Sir Robert Dundas
1st Bart of Beechwood
beechwood arms
Son of: Robert Dundas of Arniston
and: Elizabeth Turnbull
born on: 30/7/1761
died on: 28/12/1835 at Edinburgh
occupation; Writer to the Signet. Clerk of Session and Deputy Lord Privy Seal of Scotland

Succeeded to the Baronetcy and estate of Beechwood on the death of his uncle, Sir David Dundas in 1820. Created a baronet in 1821.

x 20/7/1798 Matilda Cockburn the daughter of Archibald Cockburn. She died 1842. The Gentleman's magazine. v.172 1842 Jan-Jun
the following children were born of this union:
1. David Dundas
2. Jane Dundas (died 1840) married 30th March 1824 in Edinburgh, Robert Whigham, advocate and Sheriff of Perthshire who died 1849
robert whigham
Robert Whigham. © National Portrait Gallery, London
3. Elizabeth Dundas married 1839 General Sir James Simpson died 27/11/1840 and was buried at Greyfriars
4. Matilda Dundas married 15/10/1844 Rev. Leonard Strong died 19/7/1883
5. Margaret Dundas married 1836 Archibald Davidson died 1858
6. Charlotte Dundas married 12/4/1830 Allan Elliot Lockhart died 10/8/1883
7. Robina Mary Dundas married 17/11/1836 Vice Admiral Henry Dundas and died without issue 24/1/1905
8. Henrietta Dundas died young
beechwood house dunira house
Beechwood House Robert Dundas purchased from Lord Melville (Robert Saunders Dundas) in 1824, the estate of Dunira in Perthshire.

Sir David Dundas

2nd Bart of Beechwood
Son of: Sir Robert Dundas
and: Matilda Cockburn
born: 28/8/1803
occupation: Solicitor-General
died: 22/3/1877
david dundas
1st: x 29/11/1841 Catherine Margaret Melville born 1820 died 1856. Buried at Dunira
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Georgina Catherine Dundas born 18/2/1843 and died 20/6/1854. Buried at Dunira
2. Robert Dundas born 21/3/1844 and died 19/9/1865 in Quebec, Canada
3. David Pelham Dundas born 5/4/1845 and died 23/4/1856
4. Sidney James Dundas
5. Charles Henry Dundas
6. George Whyte Melville Dundas
7. Lucy Jane Dundas married 31/1/188, Rev. Francis Bickmore and died 5/3/1929
2ndly: x 24/8/1858 Lucy Anne Pelham, daughter of Thomas Pelham, 2nd Earl of Chichester. Lucy died 16/1/1901
8. Sydenham Jaspar Dundas born 3/6/1859 and died 24/9/1909

Sir Sidney James Dundas

3rd Bart of Beechwood


Son of: Sir David Dundas
and: Catherine Margaret Melville
born: 3/6/1849
died: 24/9/1904 in Brighton, Sussex

Sir Charles HenryDundas
4th Bart of Beechwood
  Son of: Sir David Dundas
and: Catherine Margaret Melville
born: 1/1/1851
occupation: Justice of the Peace
died: 22/12/1908 at Dunira

Sir George Whyte Melville Dundas
5th Bart of Beechwood
  Son of: Sir David Dundas
and: Catherine Margaret Melville
born: 16/4/1856
  occupation: Lieutenant in the service of the Bengal Staff Corps
  died: 23/10/1934
Sold the estate of Dunira in 1919
george white
1879 Matilda Louisa Mary Wilson born 1859 died 1945
the following children were born of this union:
1. David George Minden Dundas born 3/3/1880 and died unmarried 10/2/1918 in Madras, India whilst on active service. He was a Major 17th Regiment, Indian army
2. Robert Whyte Melville Dundas
3. Frederick John Dundas born 10/6/1883 and died 1/2/1915
4. Cecil Henry Dundas born 7/1/1892 and died 20/2/1915 from wounds received in action. He was buried in Ypres Town Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium. He gained the rank of Lieutenant  in the service of the 1st Battalion, Welsh Regiment
5. Lucy Catherine Dundas born 1884 died 1885 on board  ship on the way to India
6. Adel Blanche Dundas born 1902 and died 1974. Buried at Dunira

Sir Robert Whyte Melville Dundas
6th Bart of Beechwood
  Son of: George Whyte Melville Dundas
and: Matilda Louisa Mary Wilson
born: 31/10/1881
died: 10/10/1981
occupation: Administrative officer between 1911 and 1930 in Nigeria. JP Perthshire, 1940
x 21/9/1926 Dorothea Emily Victoria Wiseman elder daughter of late A. W. Wiseman. Born 1887 died 1963. Buried at Dunira
No issue