In the early 1800's John Dundas, Thomas Dundas, Henry Thompson Dundas and Eliza Dundas, sons and daughter of John and Agnes Dundas of Philadelphia and Alexandria migrated to Western Virginia. John Dundas settled at Barboursville, whilst Thomas Dundas, Henry Thompson Dundas and Eliza Dundas settled at Blue Sulphur Springs.
These Dundas' were among the first pioneers of Western Virginia. They acquired and settled on large tracts of virgin land. Prior to settling in this practically unknown land, they had prospered in the East and each had a considerable fortune.
Thomas Dundas and his sister Eliza founded a homestead near Blue Sulphur Springs
Adjoining this estate Henry Thompson Dundas settled in a beautiful Colonial home. They all took great pride in the growing community. They donated the land and built the first church at Blue Sulphur Springs, known as "Mud River Church".

John Dundas

of Alexandria
Son of: John Dundas
and: Agnes Hepburn
born: 28/6/1795 in Alexandria, Virginia
occupation: Farmer
died: 1888 in Alexandria, Virginia
  x1826 in Virginia Mary Ann Merritt daughter of William Merritt and Margaret Cooper of Cabell County
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. Lucy Dundas died unmarried
2. Agnes Catherine Dundas married 1849 Elijah Turley (died 1884) and died 12/1/1908 leaving issue:
  agnes dundas
  Agnes Catherine Dundas
  a. Sophia Turley died 1860
  b. John Turley born 1854, married Florence and died 1920
  c. William Turley born 1857 married 1909 Rebecca Anna Lands in Boyd, Kentucky died 1938
  d. Thomas Turley born 1859 married Leona Merritt 30/4/1906 and died 3/3/1936 Cabell Co. Virginia
  e. Anna Turley born 1861 died 2/8/1946 Cabell Co. Virginia
  f. Frank Turley born 1863 married 1890 Ida Adams and died 1945
  g. Sarah Turley born 1865, married 1890 George Walter Thornberg and died 1931
  h. Edwin Turley born 1865
  i. Frederick Turley born 1869 married Fannie Abshire and died 13/3/1934 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
    turley brothers
3. Eliza Ann Dundas born 1832 married 16/11/1852 John Turley and died in 1908 leaving issue:
  a. Fanny Turley born 1855
  b. Annah Turley born 1856
  c. Eliza Turley born 1858
  d. Douglas Turley born 1861
  e. Mary Turley born 1863
  f. Anna Turley born 1867
  g. Sophia Turley born 1869
  h. John Turley born 1872 married Otta
  i. Grace Turley born 1877 died 25/2/1947 Huntington, Cabell Co., West Virginia
4. Mary Virginia Dundas married John Dirton
5. Anna Maria Dundas married 1861 Joseph Turley with issue: 
  a. Edward Turley born 1862 died 1918
  b. Samuel Turley born 1862 (twin with Edward)
  c. Mary Turley born 1864
  d. Charles Ernest Turley born 1865 died 1925
  e. Alonzo Dundas Turley born 1874
6. Sarah B Dundas married 9/11/1865 Napoleon Bonaparte Johnson
7. Thomas Dundas
8. Margaret Dundas born 1830 married John Merritt and died 1859 leaving issue:
  a. George Merritt
  b. Virgina Merritt married Frederick L Baumgardner and died 1935
  c. Susan Merritt
  d. John Merritt
9. Frances Dundas born 1835 married John Merritt who had previously been married to her sister Margaret Dundas (see entry above). She died 1872 leaving issue;
  a. Sarah Merritt
  b. Lucy Merritt
  c. Thomas Merritt

Thomas Dundas

of Virginia



Son of: John Dundas
and: Agnes Hepburn
born: 1797 Alexandria, Virginia
died: Buried at Mud River Church, Blue Sulphur Springs, Alexandria
Thomas Dundas who was unmarried founded a homestead with his sister Eliza, who was also unmarried, near Blue Sulphur Springs.

