigade-Major, India, 1 Feb. 1909, to 8 June, 1911 ; was promoted Major 3 Sept. 1910. He served in the European War; was mentioned in Despatches, and created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 18 Feb. 1915]: " Patrick Henry Dundas, Major, Indian Army." He was Brigade Major, 47th Infantry Brigade, New Armies, British Expeditionary Force, 3 July, 1915, to 16 March, 1916. He was mentioned in Despatches in Feb. 1916 ; was given the Brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel 3 June, 1917 was Acting Lieutenant-Colonel from 11 July, 1917, to 2 Sept. 1918; promoted Lieutenant-Colonel 3 Sept. 1918 ; appointed Administrator Commandant, Euphrates Section, Lines of Communication, Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force, 24 Feb. 1918. His regiment is the 6th Jat Light Infantry. He was given an O.B.E. in 1919. His D.S.O. was awarded " for services in connection with operations in the field."

Dundas' connected with this line somehow!


Peter Frederick Dundas christened 20/5/1842 at Clontarf. (Parents name not shown on church records).
Henry Dundas christened 18/11/1845 at Clontarf (Parent's names not shown) Likely to be a son of Francis David Dundas
Jane Dundas christened 18/11/1845 at Clontarf (Parent's names not shown)
In St. Anne's church Dawson street, Dublin, there is a Dundas vault with the following inscriptions;-
Peter Dundas Esq died 1852 aged 25 years
Lt. William ? 14th light Dragoons. Departed this life 1/5/1819 aged 26 years
Miss Jane Dundas aged 17 years. Died 13/9/1848. (Daughter of Francis David Dundas)