Martha Dundas
Daughter of: Robert Dundas, 2nd Lord Arniston
and: Margaret Sinclair
born: 1700
  x 17/8/1735 Archibald Cockburn (died 1748)
  the following children were bon of this union:
1. Robert Cockburn died young
2. Archibald Cockburn of Cockpen a Baron of Exchequer, born 1738, married 1768 Janet Rannie (died 1835) daughter of Capt. David Rannie and died 1820 leaving issue:
  a. Archibald Cockburn born 1778 died 1811 without issue
Lord Henry Thomas Dundas Cockburn b. Lord Henry Thomas Dundas Cockburn, Judge of the Court of Session, born 26/10/1779 Edinburgh. Married 1811 Elizabeth Macdowall and died 1854 in Edinburgh, leaving issue:
  i. Margaret Cockburn born 1812 died 1819
ii. Jane Cockburn born 1813
iii. Archibald William Cockburn born 5/12/1814 died 13/1/1862
iv. James Macdowall Cockburn born 7/3/1816
v. Graham Cockburn born 7/3/1817
vi. George Ferguson Cockburn born 31/1/1818 died 1866
vii. Henry Day Cockburn born 21/4/1820
viii. Lawrence Cockburn born 25/2/1822 died 2/9/1871
ix. Francis Jeffrey Cockburn born 8/1/1825 died 1893
x. Elizabeth Cockburn born 1826
xi. Johanna Richardson Cockburn born 1831 died 1888
  c.. Robert Cockburn born 1781 married 1805 Mary Duff and died 1844 in Scotland leaving issue:
i. Alexander Cockburn
ii. Archibald Cockburn died 1851
iii. Gordon Duff Cockburn died 1819
iv. Robert Cockburn born 1812 died 1836
v. Helen Clementina Cockburn born 1813 married 1831 Hugh Dunlop and died 1891 in London
vi John Montague Cockburn born 1820 married 1849 in South Africa, Eleanora Augusta Schmidt. Died 1890 in South Africa.
d. John Cockburn born 1784 married Elizabeth Dewar and died 22/5/1862. (Annual register vol 104, 1863)
e. Montague Dundas Cockburn born 31/1789 in Scotland. He worked in the Civil Service and was also a coffee planter in Kotagiri, India. He married 1st 1809 Catherine Keir (died 1826) and died 1869 in India having married 2ndly 1827 Catherine J. Lascelles leaving issue:
  i. Archibald Keir Cockburn born 17/9/1810 Edinburgh. Died at Madras 1842
ii. George Forbes Cockburn born 1/4/1812 Edinburgh
iii. Montague Dundas Cockburn born 1813 and died 1817 in Madras, India
iv. Robert Cockburn born 1814 India
v. Henry Montague Cockburn born 21/1/1816 Madras, India. Died 30/4/1891 Australia
vi. Thomas Cockburn born 20/3/1817 Madras, India
vii. Frederick John Cockburn born 23/7/1819 Madras, India
viii. Margaret Bushby Lascelles Cockburn born 21/4/1829 in India, died 1928
ix. Montague Dundas Cockburn born 1832 died  1833 India
x. David Dundas Montague Cockburn
xi. Francis Lascelles Cockburn born 1831 India. Married 1st 1865 Mary Anne McCracken, 2nd Jane Sloan and died 4/11/1879 leaving issue:
    . Catherine Jane Cockburn born 4/9/1867
    .. Francis Montague Cockburn born 1877
    ... Jane Margaret Cockburn born 1877
    .... Margaret Robina Janet Cockburn born 9/10/1878
f. Elizabeth Cockburn born 1770 married Rev. Thomas Randal Davidson and died 1850
g. Matilda Cockburn married Sir Robert Dundas of Beechwood
h. Jane Cockburn born 1790 died 23/5/1863. (Annual register vol 104, 1863)
3. James Cockburn
4. John Cockburn, Captain Royal Navy
5. George Cockburn died 1773. Settled in Ireland and was designated of Shanganagh Castle, County Dublin. He married Anne Caldwell and had issue:
a. General George Cockburn born 21/2/1764 and died 18/8/1847, married March 1790 his cousin Eliza (died 1851) daughter of Phineas Riall and had issue:
i. George Cockburn died 30/1/1854
ii. Phineas Charles Cockburn
iii. Catherine Cockburn marrried 1817 Captain Hamilton. R.N
iv. Mary Cockburn died 1846. (Freeman's Journal)
6. Anne Cockburn
7. Agnes Cockburn
8. Robina Cockburn
9. Sophia Cockburn
10. Martha Cockburn born 1740 married 1759 John Cloag. Died 1800
11. Margaret Dundas Cockburn born 1742 died 1823