Henry Thompson Dundas
of Philadelphia
Son of: John Dundas
and: Agnes Hepburn
born: 22/10/1802
died: 23/1/1857 at Blue Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Buried at Mud River Church
  x Margaret Dirton (died1855)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. John Dundas married Mary Kyle, no issue
2. Thomas Dundas born 1833 married Martha Turley and had issue:
  thomas and martha
  a. Virginia Dundas born 1859 married Charles Meyer
  b. William I Dundas born 1868 married 1889 Anna Grove and had issue:
    i. Thomas W Dundas born 1891 and died 1916 in West Virginia
    ii. Alva Edwin Dundas born 18/5/1893 married Robena Walton who died 1974 at Cabell, West Virginia and died 1960 leaving issue:
      . Robert Franklin Dundas born 1921, married 1943 Lillian Maxine Denny and died 2010
        robert f dundas
        Robert Franklin Dundas
        x. Sharon Kay Dundas, married Jim Gartrell
      .. Paul E Dundas born 29/1/1923 married Betty Lee Johnson and died 8/8/1990 leaving issue:
        x. Valerie Nadine Dundas
        xx Jane Ellen Dundas
        xxx Paula Jo Dundas
    iii. Goldie Dundas born 1895 married Joseph Bream Cook and died 1966 in West Virginia leaving issue:
      . Melva Cook born 1917 West Virginia, married 1948 Henry N Hemp
      .. Dorian Tharol Cook born 1919 West Virginia, married 1940 Violet Michael and had issue:
        x. Dorian T Cook, born 1947
      ... Phyllis Cook born 1925 West Virginia, married 1942 Paul E Callicoat and had issue:
        x. Melva Lynn Callicoat born 1944
        xx. Phyllis Robin Callicoat born 1947
        xxx. Paul Neal Callicoat born 1953
    iv. Earl Clive Dundas born 5/3/1897 married 1st Georgia Stewart, 2ndly Augusta Hogan (d.1942), 3rdly Emma Toepal and died 1971 leaving issue:
      . Helen Dundas, daughter of Earl and Georgia, born 1927
      .. Betty Dundas daughter of Earl and Augusta, born 1935
      earl dundas
      Earl Clive Dundas
    v. Elizabeth Dundas born 1899, married 1915, Rollie Mitchell
    vi. Boyd Herman Dundas born 1903, married 1935 Hazel Spears and died 23/7/1982 at Cabell, West Virginia
    vii. Vivian P Dundas born 1905, married 1929, Charles Lyn
    viii. Owen Leslie Dundas born 1907, married 1934 Verdie Phelps and died 1937 in West Virginia leaving issue:
      . Charles Owen Dundas born 1935 in West Virginia. Reverend in Minnesota. Married Anne and had issue:
        x. Owen Dundas
        xx. John Dundas
        xxx. Mary Anne Dundas
      .. Carlton Leslie Dundas born 1935 in West Virginia, married 1959 Shirley Gail Bowen and died 2010 leaving issue:
        x. Steven Dundas
        xx. Jeffrey Dundas
3. James Dundas born Blue Sulphur Springs, 22/2/1837. Served in the Confederate Army during the War between the States. He married 19/4/1860 Eliza Seamonds and died 24/1/1924 leaving issue:
  james dundas
  a. Mary Justine Dundas born 3/1/1862 married 1886 Convelsey Simmons Love and died 1943 in Louisville leaving issue:
    i. Madge Everett Love born Virginia 1887 married 1911 Clyde Raymond Salmons
    ii. Ruth Dundas Love born Virginia 1891 married 1917 George Walker Raike
    iii. James Donald Love born Virginia 1894 married 1943 Alice Matthews
    iv. Lillith Louise Love born Virginia 1897 married 1925 Russell Vinton Lewis
  b. Elizabeth Dundas born 24/9/1863 married 1894 J. Frank Jackson and had issue:
    i. Kenneth Dundas Jackson born 1897 married 1925, Mildred Churchill
  c. Charles Dundas born 3/3/1865 married 1898 Ida Brown and died 21/9/1924. Had issue:
    i. James Kear Dundas born 1898. Died in infancy
    ii. Mabel Bruce Dundas born 28/8/1900
    iii. Howard Lee Dundas born 27/8/1902 married 1st 5/10/1931 Pearl Skaggs (d. 1948), 2ndly, 1953 Anna Lee Powers and died 1965 leaving issue:
      x. Charles Lee Dundas born 1943
    iv. Dorothy Charles Dundas born 31/7/1905
    v. Elizabeth Recce Dundas born 6/7/1908
  d. Sarah Dundas born 1867 and died 1873 (during a diptheria epidemic)
  e. Lee Dundas born 1870 and died 1873 (during a diptheria epidemic)
4. Elizabeth Dundas
5. Virginia Dundas born 1835 and died 1850 leaving issue:
6. Agnes Dundas born 10/8/1840 married 26/12/1867 James Davis Sedinger, died 16/3/1932
  a. Harry Louis Sedinger born 1868
  b. James Dundas Sedinger born 1871
  c. Agnes Dundas Sedinger born 1874
  d. Stonewall Jackson Sedinger born 1878
7. Henry Dundas. Served in the Confederate Army during the War between the States. Killed in action
8. William Peter Dundas
9. Charles Dundas

