Patrick Dundas
Son of: John Dundas of Newliston
and: Margaret Creichton
died: 1665

Patrick Dundas received from his father on the 3rd June 1619, the mill and lands of Breastmill, also known as Priestmyln and Breistmill, the life rent being reserved in favour of his mother. (N.B. There is a Gavin Dundas shown as of Preistmyln, married Margaret Wardlaw, probably the son of James Dundas of Newliston). They had a charter of the mill of Breistmill, 1558. Patrick Dundas signed the Solemn League and Covenant in 1643 and was on the Linlithgow Committee for War in 1643-1649. During the last few years of his life, he contracted several debts.

  x Elizabeth Inglis
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Dundas
2. Elizabeth Dundas married John Cranford, no issue. (History of the County of Ayr)
3. Thomas Dundas who left issue:
  a. David Dundas who left issue:
    i. Laurence Dundas who married Agnes Lynn and left issue:
        . James Dundas

James Dundas

Son of: Patrick Dundas
and: Elizabeth Inglis
born: circa 1635
died: 1727
Shown as an apprentice to James Carmichael, merchant 22/3/1648 - Midlothian extracted parish records.
  x  29/3/1660 Elizabeth Reid daughter of George Reid
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Patrick Dundas
2. George Dundas, Surgeon-apothecary, married 21/8/1704 in Edinburgh Anne Somerville the daughter of the Rev.John Somerville. Died in England leaving issue.
3. James Dundas married Marion Monteith 20/4/1712 in Edinburgh  and left issue:
  a. George Dundas
4. Christian Dundas born 1676
5. William Dundas born 1677, a Doctor. Died 1757
6. John Dundas christened 24/10/1678, South Leith
7. Walter Dundas born 1681
8. Gilbert Dundas (twin brother of Walter)
James Dundas was in poor circumstances and had difficulty in providing for his family. He was forced to write to George Dundas of Dundas (22nd chief of Dundas) asking for financial help to feed his family.

Sir Patrick Dundas

Son of: James Dundas
and: Elizabeth Reid
    Commissioner of Supply, 1695, 1702 and 1704
   x Rachel Baillie, born 1671, daughter of Robert Baillie of Jerviswood
  the following children were born of this union:
1. James Dundas
2. Robert Dundas born 1693
3. George Dundas born 1697
4. John Dundas born 1701 at Kelso
5. Robert Dundas born 1702
6. John Dundas born 9/3/1704
7. Elizabeth Dundas born 1698 at Kelso died 1770 in Edinburgh
8. Grizell Dundas born 1699 at Kelso

(Caledonian Mercury, 24/10/1735) - Last Night died Sir Patrick Dundafs of the Kingdom of Ireland. His Estate and Title devolves to his only Son, who is now in the University of Dublin.

It is not yet proven that the Patrick Dundas mentioned in the newspaper article is Sir Patrick Dundas of Breastmill, but it looks very likely and would suggest another notable branch of Dundases settling in Ireland.

James Dundas
  Son of: Patrick Dundas
and: Rachel Bayley
born: 1692
died: July 1758 in Edinburgh. (London Evening Post, 6/7/1758)
James Dundas sold Breastmill in 1723 to 2nd Earl Stair and moved to Castlecary. He was constantly in financial difficulties.
  x 1722 Elizabeth Baillie daughter and heiress of John Baillie of Castlecary
  No issue.