Elizabeth Dundas
of Missouri
Daughter of: Henry Thompson Dundas
and: Margaret Dirton
born: 1830
died: 1/8/1866
  x John W Dick (died 1881)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Emma V Dick born 1853 married 1879 Dr G W Givens with issue:
  a. Mary Susan Givens born 1880 married 1903 William Cortez Hudson
  b. John Dick Givens born 1882 married 1911 Martha Jane Clark
  c. Frank Maurice Givens born 1885 died 1912
2. Charles Dick born 1854 married 1884 Lana Robinson died 1918 leaving issue:
  a. Anna Dick born 1885 died 1887
  b. Carl Dick born 1886 married 1913 Anna Bruns and died 1931
3. Mary A Dick, born 1855, married 1880, Dr William O Dunlop and had issue:
  a. Ina M Dunlop born 1881
  b. Ada R Dunlop born 1887 married 1911 Earl T Seelen.
4. Ida Dick born 1856 married 1883 Henry Baker Board, died 1933 leaving issue:
  a. Marvin L Board born 1883 and died 1884
  b. Gertrude B Board born 1885
  c. Virgil Lee Board born 1887
  d. Irene A Board born 1890 married 1920 Dr G I Birchfield
  e. Russell Leland Board born 1893 died 1987
5. Maurice Dick, born 1860
6. John Dick born 1864 married 1898 Abbie Grey English and left issue:
  a. John Atkinson Dick born 1899 married 1926 Alice Lloyd
  b. Charles English Dick born 1901 married 1928 Blanche Shumate
  c. Dorothy Vivian Dick born 1903 married 1922 Claris Ewell Reid
  d. Mary F DIck born 1910
Prior to 1860, Elizabeth Dick nee Dundas and her husband, John Dick migrated to Missouri, taking with them the two younger brothers of Elizabeth, William Peter Dundas and Charles Dundas. They set up a homestead near Windsor and engaged in agriculture.

William Peter Dundas
of Missouri
william peter dundas
Son of: Henry Thompson Dundas
and: Margaret Dirton
born: 11/7/1846, Caball County, West Virginia
died: 7/2/1906
  x 27/3/1873 Sarelda Osburn
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Ida Dundas born 10/2/1874 died 15/10/1875
2. Clara Dundas born 17/5/1875
3. William Tilden Dundas born 24/1/1877 married 1890 Lillian Graves (died 1970) and died 1961 leaving issue:
  a. Mildred Dundas born 7/2/1903 married 1925 Harman Ferguson
  b. William Lorraine Dundas born 19/12/1910 married 1935 Ruth Odette Walker and had issue:
    i. Alta Lorraine Dundas born 1936
    ii. Kay William Dundas born 1938
    iii. Nina Ruth Dundas born 1941
    iv. Jane Alice Dundas born 1949
4. Walter T Dundas, born 6/1/1881, died 28/5/1898
5. Charles Franklin Dundas born 6/5/1884 married 1903 Eva Sellers and had issue:
  a. Fernoy Charles Dundas born 1910 married 1st 1937 Alice Ruby Premer, 2ndly, 1950 Alice Swaney Anderson and died 1976 Colorado leaving issue:
    i. Fernoy Charles Dundas born 1938
    ii. William Francis Dundas born 1941
    iii. Leland Patric Dundas born 1942
6. Alpha Dundas born 1/2/1887 died in infancy
7. Benjamin Urban Dundas born 8/1/1889 died Jan 1981 Missouri
8. Hallie E Dundas born 1/4/1896 married 1917 Le Roy McAllister. Died 15/7/1929

Charles Dundas

of Missouri
charles dundas
Son of: Henry Thompson Dundas
and: Margaret Dirton
born: 17/7/1848, Caball County, West Virginia
died: 3/1/1925
  x 11/11/1869 Mary Ann Davis
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Sarah Dundas born 14/10/1870 married 1st 1903, William Gilcrest, married 2ndly 1930 Thomas Hayward Cooke
2. Mary Etta Dundas born 24/4/1872 died 21/8/1873
3. Evalena Dundas born 11/12/1873 died 24/12/1924
4. Leuna Maud Dundas born 14/7/1876 married 1898 W A Horlock and had issue: Beulah Horlock.
5. John Dundas born 16/5/1883 married Chloris Gray and died 1974 having adopted a son Ronald E Dundas.
6. Peter Dundas born 3/7/1885 married 1st 1908, Leah Slapper (died 1909) 2ndly 1911 Elizabeth Slapper (died 1982) and died in 1966 leaving issue:
  a. Wallace Dundas born 1913, married 1933, Doris Shreek and had issue:
    i. Wallace Darrel Dundas born 1936
    ii. Charles Vernon Dundas born 1939
    iii. Dennis Lee Dundas born 1944
7. Beulah Dundas born 21/6/1887 and died 1942
8. Grace Truman Dundas born 22/9/1890 married 1915 J A Treadaway and had issue:
  a. Ted Dundas Treadaway born 1925, married 1946 Betty Jane Dickerson
  b. Jane Treadaway born 1928
  c. Jean Treadaway born 1928